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Did You Know? 23 Incredible Spotfin Betta Facts

Spotfin betta facts such as they live in water with depth less than 12 inches are interesting

The spotfin betta fish (Betta macrostoma) is also known as Brunei beauty because of its appearance. Originally from the warm tropical waters of the island of Borneo in Asia, the spotfin betta fish can now be found around the world.

The spotfin betta fish, both male and female, tend to live in very shallow waters in the wild, of 12 in (30.5 cm) depth or less. They prefer slow-moving freshwaters of rivers, streams, and pools so they can breathe easily and hunt down the food they need. Read on to learn all about this fish.

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Spotfin Betta Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a spotfin betta?

Spotfin betta (Betta macrostoma) are a rare type of labyrinth fish from Asia.

What class of animal does a spotfin betta belong to?

Spotfin bettas are fish belonging to the class of Actinopterygii which are ray-finned fishes.

How many spotfin bettas are there in the world?

There is no documented information about the total number of spotfin bettas (Betta macrostoma) in the world, neither male nor female. However, there is a noted visible decrease in the total population of spotfin betta fish.

Where does a spotfin betta live?

The Brunei beauty or spotfin betta fish are from the shallow freshwaters of the tropics in Asia including rivers and pools. They also live in aquariums.

What is a spotfin betta's habitat?

The spotfin betta, Betta macrostoma, is a species that is part of a type of group known as labyrinth fish or gouramies, like the three spot gourami. This group of fish is known as labyrinth fish because they have a lung-like labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air. Spotfin betta fish are freshwater fish. They are native to the slow-moving tropical freshwaters of the island Borneo and are only found in six locations in the wild.

They are particular about their water chemistry – they need the water conditions to be stable for them to be healthy. The spotfin betta, Betta macrostoma, can tolerate a wide range of pH levels, though they prefer levels about 6.0.

The water temperatures that they prefer are 70-80 F (21-26.7 C).

The Macrostoma betta are a type of labyrinth fish, which means they have labyrinth organs that are a lot like lungs. They have evolved these so they can breathe air. Their preferred habitat is shallow water with 12 in (30.5 cm) or less depth of water in rivers, streams, and pools.

Who do spotfin bettas live with?

The spotfin betta, Betta macrostoma, tends to stay in pairs, especially in an aquarium tank. A breeding pair of these fish would live well together. They can also live with small groups of up to four spotfin betta fish. But keep an eye out because the males might get aggressive during breeding. However, these fish will not live peacefully with other aquarium fish like guppies so they must be kept only with their own species.

How long does a spotfin betta live?

The lifespan range of the spotfin betta fish species varies depending on where they live. Their lifespans can be anything between three to 10 years.

How do they reproduce?

Breeding pairs of spotfin betta (Betta macrostoma) will come together when they feel conditions are ideal for spawning. Unlike the other bettas like the Betta splendens, the Macrostoma betta fish males and females do not make bubble nests. Instead, the male will wrap around the female many times. During spawning, the female spotfin betta will lay between 30-40 eggs. After she is finished spawning the male spotfin betta will fertilize the eggs. Then the female will pick up the fertilized eggs and put them in the male's mouth where the male will incubate them till they hatch. The baby spotfin betta will hatch from their eggs after 17-35 days. This behavior is known as mouthbrooding, which is practiced by a number of other fish including some species of catfish.

What is their conservation status?

The Brunei beauty, which is what the spotfin betta is known as, has the conservation status of Vulnerable. There is a visible decrease in the population as its habitat is being destroyed by human activity. Today the spotfin betta, Betta macrostoma, species is primarily reared by breeders in aquariums.

Spotfin Betta Fun Facts

What do spotfin bettas look like?

Spotfin betta betta macrostoma are not as flashy as the other species of betta fish like the betta Splendens. Still, they aren’t known as Brunei Beauty for nothing.

They have beautiful red or reddish-brown scales over the majority of their bodies. The length of their fins is less than other betta fish. They are shorter in length, rounded, and banded with dark brown or black and white or yellow lines. They also have a spot on their dorsal fin. They have wider faces than other betta fish because they are mouthbrooders.

Unlike other betta fish, the spotfin betta has shorter, rounded fins.

How cute are they?

Spotfin betta fish have beautiful colors and a lot of personalities, so they’re quite adorable.

How do they communicate?

The spotfin betta (Betta macrostoma) communicates by using body language, scents, and touch with each other. The male spotfin betta twirls around the females when mating, and they might also swim together.

These fish are fairly intelligent, so they might learn to recognize your voice if you’re keeping them in a tank! They are sensitive to the vibrations of sound in water and can learn to bond with the people who feed them.

How big is a spotfin betta?

The spotfin betta fish length can range between 2.6-4 in (6.6-10 cm), depending on where it is living. In contrast, the giant gourami which is related to the spotfin betta, has a long range that is anything between 17.7–27.5 in (45-70 cm). This makes the spotfin betta fish nearly seven times smaller than the giant gourami in length!

How fast can a spotfin betta swim?

There is no documentation about the speed of a spotfin betta fish.

How much does a spotfin betta weigh?

Spotfin betta fish are a fairly small fish species, with lengths hardly reaching beyond 4 in (10 cm). They tend to weigh less than 1 oz (280 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no special names for male spotfin betta and female spotfin betta. They are simply called males and females respectively.

What would you call a baby spotfin betta?

Baby spotfin betta fish are called fry when they are first hatched, and fingerling when they grow a bit bigger in length, like all other baby fish.

What do they eat?

As the spotfin betta fish are omnivores, they are able to eat just about anything they need to survive. Their diet includes carrion, plant matter, and algae, small crustaceans, and worms. In aquarium tanks, they can be fed bloodworms or shrimp that are frozen or freeze-dried. Commercially available fish food pellets are also good options for their diet. In aquariums, they must not be fed more than twice a day.

Are they dangerous?

Spotfin betta (Betta macrostoma) are not dangerous at all,

Would they make a good pet?

Spotfin betta fish are excellent pets, especially as breeding pairs. They are intelligent despite being so small and can bond with their owners.

But since they are rare and can be difficult to care for, it is recommended that people with experience caring for betta fish should raise them.

Unlike easier aquarium inhabitants, the spotfin betta are sensitive to changes in temperature, and general water health. They prefer water temperatures between 70-80 F (21-26.7 C). They will tolerate a wide range of water pH, but they need the water conditions to be stable.

Did you know...

Female spotfin betta fish are not only less colorful, but they also tend to be smaller than the male spotfin betta fish.

Spotfin bettas and humans

Betta fish in general are extremely popular as pets for their appearance and their personalities. They are also fairly rare and expensive.

The spotfin betta fish are wonderful to watch. But they are very sensitive fish. They can feel your voice just by the vibrations in the water. So they cannot be touched at all, or they will become defensive.

Comparisons with other bettas

The spotfin betta fish is one of the rarest and most expensive of the betta fish to keep in an aquarium tank. It is very attractive to look at and calmer than other types of betta fish.

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