50+ Twilight Trivia Questions: Are You A True Fanpire?

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Remember the thrill when you first discovered the mesmerizing universe Stephenie Meyer crafted in 2005? And let's not forget the epic movie adaptations starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Nikki Reed.

Well, how about we dust off those memories and have a playful throwback with a super fun Twilight quiz? Can you name all the movies in the Twilight Saga? Do you know Bella's full name and where she moved to? And of course, it's hard to forget our favorite brooding vampire heartthrob in the Twilight series, Edward Cullen. How old is he, and where does he go to school?

Let's jump back into the world of undying love and mystical creatures. Prove your true 'fanpire' status with our Twilight trivia questions.

Twilight Saga Movie Quiz Questions

It's time to test your Twilight movie knowledge with this electrifying Twilight Saga movie quiz. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just love iconic films, these questions will put your memory to the test. So grab your popcorn, get cozy, and get ready to relive the magic of the Twilight Saga.

1. Question: In ‘Twilight’, Bella moves to Forks at the beginning of the movie. Where did she move from?

Answer: Phoenix, Arizona.

2. Question: What prize is up for grabs for the lab partners who complete the biology assignment?

Answer: A golden onion.

3. Question: What age was Bella when she last spent a summer in Forks?

Answer: 15.

4. Question: Who is Bella Swan's loving and somewhat clueless father in the Twilight series?

Answer: Charlie Swan.

5. Question: What is Edward's special ability?

Answer: The gift of mind reading.

6. Question: Who dies of a heart attack whilst out, tracking the giant wolves?

Answer: Harry Clearwater.

7. Question: In the opening scene of the second movie, Bella is seen walking across a meadow with Edward to an old lady, who is Bella's Gran. We then see that the old lady is the reflection of Bella. Why is this significant to the movie?

Answer: Bella is terrified of the idea of getting old, especially older than Edward, while Edward doesn't age.

8. Question: How does Edward plan to provoke Volturi into killing him?

Answer: By showing himself in the sunlight to the humans.

9 Question:  What illness does Billy Black say Jacob has as an excuse for Bella not being allowed to see him?

Answer: Mono, also known as glandular fever.

10. Question: The movie 'Twilight Eclipse' opens on what scene?

Answer: A random teenage boy being attacked by a vampire.

11. Question: Whom does Charlie want Bella to spend time with?

Answer: Jacob.

12. Question: Name the character played by Anna Kendrick.

Answer: Jessica Stanley.

13. Question: What power does Alice have?

Answer: To see the future.

14. Question: Who says this: "Isabella Swan. I promise to love you every moment of forever"?

Answer: Edward.

15. Question:  Who gets severely injured after saving Leah Clearwater from a newborn vampire?

Answer: Jacob.

16. Question: What name does Bella decide to give her baby if it is a girl?

Answer: Renesmee.

17. Question: Edward and Bella spent much of their honeymoon playing which game?

Answer: Chess.

18. Question: Who does not go out hunting when Bella is giving birth?

Answer: Edward.

19. Question: Who plays the role of Edward Cullen in 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1'?

Answer: Robert Pattinson.

20. Question: Does Bella give birth to a boy or girl?

Answer: A girl.

21. Question: Which actress reprised her role as Bella in 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1'?

Answer: Kristen Stewart.

22. Question: When Edward and Bella play chess, what color are the pieces?

Answer: Red and white.

23. Question: What remarkable event causes a rift among the vampire clans in 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'?

Answer: The birth of Renesmee.

24. Question: How did Alice become a vampire?

Answer: She was bitten by a vampire while in an asylum.

25. Question: Who plays Aro?

Answer: Michael Sheen.

26. Question: What nickname did Jacob give Renesmee?

Answer: Nessie.

27. Question: What eye color did the newborn vampire, Bella, have?

Answer: Red.

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Twilight Book Quiz Questions

Get your Twilight knowledge ready for a book quiz. Let's test your knowledge on everything from the enchanting town of Forks, Washington, to the captivating characters of Edward and Bella. So, grab your copy of the books and embark on this exciting quiz adventure.

28. Question: How many adoptive brothers and sisters does Edward have?

Answer: Four.

39. Question: Which Twilight book was split into two parts for the movie adaptation?

Answer: 'Breaking Dawn'.

30. Question: Who wrote the books that the Twilight movies are based on?

Answer: Stephenie Meyer.

31. Question: What are the true werewolves called in the Twilight universe?

Answer: The Children of the Moon.

32. Question: Who was the youngest vampire in the Cullen clan (before Bella turned)?

Answer: Emmett.

33. Question: What European country does Edward travel to?

Answer: Italy.

34. Question: In the Twilight series, which pack of werewolves does Jacob belong to?

Answer: The Quileute tribe's wolf pack.

35. Question: What class did Bella and Edward take together in junior year?

Answer: Biology.

36. Question: What sport do the vampires play in the first book?

Answer: Baseball.

37. Question: What is the Cullen family's coven name?

Answer: Olympic coven.

38. Question: Where did Edward marry Bella?

Answer: The Cullen residence.

39. Question: What is Bella Swan's dad's job?

Answer: Police chief.

40. Question: What car did Edward buy Bella after her truck broke down?

Answer: A Mercedes Guardian.

41. Question: How many chromosomes does a vampire have?

Answer: 25.

42. Question: Werewolves bond with mates through a process called imprinting. Who has Sam imprinted on?

Answers: Emily.

43. Question: Which member of the Cullen clan previously spent time as a member of the Volturi?

Answer: Carlisle.

44. Question: What special power does Jasper possess?

Answer: Pathokinesis or mood control.

45. Question: Who does Esme Cullen remind Jacob of in 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'?

Answer: His mother.

46. Question: Which actress plays Victoria in the first film?

Answer: Rachelle Lefevre.

Hard Twilight Trivia Quiz Questions

Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge as we level up the Twilight trivia game! Get ready to put your knowledge to the test with these hard Twilight quiz questions. From obscure details to intricate plot points, this quiz will push your Twilight expertise to the limit. So, gather your wits and prepare for a thrilling journey through the Twilight saga.

47. Question: Which vampires of the family were not turned by Carlisle Cullen?

Answer: Jasper and Alice.

48. Question: What is the name of the beach Bella goes to with her friends?

Answer: First Beach.

49. Question: Which Muse song plays during the iconic baseball scene?

Answer: 'Supermassive Black Hole'.

50. Question: Isle Esme is off the coast of which city?

Answer: Rio de Janeiro.

51. Question: Which Quileute tribe member became a werewolf first?

Answer: Sam.

52. Question: What's Edward's favorite animal to hunt?

Answer: Mountain lion.

53. Question: How many Twilight books are there in the series?

Answer: Seven: four novels, two companion novels, and one novella.

54. Question: Who does Emmett Cullen end up with?

Answer: Rosalie Hale.

55. Question: Can you recall which character from the Twilight series tried to kill Bella on her 18th birthday?

Answer: Jasper Hale.

56. Question: Who is Jacob's soul mate in the Twilight series?

Answer: Renesmee Cullen.

57. Question: How does the Cullen family feed?

Answer: Animal blood.

58. Question: Who directed the Twilight Saga movies?

Answer: Catherine Hardwicke.

59. Question: Who played Charlie Swan?

Answer: Billy Burke.

In this delightful Twilight trivia adventure, we've delved into the enchanting realm of vampires, werewolves, and a timeless love story. Whether you aced every question or stumbled a bit, the important thing is to have fun and embrace your Twilight fandom. Don't forget to share your trivia triumphs with fellow 'fanpires' and let your love for Twilight keep shining bright.

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