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AUGUST 06, 2021

15 Maine Lobster Facts You’ll Never Forget

Maine lobster facts are so interesting!

A Maine lobster is a kind of lobster that is found on the North American coast of the Atlantic ocean and as a result, it is commonly known as American lobster. Apart from that, this lobster is also referred to as Canadian lobster, Northern lobster, Atlantic lobster, Canadian reds, and true lobster. They are the largest crustacean in terms of their weight because of their soft but heavy meat. This lobster has a high commercial value and they are the most commonly harvested lobster species of the sea for their delicious and soft lobster meat. The lobsters are commonly seen and cultivated by lobstermen during the summer months around the coast and in winter the lobsters migrate to the deeper water. The population of these lobsters has been sub-categorized by fisheries of the United States mainly into three groups based on distinctive regions. The lobster industry is a very well flourishing seafood industry and more than 200,000 of these true lobsters are caught annually for their delicious taste. The lobsters have a slow growth rate and as a result, sometimes demand increases more than supply. Lobstermen undergo lots of difficulties to harvest these lobsters. For these reasons, they can be very expensive.

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Maine Lobster Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Maine lobster?

A Maine lobster is a large lobster found in North America.

What class of animal does a Maine lobster belong to?

The Maine lobster has ten legs and belongs to the order Decapoda and the class Malacostraca, the largest class of all crustaceans.

How many Maine lobsters are there in the world?

Assessing the exact population of the lobster is difficult. They are one of the most delicious seafood and therefore are exploited on a wide scale because of their soft meat. The Gulf of Maine fishery has estimated their lobster population to follow a gradually increasing trend all over the range. Since their population is growing abundantly at regular intervals it is believed that an equal number of male and female lobsters inhabit that region. At present, the Maine population is estimated at 69.6 million. The Georges Bank fishery has been able to maintain a similar trend to the Maine population by overcoming fluctuations at various time periods. Since 2001, lobsters more than the target of nine million have been observed there. However, the Southern New England Fishery population has gradually declined. The main cause behind this is believed to be the disparity between the population of the male and female lobsters in that region.

Where does a Maine lobster live?

The Maine, or the American, lobster mainly inhabits the Atlantic coast in North America. Their distribution stretches along the Labrador coast of Canada to New Carolina in the United States. They also occur in abundance throughout southern New England, the Gulf of St Lawrence, Nova Scotia, south of New Jersey, and the coastal waters of Maine. Some population of this famous seafood has been imported and introduced on the northern coast of Europe like in Norway or Iceland. However, no genetic verification of the species has been conducted.  

What is a Maine lobster's habitat?

The Maine lobster is capable of inhabiting a large range of habitats in the wild. This bottom-dwelling crustacean species inhabits rocky reefs with many crevices and depressions to stay hidden during most of the day. In addition to that, the lobster can also reside in cold waters with sandy or muddy bottoms. They are sometimes found in a brackish water environment as well as in freshwaters. The eggs are laid in shallow water. After the eggs hatch, the juveniles stay in the cobbler or boulder habitats. As they grow older, they move into deeper waters. The mature lobster habitat includes places near seagrass or in muddy flats.

Who do Maine lobsters live with?

Maine lobster is exclusively a solitary species. They live alone by digging burrows under rocky reefs to protect themselves from predators like cod, and also to hide from a lobstermen boat to prevent getting fished.

How long does a Maine lobster live?

Lobsters grow by molting, they shed their soft-shell. Maine lobsters can live up to 100 years.

How do they reproduce?

The lobster reproduction takes place when the female lobster releases pheromones which attract the males. Mating lasts only for a minute and the process begins with a courtship dance with closed claws. Mating takes place only when the female lobster shells molt and the exoskeleton are soft. The females can store the male reproductive gametes for more than a year. The lobster eggs are spawned within two years by the stored sperm. The number of eggs laid by lobsters depends on their size, a small lobster can lay 3000 eggs but comparatively larger lobsters are capable of laying more than 75000 eggs. The lobster larvae molt many times even within the egg. The lobster eggs remain attached to the tail for a span of 11-12 months and are laid in the water by waving the tail, one egg after another. They molt their shells after a period of 12-20 days. The larvae pass through various molts before maturing into an adult and moving to deep waters.

What is their conservation status?

The lobster is registered as a species of Least Concern in the Red List produced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Their large range and widespread availability make them a species without any significant threat. Their population is stable in most parts of their range map, however, in some patches negligible declines have been noticed probably due to the causes of climate change in those areas.

Maine Lobster Fun Facts

What do Maine lobsters look like?

Maine lobster hunts in the night.

The lobsters have bilaterally symmetrical bodies, their body can be divided into equal parts. The body is divided into 21 equal segments. On both sides of the head, the lobsters have two urinary bladders. The lobsters have five pairs of legs and their legs transform into sharp claws. The first pair of claws are asymmetrical, the larger claw is used to crush their prey and the smaller one is used for cutting. A gastric mill is present on the first stomach. The gastric mill helps the lobsters to grind their food into fine particles. The body color of the lobsters ranges from bluish-green to brown with red spines spread all over the body.

How cute are they?

The lobsters are crustaceans in nature. They do not have a separate structure called face since the body is covered by a shell so judging their cuteness depends on the individual.

How do they communicate?

Lobsters mainly communicate by releasing chemical compounds. They have highly developed sensory neurons that are receptive to these chemical compounds. When ready to reproduce, the lobsters release pheromones. They also have well-developed olfactory senses and detect their prey by smells. They communicate with each other through scents that are mainly contained in their urine.

How big is a Maine lobster?

The length of these lobsters ranges between 8-24 in (20-61 cm). The largest lobster of this species that was ever caught measured 25 in (64 cm) in length. Some Maine lobsters can grow larger than the European lobsters.

How fast can Maine lobsters fly?

A lobster cannot fly. However, they are known to walk for small distances but the Maine lobster speed has not been determined.

How much does a Maine lobster weigh?

These lobsters are the largest crustaceans and their average weight ranges between 1.5-2 lb (680-910 g).  The heaviest Maine lobster that was discovered weighed around 44.4 lb (20 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

A male lobster is called a cock and a female lobster is called a hen.

What would you call a baby Maine lobster?

A baby lobster or a juvenile lobster is referred to as a cricket.

What do they eat?

The Maine lobster diet consists of living as well as dead animals. They are scavengers in nature. This lobster mainly feeds on small fish, algae, crabs, snails, clams, and some plants like eelgrass. In captivity, it can also prey on various other small lobsters. This lobster has also shown the practice of consuming their own molted shell, but this practice has never been observed in the wild.

Are they dangerous?

The lobster has very sharp claws. They protect their territories from other species aggressively and on detecting threats they might inflict painful pinches with their claws. The hard Maine lobster tail also acts as a protective weapon to escape from predators.

Would they make a good pet?

Lobsters have been kept as pets in many households throughout history. It is a popular practice in the northeast to keep a lobster as a pet. Although they are generally contained in a pot, in some households, the lobsters are even kept outside pots. Maine lobsters do not need much care and time so they make good pets until and unless their needs are satisfied. They can be bought from any type of pet store in Maine.

Did you know...

The sex of a lobster is distinguished by the difference in the shape of its tail. The male lobster tails are straight while the female lobster tails are very wide.

What is the best month for lobster in Maine?

In Maine, lobster can be harvested throughout the entire year. The lobstermen boat is always active in the water of that region due to its year-round availability. However, the peak lobster season lies between June and December. Lobsters are harvested in smaller quantities from winter to early spring.

Eating Maine lobster

The lobster meat of Maine and New Hampshire has been a prized delicacy throughout history. The Maine lobster meat has a pronounced taste and its taste lies on the sweeter side. It is rather one of the tastiest seafood of the region famous for its meat and soft-shell. For eating lobster, you need to separate its claws and tail first from the live Maine lobster and then cook the rest of the meat. The edible parts of a lobster are its head and body. The average Maine lobster prices since the year 2000 have ranged between $4-$4.15 U.S.D. per pound. Some famous recipes of this popular seafood include Maine lobster roll, grilled lobster, lobster curry, and lobster mac and cheese.  

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