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The Home of Family Edutainment

The Problem We Are Solving

As time-poor, stressed parents, we are all suffering from information overwhelm online. Finding the right information to help educate and entertain our children is hard work and time consuming.
Busy Parent

The Kidadl Solution

Kidadl was founded as the digital home of family edutainment, helping parents educate and entertain their kids with trusted, personalized, curated content designed for families the world over.

Our mission is helping parents unlock a world of possibilities to fulfil their children's potential

How We Deliver To You

Mother helping her daughter paint
Support parents to be the best that they can be

Kidadl helps parents to be their best by providing quick, accessible and hyper-relevant content for them to entertain and educate their kids.

Son with his dad learning about the planets
Help unlock your child’s potential

Kidadl serves content to engage, inspire and broaden the horizons of every child regardless of their age or interests, opening their minds to a whole range of possibilities for their own lives.

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Inspire personalised discovery

Kidadl is personalised to each family based on the ages and interests of their kids and their location. Parents don’t need to waste precious time endlessly searching online - Kidadl is a one stop shop for their family edutainment needs.

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Deliver trusted, curated content

Kidadl was created by parents for parents with the best interests of every family at the very heart of our mission to help families unlock a world of possibilities and fulfil their children’s potential.

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Generate joy and a love of learning

Kidadl puts the FUN in family life, with personalised content designed to ignite a love of learning and generate
joy, whatever the interests of the child.

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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Gardner's Intelligences
All our content is based on the eight multiple intelligences that Howard Gardner describes in his book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Our aim is to segment our edutainment content into these interests so that parents can easily find the content that is suited to each member of their family.
Arts & Crafts
Reading & Writing
Maths & Logic
Sports & Active
Musical Intelligence
Music & Dance
Social & Community
Mindful & Reflective
Outdoor & Nature
Our Founders

Parents Who Wanted Better

Like you, we wanted curated personalised content that we could trust, based on our children's ages and interests, and the location of our family. We all want to raise happy, inquisitive, engaged, confident and fulfilled children. Children who in turn will make the world a better place. That is the essence of why we chose to have children and build a family. So, Kidadl was born.

Kidadl Founders
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Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children
Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse
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