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AUGUST 06, 2021

Golden Retriever Chow Mix: 21 Facts You Won't Believe!

Golden retriever Chow mix facts, a hybrid designer dog from two purebreds, the golden retriever and Chow Chow.

A dog is man's best friend, and so accurate they have been keeping up with this one. Be it purebred or crossbreed, dogs have always been loyal and attached to their owners. They are protective about their homes and are one of the best companions with a heart of gold. And if you are a dog lover and know how to be the Alpha with positive reinforcement methods handy, then the Golden Retriever Chow mix-breed dog can be your choice.

As the name suggests, Golden Retriever Chow mix is a hybrid of two purebred dogs, golden retrievers and Chow Chows. This dog is medium-sized and comes in attractive fur colors just like its parent breeds. However, they have high endurance levels and need a lot of activity to spend their energy levels positively.

If you are really interested in bringing home this breed or wanting to learn more about this breed, then read on to find many more interesting facts. You may also want to have a look at our other articles on the white shepherd and Kunming wolfdog.

Golden Retriever Chow Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Golden Retriever Chow mix?

The Golden Retriever Chow mix is a designer dog breed. It is a crossbreed between two purebred dogs, golden retrievers and Chow Chows. This is a medium-sized hybrid dog fondly called and famously known as a Golden Chow.

What class of animal does a Golden Retriever Chow mix belong to?

The Golden Retriever Chow mix belongs to the Mammalia class.

How many Golden Retriever Chow mixes are there in the world?

The Golden Retriever Chow mix is still a young breed, and there is no estimate of the total number of dogs globally. However, these dogs are slowly gaining popularity as guard dogs. Unfortunately, AKC and other kennel clubs have not yet recognized this mix breed so far.

Where does a Golden Retriever Chow mix live?

The Golden Retriever Chow mix lives with its owners in homes. These dogs prefer larger homes with a yard but also do well in apartments. They are adaptable. Wherever they are taken in, these dogs prefer love and attention along with regular walks to keep up with their endurance levels.

What is a Golden Retriever Chow mix's habitat?

It is really very important to choose a pet according to the house and the weather you live in. For example, the Golden Chow is very adaptable, yet this Golden Retriever Chow mix prefers moderate temperatures. Though they are not very sensitive to extreme weather and climatic conditions, dogs prefer to be in comfort.

Who do Golden Retriever Chow mixes live with?

The Golden Retriever Chow mixes live with their owners in their homes. They are family dogs that are adorable with early training. But these are not the dogs for homes with children. Also, first-time dog owners should consider multiple factors before bringing this breed home. These dogs are suited for people who love exercise and walk every day. The dog also requires early training and regular check on its behavior to be able to socialize with other family members and friends and stay calm with strangers.

How long does a Golden Retriever Chow mix live?

The lifespan of a Golden Retriever Chow mix is between 10-14 years. Of course, the lifespan of any dog depends on multiple factors, like any health problems they encounter and the treatment received by them after that. This particular breed is considered a healthy one, and with proper diet and activity levels, and care, these dogs can reach their optimum life expectancy.

How do they reproduce?

The dogs reproduce by the sexual reproduction process. The mating of a purebred Chow Chow and a golden retriever produces a Golden Retriever Chow mix. The hybrid dog inherits the traits of either of the parent breeds, which can be known after the puppy is born and seen grow. The average litter size can be around five to eight puppies that are delivered after a gestation period of around two months. Both these factors vary on the female's age, health, and genetic background.

What is their conservation status?

According to the IUCN Red List, the conservation status of this breed is Not Evaluated. There is a considerable increase in the overall demand for this dog breed as each individual dog differs from one another and surprises the breeder. The difference in their physical appearance and their personalities are making these dogs adorable. So, maybe in the future, this dog will be enlisted.

Golden Retriever Chow Mix Fun Facts

What does a Golden Retriever Chow mix look like?

This Golden Chow hybrid dog may be fluffier like the golden retriever or can be lean like the Chow Chow. Chow Chows have blue and black tongues. The coat of a Chow Chow varies from black, blue, brown, or cream, and the coat of golden retrievers varies from beige, red, or white. What type of features the Golden Retriever Chow mix puppy will inherit from its parents cannot be known until they are born, but the double coat is common among all dogs. Most often, the mixed breed is seen in brown and red-colored coats. Golden Chows have dark bright eyes and dropped ears, but tongues are one thing that surprises.

The Golden Retriever Chow mix dog sheds lots of hair.
* Please note that this is an image of the parent breed (Chow Chow), not of a Golden Retriever Chow mix itself.

How cute are they?

Golden Chows are cute dogs, each inheriting different characteristic features of their parent breeds, golden retrievers and Chow Chows. Therefore, each dog is unique, has individual features, and is different from one another. But the cute black nose is an apparent attractive feature of this wonderful breed. An easy-to-train dog is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a protective companion, each dog with its own personality trait.

How do they communicate?

Of course, dogs' common way of communication among them or with humans is through barks, growls, howls, screams, pants, and sighs. But this dog is more reserved and is very cuddly with its family. Chow Chows are aggressive in nature, and if your hybrid dog has taken this parental trait, then proper early obedience training is a must. It can be wary of strangers, and as a guard dog, Golden Chows are protective about their owners, which is clearly communicated.

How big is a Golden Retriever Chow mix?

The Golden Chow has been categorized as a medium-sized dog. However, it may grow bigger than that. The dog reaches between 17-20 in (43-51 cm) in height. And since they are hybrid dogs, their height varies from individual to individual.

How fast can a Golden Retriever Chow mix run?

The golden retrievers bust a speed of 35 mph (56.3 kph) but a typical Chow Chow can be a couch potato or a jogger though few individuals love to have a run. So how do you think the hybrid of these two purebred, Golden Chow Retrievers would perform? In any case, these dogs need regular exercise for their good health and well-being.

How much does a Golden Retriever Chow mix weigh?

A Golden Retriever Chow mix weighs anywhere between 40-90 lb (18-41 kg). This variation is observed depending on the characteristic features inherited by the newborn from its parent breeds, the golden retrievers and the Chow Chows.

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male and female dogs of Chow and golden retriever mix breed do not have specific names, however, a male dog is usually called a dog and a female as a bitch.

What would you call a baby Golden Retriever Chow mix?

A baby Golden Retriever Chow mix doesn't have any specific name, but in general, it is called pup or puppies or Golden Retriever Chow mix puppy.

What do they eat?

There is a lot of considerable difference between one Golden Chow dog and another, including height, weight, and energy levels among Chow Golden Retrievers. All these differences are to be taken into consideration and accordingly feed your dog. Otherwise, the dog may suffer from obesity-related issues. Good quality dog food and treats at regular intervals are sufficient for this breed, along with regular exercise. You should consult a vet to tailor the diet to your pet.

Are they slobbery?

No, the Chow Chow golden retriever mix is not slobbery.

Would they make a good pet?

The Golden Retriever Chow mix breed is gaining popularity in recent times. It is one of the dogs that is pocket-friendly, and this is a good thing. If you want a pet that is both active and loyal but is reserved enough to let you be on your own, then Golden Chow is a good choice.

Some Golden Chow dogs are said to have a stubborn temperament, a trait from one of their parent breeds, the Chow Chow. But this should not be a reason to not opt for it since proper early training will make this protective and intelligent Golden Chow dog breed with an adorable personality a good companion.

Golden Chow dogs are wary of strangers, and good socializing skills should be included in their training. This dog breed is sometimes easy to train, and as a loyal guard dog, its overprotective temperament about its home and family can be a little annoying.

The Golden Chow is an easy-to-train dog and early training is required to keep the temperament of this dog in check. Since each and every dog has its own unique personality, it is really important to train this mixed breed accordingly. But this dog is not recommended for first time pet owners. And also, these pets are not recommended to have around with children.

Though they have a double coat, the golden chow does not do so well in extreme climatic conditions. The dogs prefer moderate temperatures, and if not being playful or exercising, they prefer being indoors. A fair amount of exercise and attention accompanied with good quality of dog feed with regular vet visits is enough for this dog to have optimal health and a happy personality.

The Golden Chow is a healthy dog but because of its build, hip dysplasia is the only health problem that can be observed in these dogs.

Did you know...

Golden Chows are great swimmers.

The Husky is crossbred with both the Chow Chow and golden retriever and they are called Chow Chow Husky mix and golden retriever Husky respectively. Chow Lab, Chow shepherd, and Chowchilla mixes are other designer dogs that are also gaining popularity.

How much is a Golden Chow?

This wonderful Golden Chow retriever, a golden retriever and Chow mix breed, may cost no less than $500-$1200. The variation in the cost is observed in the market, and hence it is crucial to find the correct and reputable breeder to buy one of these mixed breed puppies.

Are they hypoallergenic?

The Chow golden retriever dogs shed a lot and are not considered a hypoallergenic breed. Therefore, they need daily brushing and weekly baths. Regular visits to a professional to groom their coat are also recommended.

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*Please note that the main image is of the parent breed (Golden Retriever), not of a Golden Retriever Chow mix itself.

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