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AUGUST 06, 2021

Dentex Fish: 15 Facts You Won't Believe!

Dentex fish facts are a dream for any true-blue fish lover.

The dentex fish is a fascinating creature that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It is one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. These amazing creatures are not only interesting to watch, but they also have some very incredible traits such as their ability to camouflage among rocky beds or grow new teeth when needed.

The dentex fish has been an exceptional subject for many documentaries in recent years, thanks to its intelligent, inquisitive nature, and appealing appearance. It is said that they have been named 'dentists' due to their sharp teeth because when humans catch them with their hands from rivers or lakes without using nets, a common dentex often bites the fisherman’s fingers. This fish can reach great lengths when fully grown. It has spiny scales, and lives in the ocean near the Mediterranean coast. The dentex species is ideal for sportfishing. It has developed strong teeth to chew through its prey with numerous rows of sharp teeth. One of the best ways to catch a dentex is with a trolling lure. Dentex fish are known for their ability to camouflage themselves at the bottom of the sea along the Atlantic coast. These bottom-feeders prefer rocky areas, corals, and seaweed beds which provide a sense of security from predators who might try to sneak up on them.

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Dentex Fish Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a dentex fish?

The common dentex is a fish that is a part of the Sparidae family.

What class of animal does a dentex fish belong to?

The dentex fish belong to class Actinopterygii and genus Dentex. Their silver young body, length, and weight make them perfect for trolling along the north Mediterranean Sea, but be careful while trolling and fishing, as these fishes have super sharp teeth with a maximum jaw and mouth opening up wide enough to snap your hand in two.

How many dentex fish are there in the world?

Surprisingly enough, it has been found by biologists that there are about 10-100 million dentex fish living in the world. Some dentex species come equipped with mesmerizing glowing lights on their lateral head sides. These eerie, yet wondrous displays can be found in various shades across the sea and are used to attract prey or communicate among themselves.

Where does a dentex fish live?

The common dentex, a type of Mediterranean fish, live along the sea beds, ocean coast zones, and other large water bodies.

What is a dentex fish's habitat?

Common dentex fishes are found off the coast of Morocco and north of the Mediterranean. They live at a moderate depth, so make sure to consider these things before going fishing and trolling for dentex.

Who do dentex fish live with?

Dentex fish travel in schools and stay close by one another during the egg-laying season when it is their job to be guardians of their young ones. Once their young are old enough, they return to their schools. Common dentexes are usually left alone by people because of their sharp teeth. Some still try and pet them, but they better brace themselves for an injury due to the pointy teeth.  

How long does a dentex fish live?

The average lifespan of a dentex fish averages from 10-20 years, However, you might find one in an aquarium that has been there for years. In fact, we don't know how old dentex can grow because they are so elusive and mysterious.

How do they reproduce?

A dentex, like most fishes in the family Sparidae, lays eggs. The females of this species release their unfertilized eggs into a cavity on top of their tails and then carefully place them in the sea bed away from a predator. When you're out fishing and trolling, try to stay away from their eggs.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of a common dentex is Least Concern. The Conservation Status Report on dentex found that its global population was still abundant and stable with only low-level subsistence fishing and trolling occurring. However, the dentex's conservation status is Vulnerable. Check out more Vulnerable species, including the Irrawaddy dolphin and tree pangolin.

Dentex Fish Fun Facts

What do dentex fish look like?

Common dentexes are a species of fish that can be found in eastern Morocco especially during summer. Their coloring is either blue or pink with silver scales, and they have sharp teeth in their mouth and jaw with head, fins, and rays that allow them to swim effortlessly through the water.  Dentex fish have a wide variety of fins and rays that are very efficient for swimming. Common dentex is one creature with the most impressive body design. Dentex fish can swim quickly, thanks to its symmetrical placement of sharp-edged pectoral fins and rays at an angle towards each other.

The silver scales of common dentex are very pretty to look at.

How cute are they?

Dentex fish have an appealing appearance which is deceiving, as it makes many people want to touch them without knowing that their teeth are very sharp and that they have a very powerful jaw. Any human who comes near this is at risk of losing some fingers. Clownfish, on the other hand, are absolutely harmless.

How do they communicate?

The dentex's use of sonar is an adaptation that helps it communicate and also find food in dark waters. A dentex fish emit sounds waves with its gas bladder by contracting muscles on either side, like the way you might suck the air out of your cheeks. Interestingly, a common dentex is known for communicating through visual observances like a dominant male rubbing his head against another’s stomach area which signals aggression between males over territory disputes.

How big is a dentex fish?

With a length of 20-40 in (50-100 cm) and a weight of 3.3-22 lb (1.5-10 kg), the common dentex is almost 20-40 times bigger than the popular clownfish.  When going on fishing and trolling trips down the zone of the eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean in search of some dinner, make sure that your line isn't caught up with any dents.

How fast can a dentex fish swim?

Accurate dentex swimming speeds vary based on their type, but typically it takes about three minutes for them to go from shallow water where they avoid a predator all the way out into deep waters.

How much does a dentex fish weigh?

The average common dentex's weight ranges between 3.3-22 lb (1.5-10 kg). In summer, it is always fun to go fishing and trolling for dentex with your family.

What are the male and female names of the species?

The common dentex is a beautiful fish with blue coloring. The male and female have no specific name, but that doesn't stop them from being just as pretty.

What would you call a baby dentex fish?

Meet the baby dentex fish, a creature without a scientific name but is nonetheless adorable. These tiny things only grow to be about 6 in (15 cm) in length with their mostly translucent bodies often sporting vibrant patterns of blue or pink and a little cute fin, which make them oddly stunning underwater.

What do they eat?

Common dentex fish love eating octopuses, cephalopods, squids, and shrimps. Dentex fish are masters of the sea with their voracious appetite to feast on these animals every day! Unfortunately for them, they get eaten by bull sharks which have even sharper canines.

Are they rare?

No, dentex fish are not rare to spot in the sea, or any body of water for that matter. They are common and can be found around Morocco as well.

Would they make a good pet?

Some may think it's okay to have dentex as an aquatic pet because they look so adorable with their round body and blue-gold spots on its sides. However, this species of fish grow to a large size and they'll eat literally anything. Also, we can't forget they have very sharp teeth.

Did you know...

They have pale skin with yellow spots across their bodies that stand out vividly against their dark background coloration as well as on fin cheeks and lips which gives them an appearance similar to humans smiling.

They possess horns protruding from above both eyes which give them excellent vision for going after prey hiding beneath the sand. They actually hunt by smell rather than sight since there is no light in deep water.

How to eat dentex fish?

Dentex fish is delicious and people love eating it. It tastes terrific on its own or cooked in any form you care to try out, especially in the summer. The most celebrated dentex fish recipe among dentex lovers is common dentex fish fillet for its mouth-watering dentex fish flavor!

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