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AUGUST 11, 2021

13 Amaze-wing Facts About The Babbler (Bird) For Kids

To learn more about the babbler species, read these babbler facts.

The babbler, most abundantly found in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent range including Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal, tends to inhabit mostly forests that are dry and also in scrubs types of habitat. They are known to live in a flock and a group might have members ranging from 5-20. The reproduction of most species takes place from March to July and July to September. The nest of the babbler might be placed on a tree or on the ground among the vegetation.

Babblers are known to be small to medium-sized. The bills of these birds are generalized and are considered to be similar to that of thrushes. Most of the subspecies tend to have a brownish plumage, but some species have brightly colored plumages too with a noticeable throat. The plumage may look darker above and lighter below. Some might have streaked parts too and the bill of most of the types look similar. The legs of these birds are considered to be strong. Males and females tend to have a few differences only. They are known to be noisy creatures.

There are various types of babblers like the golden babbler, brown babbler, arrow-marked babbler, capuchin babbler, white-throated babbler, jungle babbler, common babbler, striated babbler, large grey babbler, and yellow-billed babbler. The whole family, Leoithirichidae was once a part of the Old World babblers. Most of the types are known to live near the ground. The diet of all of them is omnivorous and the food consists of berries, nectar, and grains. A lot of them tend to have a long tail and a whitish throat. Babbler bird sound is considered to be quite noticeable and the babbler is known to hop in the undergrowth or the ground.

It is quite interesting to read and learn about the babbler and if you are interested, read about common blackbird facts and pheasant facts, too.

Babbler Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a babbler?

A babbler is a type or species of bird.

What class of animal does a babbler belong to?

Babblers belong to the class of Aves of birds.

How many babblers are there in the world?

There is no exact count available for the total population of the babblers.

Where does a babbler live?

The population of the babbler is distributed in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia and the range might include Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

What is a babbler's habitat?

Babbler birds tend to inhabit dry forests and scrub areas.  

Who do babblers live with?

Babblers are known to live in small groups, flocks, or parties and the number of birds ranges from 5-20 and can be more sometimes.

How long does a babbler live?

The exact lifespan of these birds is not known.

How do they reproduce?

The reproduction takes place from March to July and July to September for most of the species and placement of the nest tends to depend on the species and their habitats. Some might place it on the trees, while some on the ground in bushes or among vegetation. Most of the species tend to have helpers to help or assist them in rearing and taking care of the young ones. Many species also have brood parasites.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of these babblers depends on the types of babblers.

Babbler Fun Facts

What do babblers look like?

Babblers are known to have bills that are generalized and are considered to be similar to that of thrushes. Most of the subspecies tend to have a brownish plumage, but some species have brightly colored plumages with pale underparts. The legs are considered to be strong. Males and females tend to have a few differences only. The bill of most of the types tends to be similar in appearance. Some might have streaked parts and most of them have a white throat. The streaked parts might be prominent or can be pale too.

The streaked parts, white throat, and long tail are some of the identifiable features of a babbler.

How cute are they?

Babblers are considered cute because of their size.

How do they communicate?

Communication takes place through different types of sounds and calls just like other birds.

How big is a babbler?

Babblers are known to be small to medium-sized birds, but the exact measurements for these babblers are unavailable.

How fast can a babbler fly?

The flight speed of the babbler is unknown.

How much does a babbler weigh?

The weight of these babblers varies among species. A common babbler (Argya caudata) weighs around 1.37 oz (39 g) and is heavier than a bee hummingbird.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Males and females of babblers do not have any specific names.

What would you call a baby babbler?

Baby birds are in general referred to as chicks, young ones, or juveniles, but there is no particular name for the baby of babblers.

What do they eat?

Babblers are known to generally eat berries, insects, nectar, and grains.

Are they friendly?

Not much is known about these babblers being friendly or not.

Would they make a good pet?

Not much information is available about babblers as pets.

Did you know...

The common babbler was initially placed under the genus Turtoides and was named Crateropus caudatus.

They are known to be quite vocal ones and thus, are noisy. However, they are not as loud as the world's loudest bird, the white bellbird.

It has been recorded the spiny babbler can only be seen in the Middle Hills of Nepal and was scientifically first described in the 19th century by Brian Houghton Hodgson.

The whole family of Leoithirichidae was formerly considered a part of the Old World babblers, Timaliidae.

A babbler tends to hop and move on the ground and the undergrowth.

The feathers of a jungle babbler are quite prominent as the outer wing feathers tend to contrast with the other wings and also have a long tail. It is believed that the male and female of the jungle babbler cannot be differentiated based on external features.

There are around 12 types of babblers found in India.

It has been observed that it possess the capability to communicate through different rearrangements of the same sounds to convey different things or messages and thus, create novel meanings.

It comes under the category of birds of South Asia.

The large grey babbler is considered to be one of the largest babblers in its region.

Not much is known about the reasons for the name of babblers. In general, the definition of babbler states that it refers to a songbird with a lengthy tail and a melodious voice or song.

Types of babbler bird

Types of babblers include arrow-marked babbler, Arabian babbler, brown babbler, common babbler, rufous babbler, dark-fronted babbler, and large grey babbler.

Do babblers migrate?

Most of the types of babblers have been observed to be non-migratory.

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