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15 Pawfect Facts About The Maltipom Dog Kids Will Love

Maltipom facts state that they are hypoallergenic toy breed dogs

List out the most charming designer dog breeds, the Maltipom is sure to find a place on the list. The Maltipom, also known as the Pominees or Pominese, is a crossbreed of two purebred dogs, Maltese and Pomeranian. The toy dog breed comes in diverse patches and shades as per the traits of the parent breeds. These first-generation hybrids do not brag of rich history. There is no clear idea about its origin and about the breeder who developed this mix. However, it is believed to have its base in the United States. These cute little dogs are most sought-after in families with seniors or older children that look for low shedding breeds. This breed is apt for people who can give time to their pets because these tiny dogs cannot be left alone for a prolonged period. They are a bundle of energy that demands interaction and amusement from their masters. The Maltipoms exude joy and positivity during playtime.

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Maltipom Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Maltipom?

The Maltipom is a hybrid dog, which is a Maltese Pomeranian mix. This small dog breed makes a loving and friendly pet.

What class of animal does a Maltipom belong to?

The Maltipom belongs to the Animalia kingdom and the Mammalia class.

How many Maltipoms are there in the world?

Multopoms are relatively recent hybrid dogs. Hence, their actual number remains unknown. However, the designer dog breed is unique and known to be quite popular among dog lovers.

Where does a Maltipom live?

The Maltipom breed is well known to be a fun-loving and smart family pet. These tiny toy dogs can quickly adapt to the conditions at home and can go well with people. They are lovely companions, particularly for seniors and grown-up children at home.

What is a Maltipom's habitat?

Pet lovers' homes are the habitat of the Maltese Pomeranian mix. The domestic breed loves to dwell in the cozy embrace of family members. In addition, the small size of the breed makes it apt for apartment living. However, Maltipoms crave a lot of attention and cannot be left alone for a long time. Hence, families with retired seniors and older people who can devote time to their pets can add the Maltipom breed to their list of choices.

Who do Maltipoms live with?

Inheriting the parent breeds' characteristics, the Maltipom makes a sociable and companionable breed. It adjusts and adapts well to the environment at home. It gels well with the inmates of the house and enjoys the company of people. It also socializes and gets well with other pet animals.

Maltipoms are best suited for families with calmer, grown-up children. However, families with very young children should wait for a few years before going in for a Maltipom because training and grooming Maltipom puppies requires as much time and care as it does for a human baby.

How long does a Maltipom live?

The average lifespan of Maltipom is about 12-15 years. To maintain their energy level and to keep it active, these dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes of walk a day. Administering their shots on time and periodic visits to the vet for a health screening would keep them away from health problems.

How do they reproduce?

Like all other mammals, dogs reproduce sexually. Female Maltipom dogs go through heat cycles when they show more receptive behavior to advances by a male. Mating during the heat cycles results in conception. It produces about two to five puppies in a litter after the gestation period.

What is their conservation status?

Malti-Pom mix breed is relatively recent, and their conservation status remains unlisted. Conservation of parent dog breeds is crucial to protect the crossbreed from getting endangered or extinct. Hence it becomes essential to conserve the Maltese and the Pomeranian to conserve the Maltipom.

Maltipom Fun Facts

What do Maltipoms look like?

Maltipom is an intelligent, friendly, and affectionate breed of pet dogs.

*Please note this is the image of Maltipoo, a similar species and not of Maltipom. If you have an image of a Maltipom please let us know at [email protected]

Maltipom is a small dog that makes adorable companions to pet lovers. They are a mix of Maltese and Pomeranian breeds and inherit the looks of either of the parents. The coat of the Maltipom is more likely to be long and shiny than the Maltese. However, it may have the thick coat as the Pomeranian, though it is less common. The coat can be dense and long if allowed to grow to the maximum. Hence, regular brushing and grooming are essential.

Maltipom puppies are irresistibly gorgeous. Their head is wedge-shaped. Their sparkling brown eyes and the little tail that curls make it the most desirable. The ears of some members of the breed are erect as the Pom parent, and some do have semi-erect or floppy ears like their Maltese parent. Although the Maltipom size is tiny, they have a compact body, sturdy limbs, and delicate paws.

How cute are they?

Maltipoms are designer toy dogs that are cute and charming. The Maltipom puppy is nothing short of a ball of fluffy fur. Their dark brown eyes shine with a sparkle, which is captivating. They are social beings and enjoy moving around with their family, wagging their little tail. The Maltipom mix puppy inherits either of its parents' looks. The coat can be long and shiny as the Maltese or a dense double coat as the Pomeranian, which requires regular grooming. The puppy is so adorable that cuddling and snuggling the pup is irresistible to pet parents.

How do they communicate?

Dogs communicate with us in various visual and vocal ways. Visual ways include gestures, eye and tail movements, facial expressions, body language, and postures, while vocal ways include barking, whining, growling, or howling. The family members need to understand their cues to develop a great bond with the pet.

Training the pup to understand our verbal and non-verbal commands is essential in pet parenting. Maltipoms are intelligent and smart dogs, and they understand the gestures and commands if reinforced positively.

How big is a Maltipom?

The Maltipom, similar to the purebred parents Maltese and Pomeranian, is a small dog with an average height of 8-10 in (20.3-25.4 cm). These are similar in size to the Havanese. However, compared to the Great Pyrenees, which is about 25-32 in (63.5-81.3 cm) tall, it is only a third the height. Hence, it is among the choices of families that seek small companion dogs.

How fast can a Maltipom run?

Maltipoms are a bundle of energy. They enjoy running and playing around all day. However, they are not known for their athletic capabilities. The dogs are a crossbreed of purebred dogs, the Pomeranian and the Maltese. Usually, the Maltese are known to run up to 5 mph (8 kph), while the Pomeranian is relatively faster, and it can be swift up to 8-12 mph (12.9-19.3 kph). The running abilities of the Maltipom depend on which of the parent's traits it has inherited. As dog owners, training them to be active is essential. A minimum of 30 minutes of running and playing around with the dog will help maintain its energy levels.

How much does a Maltipom weigh?

The Maltipoms are lightweight dogs. Their weight usually does not exceed 8 lb (3.6 kg). The pup is about 4 lb (1.8 kg) in weight. The weight of the male and female Maltipoms is almost the same.

What are the male and female names of the species?

The Maltipoms belong to the species Canis lupus familiaris. The male dog used for breeding purposes is called a stud, while the female dog is called a bitch or a dam.

What would you call a baby Maltipom?

The gorgeous baby of the crossbreed is called the Maltipom puppy or the Pomanese puppy.

What do they eat?

The primary responsibility of dog owners is to ensure that their pet is well fed with a balanced, nutritious diet that would keep up its good health. Maltipoms are omnivores . While it is key to feed them well, it is equally important to check the risk of overfeeding. It is ideal to feed the Maltipom two to three times a day. A crunchy ground meal would help in keeping up their oral health.

Maltipoms should be kept away from chocolates, raisins, grapes, candies, raw onions, and garlic. Instead, you can include fish, chicken, lamb, steamed potatoes and carrots, and good quality dog food in their diet to keep them full of energy and life.

Are they slobbery?

Maltipoms are a relatively recent crossbreed of Pomeranian and Maltese. Unlike many other breeds such as the Newfoundland and Neapolitan Mastiff that drool extensively, both the Pomeranian and Maltese are clean dogs and do not slobber much. They are preferred by people who dislike seeing slobber stains at home. It is more likely that Maltipoms do not slobber much.

Would they make a good pet?

With their bubbly and charming nature and their sociable temperament, Maltipoms make lovely pets. Their small size makes it ideal for small spaces and apartments. The dog does not require long hours of exercise. Half an hour of playtime or walk along with some interactive toys would keep your Maltipom active and busy. They are amazing companions for people who suffer from loneliness and helps them feel better. Families with older kids who can devote considerable time to their pets will find Maltipom an incredible pet.

However, it is best for families with younger kids to wait for a few years before going in for a Maltipom. This is because Maltipoms puppies need a lot of care and attention. Families having very young kids may not be able to give their time to training and grooming the pet. Moreover, younger children do not know to interact with the Pomanese. Hence Maltipom may not be an apt choice for such families.

Did you know...

A Maltipom may have a shiny long coat like the Maltese or a dense double coat like the Poms. Therefore, they require a high level of grooming, including daily brushing and monthly trimming to keep their coat at its best.

Maltipoms are hypoallergenic if they have Maltese domination. However, if your Maltipom has inherited its genes from the Pom parent, it is likely to shed a bit.

Characteristics and health issues

Maltipoms have a playful and sociable temperament. They are friendly and loyal towards their masters. They like to play around and spend time with people.

The parent breed Pomeranian often acts aggressively. Fear and suspicion about strangers, noise, larger people, and canines intimidate them, making the Poms bark loudly. Perhaps, this also is a reason Pomeranians are considered the worst dogs.

The offspring Maltipoms too, are pretty wary of strangers and tend to bark continuously. However, they are not as loud as the Poms. While training, the dog owner needs to set standards and be assertive to give positive reinforcement. You may find Maltipom grooming expensive and difficult if you can not allocate some extra time and funds.

The Maltipom's health largely depends on its breeding. If the crossbreed is from purebred dogs that are sound in health, it is likely to result in healthy offspring. Hypothyroidism, glaucoma, patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, progressive retinal atrophy are some of the health problems that Maltipoms experience. Some Maltipoms also suffer from asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Getting your own Maltipom

With an incredibly pleasing temperament, Maltipoms make great companions. They are quite popular designer breeds that are high in demand. You can get a Maltipom pup for yourself for anything between $500 to $1500 and can be purchased from any authorized breeder. Please note that the Maltipom is yet to be recognized by the American Kennel Club as it is technically a crossbreed of two pure breeds and not a new breed. However, the hybrid dog is recognized by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the International Designer Canine Registry and the Designer Breed Registry, and the American Canine Hybrid Club. Happy pet parenting!

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