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SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

15 Amaze-wing Facts About The Collared Pratincole For Kids

Collared pratincole facts can be interesting not just for kids but for everyone.

There are three types of pratincole species, namely the oriental, collared or red-winged, and black-winged pratincole. Even though all pratincoles have a chestnut underwing, you can distinguish this species of collared pratincole (Glareola pratincola) based on its long forked tail as the other species are all shorter tailed. The collared pratincole (Glareola pratincola) is a wader bird species mainly seen in its breeding regions of Africa, Asia, and Eurasia. Their breeding season occurs between May and August. Bird pairs live in colonies of a maximum of 100 other birds together during the breeding periods.

Here's an interesting fact about these birds. Their name is derived from the Latin term 'glarea' ('gravel' in English). This term 'glarea' ('gravel' in English) was assigned to these birds because they were frequently spotted foraging around the gravel lands. They are carnivores with a diet that focuses on different types of insects. They forage for these insects near water lands, rice fields, or marshes.

Doesn't this make the collared pratincoles sound interesting? Keep reading to know more about these birds! To read about more such interesting species of animals, check out common tern and pigeon!

Collared Pratincole Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a collared pratincole?

The collared pratincole is a wader bird. Although these pratincoles are unusual among other waders, they belong to the family Glareolidae of animals.

What class of animal does a collared pratincole belong to?

The collared pratincole (Glareola pratincola) belongs to the Aves class of animals. Their order, family, genus, and species are Charadriiformes, Glareolidae, Glareola, and G. pratincola, respectively. They belong to the sub-order Lari that have a lot of other species in them, like plovers, gulls, puffins, and skuas.

How many collared pratincoles are there in the world?

The status and conservation of this species are marked as Least Concern, with a population range of around 600,000 individuals.

Where does a collared pratincole live?

This range of collared pratincoles is found in tropical Africa, warmer parts of Europe, and Asia. The wintering range is mainly focused around Africa and is rare in northern areas during the breeding seasons.

What is a collared pratincole's habitat?

This wader bird is mainly found in the warmer parts of the open country and is often seen near water. They are known to live on the ground in meadows, marshes, grasslands, rice fields, and sand. This species is seen taking flight in open country areas. These are migratory birds and usually travel to warmer parts of Africa during winters.

Who does collared pratincole live with?

This species of pratincoles lives in colonies during the breeding season. They are also known to forage in their small flocks.

How long does a collared pratincole live?

Even though these birds have been listed as not threatened, the exact range of their lifespan is not recorded and is unknown to most.

How do they reproduce?

All species of pratincoles are known to be seasonally monogamous. Their breeding season occurs between May and August, depending on their location. These birds live in colonies of around 100 birds in their breeding range. They are ground nesters, and the females lay around two to four eggs in these shallow ground nests post-mating.

The incubation period goes on for 17 to a maximum of 19 days, carried out by both male and female pratincoles. The fledging period for newly born babies is between 25-30 days, during which both parents feed them.

What is their conservation status?

The collared pratincole (Glareola pratincola) is listed under the Least Concern category of animals by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

Collared Pratincole Fun Facts

What does the collared pratincole look like?

These are small wader birds with brownish-gray upperparts, a forked tail, short legs, and a tiny bill. Their eyes are brown and bead-like in shape. They have an ochre-yellow shade throat patch, more like a necklace that connects with a pale white belly. They have pointed-black winged flight feathers with a chestnut underwing.

The head and backside of these birds are brown with a yellowish-ochre throat.

How cute are they?

Collared pratincoles are one of a kind due to their typical yellow necklace patch. Their features might make them look interesting for birdwatchers.

How do they communicate?

They usually communicate with their vocals. Their calls are shrilly and staccato in nature that sounds like 'kiev' or 'kivik-kirrr' whenever it is rolling its trills and calls. They use these calls either for their flight displays or to alarm their colonies of approaching danger.

How big is a collared pratincole?

This species of pratincole bird is twice the size of the least sandpiper with a size range of 9.4–11 in (23.8-28 cm). This species has a forked tail and a wingspan of 23.6-25.5 in (60-64.7 cm).

How fast can a collared pratincole fly?

This species is known to feed on the ground and prefers to run quickly while catching its prey than flying high in the sky. They have an average flight speed compared to many other birds like the Arctic skua.

How much does a collared pratincole weigh?

This species of small birds weigh between 0.13-0.21 lb (58.9-95.2 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

No, there are no sex-specific terms for this species of pratincoles.

What would you call a baby collared pratincole?

A baby collared pratincole is called a nestling or a hatchling, just like a common pratincole.

What do they eat?

These carnivores feed on insects like dragonflies, house flies, beetles, spiders, crickets, termites, and more. They are seen around water in the evening hawking for insects. This bird is found feeding in flocks. They typically hunt their prey on the wing, like swallow birds, and might engage in aerial feeding or may even feed after flying down to the ground.

Are they dangerous?

No, this species does not pose any danger to humans.

Would they make a good pet?

These wader birds are wild birds and are rarely domesticated.

Did you know...

Even though this species of common pratincole is nomadic in Africa's regions, they migrate during the winters and before the breeding season, mainly towards the rare north areas.

How many eggs do collared pratincole lay? 

The collared pratincole bird species lays a clutch of two to four eggs, with an average being three eggs. These are buff-colored eggs with mottlings all over.

Is the collared pratincole native to the Old World bird? 

Yes, collared pratincole birds are included in the Old World birds' category mainly because of their living locations in Africa and Eurasia. They are not really endemic to any particular location.

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Second image by Steve Garvie.

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