Did You Know? Incredible Canis Panther Facts

Did You Know? Incredible Canis Panther Facts

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Dogs are the best fur companions any person can have. The loyal, faithful, and mischievous nature of these furballs makes our life more enjoyable. For some people, they become a reason to live. Dogs have been the best domestic animals. Evidence shows that dogs have accompanied humans for the past 12000 years and have played a major role in hunting, protecting, and accompanying human beings. However, the need for protection dogs was huge and no dog breed matched the human expectations. Canis panther is one such dog breed that came into existence to fulfill the need. Canis panther history dates back to the 1970s. Canis panther is commonly known as 'Panther Dog'. It is a rare and mixed dog breed developed in the US. This large dog is a mix of four different breeds, making it one of the most trusted guard dogs anyone could wish to have. Whether you are searching for your next pet or just want to learn about this amazing animal, read on to find out more about the Canis panther. If you are exploring more about other pet dogs, you may want to check our articles on Kunming wolfdog and Australian retriever facts.

Canis Panther Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Canis panther?

Canis panther is a hybrid dog breed. Canis panthers, nicknamed "The Ultimate Protector" dog, is a dog breed that was developed from four dog breeds which included the black Great Dane, a black Labrador Retriever, a Doberman Pinscher, and the American Staffordshire Terrier.  Cleotha "Scorpio" Jones registered this breed. With a vision to invent an ultimate guard dog, he teamed up with Michael "Gypsie" Stratten and Lucas Lopez in developing this new breed. After five decades of Canis panthers, we can see true breeds available with the breeders.

What class of animal does a Canis panther belong to?

Canis panther is a mammal. This fearsome mammal was named so because of its ferocious looks and large size, but not because it could attack a panther.

How many Canis panther are there in the world?

Canis panthers are a rare breed, and not actively recognized by many animal rescue organizations. The number of Canis panthers across the world exactly is not known. However, as the number of true breed Canis panthers increases, we will probably have their statistics available like all the other famous breeds.

Where does a Canis panther live?

Canis panthers are mostly seen adopted by owners looking for more loyal pets. Hence Canis panthers usually live with their owners in their homes. Canis panthers are extremely loyal to their owners. Their large body and jaws can scare away strangers.  These guard dogs usually have a good temperament with their owners and their family.

What is a Canis panther's habitat?

Canis panthers adapt quickly to a home habitat and typically stay indoors due to their short coat. The breed instincts of Canis panthers are extremely impressive. They are found to have high instincts for guarding, protecting, and aggression. Average instincts were found for digging, chasing, fighting, herding and hunting. And very low instincts were found for sledding and following commands.

Who do Canis panther live with?

A Canis panther lives with human beings and serves the purpose of guarding and protecting its owners.

How long does a Canis panther live?

Unlike long-living dog breeds like Chihuahuas, Canis panther lives for 10-12 years on average. Canis panthers are usually found to be in good health. Unlike other dog breeds, Canis panthers are identified to have no genetic health issues like hip dysplasia, heart issues like dilated cardiomyopathy and bloating. These large mammals however need to exercise daily and trained well to drive their purpose.

How do they reproduce?

Although Canis panthers are a rare breed, it is assumed that they follow the same estrus cycles that every dog breed follows.

What is their conservation status?

Being rare breeds, conservation of Canis panthers is highly recommended. The ultimate protection dog, with its unique instincts, has been protecting human beings and serving a purpose.

Canis Panther Fun Facts

What do Canis panther look like?

The Panther Dog is usually found to have a lean body structure. Its wide chest and sharp looks make it a fierce-looking mammal. Typically found in fur coats that are black, chocolate, fawn/buckskin, or blue/gray, Canis panthers have sharp ears that stand straight and tall. Bred from the top four protection dogs, Canis panthers acquired physical traits from them all, but it got its notable tall structure from the black Great Dane. Many Canis panther dogs are seen tail docked, ears cropped and dewclaws on the rear side removed to make them look more ferocious.

It is found to have a great temperament with its family pack.

* Please note this is an image of a black Great Dane, one of the breeds the Canis panther was developed from. If you have an image of a Canis panther, let us know at [email protected].

How cute are they?

A Canis panther has two faces to it. One is of a ferocious dog and the other is a fun-loving animal. Canis panther puppy looks cute, smart, and loveable. With a wide chest and jaw, a grown-up panther dog looks fierce. However, their loyal and spirited nature, makes them adorable and attracts many pet lovers.

How do they communicate?

Canis panther known as a "personal protection dog" or "guard dog" communicates well with humans through vocal instructions, hand signals, touch, and body postures.  It is easily trained like a Doberman Pinscher.

How big is a Canis panther?

Canis panthers typically are giant-sized canines that look ferocious. Their average size ranges between 27-30 in which is 1.25 times bigger than a Labrador retriever. Their average weight is 85-140 lb and is more than two times heavier than a Labrador retriever.

How fast can a Canis panther run?

Canis panther being a mixed breed can run at 28 mph average speed. Though not a fast dog breed, Canis panther does need a large backyard to keep running around and exercise with its athletic capabilities from the black Labrador retriever, protective instincts from the American Staffordshire Terrier.

How much does a Canis panther weigh?

Having bred from Great Dane whose average weight exceeds 200 lb, Canis panthers usually weigh between 130-150 lb. Their heavy body adds to its brutal outlook and scares away the strangers.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Canis panthers belong to Canis lupus species that corresponds to the dogs. Hence the male and female names of the species are dog and bitch respectively.

What would you call a baby Canis panther?

A baby Canis panther is usually referred to as a Canis panther pup or panther dog pup.

What do they eat?

Canis panthers being guard dogs need high-quality food. They typically consume four to six cups of food every day. The quantity actually depends on certain factors like age, size, level of activity, and health. The food could include high-quality protein kibbles. If your pup prefers to have meat or vegetables in the food you may want to consider mixing the kibbles with raw meat and vegetables.

Are they slobbery?

Canis panthers do not drool. Hence they are mostly dry and not slobbery. This makes them a perfect pet for someone who wants to keep their home dry and secure.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, they would make a faithful and loveable pet. Grooming a panther dog is quite effortless. Brushing them with a comb bi-weekly keeps them with minimum shedding. This breed dog doesn't require a lot of exercise, however, long walks for 30-40 minutes is recommended to keep it active. It is advised to keep it indoors as its short fur coat cannot bear the extreme weather conditions.

Kidadl Advisory: All pets should only be bought from a reputable source. It is recommended that as a potential pet owner you carry out your own research prior to deciding on your pet of choice. Being a pet owner is very rewarding but it also involves commitment, time and money. Ensure that your pet choice complies with the legislation in your state and/or country. You must never take animals from the wild or disturb their habitat. Please check that the pet you are considering buying is not an endangered species, or listed on the CITES list, and has not been taken from the wild for the pet trade.

Keeping a Canis panther unengaged may lead to irritability and may become hard to control. These mammals are great and curious learners. They usually enjoy to exercise, play fetch, frisbee, a hike, or a swim.

Training these panther dogs is easy and makes a great choice for people looking for personal protection. Panther dog is found to be very cautious of strangers. It is found to be restless and wary, till it understands and gets to know them. It is ever alert, quickly picks up a scent, and lets the owner know when something is going wrong. A Canis panther's loyalty usually attracts dog lovers to choose them as their fur friends.

Did you know...

Canis panther's character traits that make it a personal protection dog are that it is aggressive, willing to please, loving, and likes attention.

Canis panther breed type is Molosser dog. They are found to be very strong, heavily muscled dogs and could be dangerous to be left around with kids and strangers.

If you have another pet dog, be cautious. Canis panthers do not mix well with other dog breeds. However, they might feel comfortable living with less aggressive breeds if brought up together from a young age. Also, as an aggressive mammal, it needs extensive training, exercise, and channelization of energy and socialization. They are the most ferocious guard dog that is ready to protect their owner.

Owing to the short coat, it is advised to keep Canis panthers mostly indoors. Although, having a large area to run around, makes Canis panthers active and playful.

Having your own Canis panther

Having a Canis panther at home is the best way to protect your family from any stranger attacks when you are away. A panther dog is a fearsome animal, with ferocious looks and a large muscular body. However, handling a Canis panther is difficult and is not for any novice who wants to be a pet parent. Canis panther needs a strong dog owner who can handle its headstrong nature and territorial consciousness.

Canis panthers are rare to find. The best way someone could find their own Canis panther is to find the breeders. Finding the right breeder is quite a challenge. Looking to have this rare dog breed as your fur buddy? Here is a list of Canis panther breeders who work with Canis panther breeds: Rock of Ages Kennel from Momence, IL, WinBee Farms from Waller, TX, Sierra Crest Kennels from Carmichael, CA, and Ghost Canis Panther from North Port, FL. Very few Canis panther breeders are found in Europe and other parts of the world. You may find a panther dog for adoption from these breeders. The cost of the dog typically varies and ranges between $500-$5000, depending on the size, age, bloodline of the pup, and breeder's location.

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