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Kidadl Team

AUGUST 06, 2021

Dwarf Pike Cichlid: 15 Facts You Won't Believe!

Amazing dwarf pike cichlid facts to look at

Dwarf pike cichlid crenicichla are a freshwater aquarium fish of genus cichlids native to South America, commonly known as pike cichlids. Their distribution is in South America east of the Andes, Trinidad and the Guiana shield, through to the Amazon. Dwarf pike cichlid information reveals that keepers should be prepared of their aggressive and voracious habits. These fish are strong swimmers so require a large aquarium compared to their adult size and need to be able to search for prey or food to feed on. Those raised in tanks must be fed with quality food.

These fish are also known as two spot dwarf pike cichlids due to the fact that they have spots on their body. Pike cichlids have wide mouths to feed themselves, with an elongated body and their diet consists of small fish, insects, and other plant-based foods in the wild. They place themselves in undetectable hiding places. Species of pike cichlids will rarely bother other larger tankmates. South American pike dwarf cichlid (Crenicichla compressiceps) are tropical fish are found in the waters of the Amazon and are known for their aggression.

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