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AUGUST 06, 2021

15 Magnolia Green Jumping Spider Facts You’ll Never Forget

Magnolia green jumping spider facts are fun to know.

Are you curious about spiders like tarantulas? There are many different kinds of spiders. Do you want to know about a particular spider that can jump more than three to four times its own body length? In this article, we are going to learn about the magnolia green jumping spider.

The scientific name of the magnolia green jumping spider is Lyssomanes viridis. Found in the hot and humid regions of the South-eastern United States, in the states of Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and others, this species belongs to the genus Lyssomanes of the Salticidae family. The spiders occur commonly on trees like magnolia, oak, and maple, where they forage for food in the daytime. They have a bright green body, four pairs of eyes each on the face and top of the head, long slender legs, and an orange cap. Their orange cap is bright in color and makes it easier to spot them from a distance. Although small in size, they are able to jump several times the size of their body. Widely known as ambush predators, they do exhibit extraordinary skills in hunting and much of it is due to their great eyesight. It is because of their smart hunting techniques that the jumping spiders are often known as the smartest spiders. These animals hunt on plant-eating insects and smaller jumping spiders. The male spider tries to impress the female with an elaborate courtship dance. The female lays eggs on the underside of a big leaf and covers them with silk to keep them safe. The magnolia green jumping spider is believed to live a short life like most other spiders. Two species of spiders that are quite known across the world are the Sydney funnel-web spider and the Brazilian wandering spider. While the male Sydney funnel-web spider is arguably the most poisonous spider, the Brazilian wandering spider is known to be one of the largest and ugliest spiders in the world.

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Magnolia Green Jumping Spider Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a magnolia green jumping spider?

The magnolia green jumping spiders, Lyssomanes viridis, belong to the family Salticidae.

What class of animal does a magnolia green jumping spider belong to?

The magnolia green jumping spiders belong to the class Arachnida of the animal kingdom.

How many magnolia green jumping spiders are there in the world?

The exact number of these jumping spiders cannot be ascertained. However, spiders are very common in different countries and regions across the world. Even though the magnolia green jumping spider is not facing any serious threat or concern, it is difficult to ascertain its exact population.

Where does a magnolia green jumping spider live?

The magnolia green jumping spider, commonly known as the magnolia green jumper, is a small or medium-sized spider that is mainly found in the warm and humid southeastern United States, in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, and other regions. Beyond that, the spider is also spotted in Texas and Maryland. There is no concrete evidence to determine their southern range but there may be a few of these spiders in Mexico.

What is a magnolia green jumping spider's habitat?

Found in the warm and humid regions of the southeastern united states, magnolia green jumping spiders are found on different trees in neotropical forests. As their name suggests, they are often spotted on the Magnolia trees and other commonly preferred trees include oak, maple, pine.

Who do magnolia green jumping spiders live with?

Enough research is not available to conclude whether this spider species lives alone or in groups. However, it can be assumed that like most other spiders, the Magnolia green jumping spiders are solitary creatures who live on their own.

How long does a magnolia green jumping spider live?

It is known that most spider species do not live for many years, barring a few exceptions. The general life expectancy of a spider is somewhere between one to three years with females outliving the males. We can only assume that the magnolia green jumper species have a similar life span since no data is available to ascertain their exact life expectancy in the wild.

How do they reproduce?

Lyssomanes viridis (magnolia green jumping spider) is a small spider species in which the females are slightly larger than the males. Not a lot of information is available on how the species reproduces but it is believed that they lay eggs in large numbers on the underside of a big leaf. The female covers the eggs with spider silk to keep the eggs safe. The egg hatches and young spider babies come out.  

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the Magnolia green jumping spider is Not Evaluated under the International Union for Conservation of Nature or the IUCN Red List.

Magnolia Green Jumping Spider Fun Facts

What do magnolia green jumping spiders look like?

The magnolia green jumping spider has a bright translucent green body.

The magnolia jumping spider is a species of small jumping spider with long slender legs. The females of the species are slightly larger than the males and both have translucent green body color and black dots on the abdomen. They have pairs of eyes along the front of the face and top of the head with short hair surrounding them. They have an astounding orange cap and their eyes are huge and forward-looking. Their four big eyes on the face and four smaller ones on top of the head can be scary to look at at first. In the case of males, the chelicera sticks out but in females, it is tucked under.

How cute are they?

The Magnolia green jumper species are not considered cute by most people. However, if you love spiders, you might find them cute. If we consider based on relative cuteness, they look better than the six-eyed sand spider.

How do they communicate?

Lyssomanes viridis (magnolia green jumping spider) is a spider of the genus Lyssomanes. The jumping spider species have a binocular vision that helps them to find food by getting a good view of the surrounding environment but their cornea is a fixed part of the exoskeleton. So, the eyes always move internally. Spiders also make their web with a kind of silk and are extremely sensitive to vibrations or movements in the surrounding environment, particularly in their web. Their vision allows these spiders to communicate visually and the male performs elaborate dances to woo the female.

How big is a magnolia green jumping spider?

The body length of the magnolia green jumper is not listed. However, most jumping spiders are range between 0.15-0.78 in (3.8-19.8 mm). These spiders are three to four times smaller than the Brazilian wandering spider which range between 0.67-1.89 in (17-47.7 mm) in length.

How fast can a magnolia green jumping spider run?

The magnolia spiders have long slender legs which help them to run fast.

How much does a magnolia green jumping spider weigh?

The magnolia green jumper is a small or medium-sized spider but its exact weight is not listed. However, most jumping spiders weigh around 0.00004 oz (0.00113 g), so we can assume that the magnolia green jumper weighs the same.

What are the male and female names of the species?

The magnolia green jumping spiders do not have distinct names for the males and females of the species.

What would you call a baby magnolia green jumping spider?

A baby magnolia green jumper is called a spiderling.

What do they eat?

The magnolia green jumper (Lyssomanes viridis) eats plant-eating insects like mites, aphids, ants, flies, and small jumping spiders. This spider is a good predator and often preys on animals larger than its own body length.

Are they poisonous?

The magnolia green jumper, Lyssomanes viridis, is an ambush hunter and pounces on its prey from a safe distance. This little green spider is poisonous since it is believed that it injects a certain venom into its prey to make it immobile and also uses its body to grind small prey.

Would they make a good pet?

Lyssomanes viridis (magnolia green jumping spiders) is a species of jumping spiders that are easily recognized from their bright appearance. This species is known to ambush its prey and attack from a safe distance. They are not often kept as pets by people.

Did you know...

The magnolia jumping spider's ability to jump comes from a quick contraction of muscles in the front of the body. This results in increased blood pressure and the legs extend rapidly.

Are jumping spiders the smartest spider?

The jumping spiders comprise the smartest spiders in the world. The hunting techniques and strong eyesight have earned them the smartest spiders status.

What is the biggest jumping spider?

Hyllus giganteus is the largest jumping spider species known to man. It is commonly found in Sumatra and Australia.

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