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AUGUST 06, 2021

Irish Red and White Setter: 15 Facts You Won’t Believe!

Read these Irish Red and White Setter facts to know about an ancient breed of dog that you might not be aware of.

Every dog lover deserves to know about as many dog breeds as they could. Here is one breed that you should know about: Irish Red and White Setter. This breed is one of the two breeds from Ireland. Irish Red and White Setters are large dogs that have a good temperament. These dogs love to be around families with their owners. These dogs were bred for fieldwork and are famously known as setting dogs.

The beautiful coat of these dogs is their main feature. The coat is white-colored and has red patches on it. The long silky fur of these dogs makes them look pretty. These dogs have existed for hundreds of years. Irish Red and White Setter pre-1880 dogs have competed in Dublin at a conformation show. These dogs are also known for hunting and not only as setters. They have an excellent smelling power that helps them in hunting purposes. As they are known for hunting, they need a lot of exercises to stay healthy and fit. This dog is fun-loving and can stay in a group without any trouble. The sporting spirit of these dogs is commendable and can also be a part of dog sports. If you indulge your dog in exercise, it will help them in becoming better at sports.

The grooming of these dogs is not very difficult. They do not shed very much and hence, can be groomed with ease. You should keep in mind that these dogs were famous for setting and hunting, and hunting dogs love to run. This means that they should have open fields to exercise their running habits so that these dogs do not go crazy without physical activity or exercise.

These dogs have some health concerns as well. This breed is known to have Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (CLAD) which can threaten their life. Irish Red and White Setter allergies are another concern when it comes to the health of these dogs.

Now that you know everything about these dogs, you need to know about their price if you want to have one of your own. So, Irish Red and White Setter price range between $1800-$2500. This is the price of the puppy of this Endangered species.

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Irish Red and White Setter Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an Irish Red and White Setter?

Irish Red and White Setter is a dog breed.

What class of animal does an Irish Red and White Setter belong to?

As Irish Red and White Setter is a dog and dogs are mammals, so it belongs to the class of Mammals.

How many Irish Red and White Setters are there in the world?

There is no exact number known for the population of the Red and White Irish Setter in the world. There is, however, a report that says in North America, there are 500 dogs of Irish Red and White Setter breed.

Where does an Irish Red and White Setter live?

Irish Red and White Setters can be found in Ireland. They like to live in a place where they are left free to run and be independent. They need open spaces so that their high energy level can be managed well.

What is an Irish Red and White Setter's habitat?

Irish Red and White Setters' habitat includes farms or fields where they can run as much as possible. Being an old species that is known as setting dogs, they like to be in open spaces. They are not very suitable for an apartment lifestyle, but if you can give them the physical activity they need daily, it works!

Who do Irish Red and White Setters live with?

Irish Red and White Setters live with the family that owns them. They are friendly dogs who can also live with other animals or their own kind without any worry. They cannot live in solitude. So, if you have to leave them alone while you head off to work, make sure you do not leave them for too long.

How long does an Irish Red and White Setter live?

The lifespan of an Irish Red and White Setter breeder is an impressive range of 11-15 years.

How do they reproduce?

Being mammals, Irish Red and White Setters reproduce sexually. This is a sturdy dog breed that reaches maturity at 18 months. When they reach maturity, they are ready to mate. After females get their first estrus cycle, they are ready to conceive. After the gestation period is over, they give birth to eight to twelve puppies. These puppies stay with their mother and feed on her breast milk for some days.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of Irish Red and White Setters is Endangered. There were only 51 puppies registered in 2018 by the Kennel Club. In 2019, the number reported was 39 puppies only. In the 1960s, this dog breed was introduced to the U.S., but this dog breed population growth took place in the 1980s. In 1995, this dog breed was finally recognized by the Kennel Club. The Canadian Kennel Club recognized the breed of these dogs in 1999, and in 2009, the American Kennel Club recognized Irish Red and White Setter dogs.

Irish Red and White Setter Fun Facts

What do Irish Red and White Setters look like?

The White and Red Irish Setter dog breed was bred for the purpose of fieldwork. Due to this, this breed has high energy levels, is strong, athletic, and well-balanced. Irish Red and White Setter's fur are long silky. These breeds have a white-colored coat with red patches. The color red of the Irish Red White Setter breed varies from chestnut to light honey. This breed of Setter Irish is friendly and gentle, with a temperament that makes them live in a group.

Irish Red and White Setters is a dog that falls under the conservation status of Endangered.

How cute are they?

Dogs are always cute. Dogs are such good animals who are friendly and love being around humans. Their nature, their coat, their eyes, and overall appearance, adds up to their cuteness. The breeds of this gentle bred dog are adorable, especially the young ones. You would want to cuddle with this dog breed as they are helpful in the fieldwork being bred for those purposes and is friendly and gentle enough to become your best friend for life.

How do they communicate?

Dogs communicate with other dogs or owners in the same way. The different forms of communication used by the breeds of this dog include vocalizations and body language. The vocalizations used by these dog breeds are barks, growls, whimpers, and yelping. Different vocalizations mean different things that they want to express.

Other than vocalizations, body language plays an important role in communicating. The excited wag of the tail, the bare teeth look, the straightening up of the ears, and more are all forms of communication that can help the owners understand what the dog wants to convey.

How big is an Irish Red and White Setter?

Irish Red and White Setter dog breeders love these large dogs. Males are a little larger than females in size and heavier in weight. The height of this dog breed ranges between 22.5-26 in (57-66 cm), and the weight of this high-energy level breeder is between 50-70 lb (23-32 kg). They are larger when compared to small dogs like poodles.

How fast can an Irish Red and White Setter run?

The White and Red Irish Setter can run at good speeds just like their cousin the Irish Setter breed as they are setting dogs. Even though these dogs have good running speeds, there is no exact information given as to how fast they can run.

How much does an Irish Red and White Setter weigh?

Irish Red and White Setter weight range falls between 50-70 lb (23-32 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Males and females of this dog breed do not have any specific names. Generally, females are called bitches, and males are called dogs. Other than this, they are known by the same name: Irish Red and White Setter dog.

What would you call a baby Irish Red and White Setter?

A baby Irish Red and White Setter dog is called a puppy. The Irish Red and White Setter puppies are really adorable. The color and big eyes of an Irish Red and White Setter puppy make them so cute that they will tug at the strings of your heart. You would not be able to control yourself and would want to touch them or cuddle with them.

What do they eat?

Irish Red and White Setters need to have a diet that is healthy for them. The diet should contain nutrition for the young ones and adults to keep the health of the dogs in check and give them energy. Irish Red and White Setter diseases can affect the health of this sporting dog, and for this, diet can help in a way. The diet of these dogs should be sufficient and not heavy as that would results in increasing their weight.

You can feed your dog dry food with good amounts of calcium in it. You should also feed your dog a dog food rich in antioxidants to take care of their health. Food also has an effect on the coat of the dogs, and if the food diet is right for the dogs, the owners can see for themselves that the coat of the dog gets shiny and smooth. A good diet can help them live a good life and health as this Setter would need.

Are they slobbery?

All dogs are slobbery in nature to some extent. Irish Red and White Setters are slobbery as well to some extent.

Would they make a good pet?

Dogs are, by birth, ready to become your companion for life. So, they would make a good pet for you. Irish Red and White Setters are friendly dogs that are gentle in nature. They can be great pets and can stay at home with family without any trouble. Although like every dog, this dog needs to undergo training. The training of these dogs need not be very strict as they were bred for fieldwork and naturally have the need to impress their owners. You can use the technique of positive reinforcement, and this will have great effects when you are training your dog. The reward system while training your dogs can enhance the process of training, and it gets easier. The best time for training these dogs is when they are young. The habits learned in childhood stay with you for life. The training of this hunting dog is not that difficult.

Other than training, the thing that you should know about is that these dogs have high energy levels. They are the ones that cannot stay indoors for long. Irish Red and White Setter training can occur anywhere, but the exercise and the running needed for maintaining their health should be done outdoors. Irish Red and White Setter breed love to run and be in open spaces. This breed can also be a part of dog sports. If your dog has undergone training, you can let them compete in dog sports, and they would do that happily. Grooming of the breed Irish Red and White Setter is not difficult. As they are not heavy shedders, they hardly need that high of maintenance. Overall, Irish Red and White Setter temperament and all other factors like grooming, exercise, training conclude that this is a good breed that you can have as a pet.

These dogs, however, do not make a good guard dogs because of how friendly they are.

Did you know...

Irish Red and White Setters were recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2009 and they were then allowed to participate in AKC dog shows. These dogs can jump up to 6 feet (1.8 m).

In the Westminster Kennel Club show, this dog was a competitor. Only 13 dogs made an appearance in 1877, where all of them imported from Ireland. In 1879, 61 Irish Red and Whites made an appearance but only eight dogs were present in 1880.

The close cousin of this breed is Irish Setter. The Irish Setter vs. Irish Red and White Setter comparison include some points that you might want to know. Both breeds are pretty much similar in size and nature. They have the same level of affectionate nature and calm nature. They both belong to the sporting dogs category. The difference is that Irish Setters are recognized by various organizations, whereas Red and White Setters are not recognized by that many. There are no formal cross-breeds between the two breeds, but the Irish Kennel Club launched an outcross program that was not well-received by the countries around Ireland.

What is the Irish Red and White Setter featured on?

The dog breed Irish Red and White Setter are featured on postage in Ireland.

What did people think about the Irish Red and White Setter in the 1850s?

In the 1850s, it was thought that the breed of Irish Red and White Setters had gone Extinct. This was due to the reason that the breed gained popularity, and everyone was trying to get this dog as a pet. The prices of the breed rose higher, and this led to the belief that the breed of this dog has gone Extinct.

The history of this Endangered breed starts long ago. When guns became popular in the mid-1600s, the favorite pastime for many people was shooting birds. In those times, Setters were chosen to help people in enjoying this game. These dogs were set loose to make the birds scared so that they fly off. After the birds fluttered away, people used to take aim and kill the birds.

By the 17th century, the Irish Red and Whites came under the category of Setting dogs. Slowly and steadily, they started to gain attention and becoming the breeder's favorite that everyone wanted. They competed in dog sports and became popular. The popularity also led to the Extinction of these dogs, and in the end, only a handful of these dogs helped their breed to survive. Irish Setters, being different in some ways from Irish Red White Setters, are the only two breeds that people outside of Ireland are not aware of. They think that both breeds are the same.

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