10 Best Educational TV Shows For KS2 Learning

Two kids in KS2 watching an educational TV programme.

If you are looking for educational TV shows, whilst also being interesting and fun, then look no further, as we have gathered a list of the top ten shows for 7 - 11-year-olds.

Educational programmes can be a great way to break up the day during lockdown, taking pressure off children and parents alike. A great compromise for those times when homeschooling is getting too much, or when the kids need a break -  these amazing programmes teach science, technology, history and geography in a fun and accessible way.

Scroll through the list below for brilliant TV programmes that your kids will love watching. With such a huge variety of programmes, topics and themes, it is easier than ever to find shows and episodes that will help your children with their school projects - or, let your children choose to watch something totally random, as you never know when that information will come in handy...

Child doing science

Brilliant for Amateur Scientists


Available to watch on Netflix

Inspired by science, Brainchild is an educational series by Netflix aimed at kids aged 7+. Through presentations and experiments, the programme aims to explain the world around us - teaching kids key concepts in a relatable and accessible way. The series covers a huge range of topics, including marine biology, neurology, gravity and the five senses, as well as germs, emotions and social media.


Available to watch on YouTube

Changing the way that girls view science - and other traditionally 'male' fields like engineering and technology - the series follows real-life girls as they use their scientific knowledge in practical and positive ways. As well as applying concepts from science and maths to a range of different scenarios, from archaeology to wind power, the series also teaches teamwork, conflict resolution and a respect for differences of opinion.


Available to watch on Discovery

Packed with amazing experiments, Mythbusters is a great programme for those with curious minds. This year, Mythbusters will get two new hosts, but there is a huge archive of old episodes to enjoy, including the famous soda fountain created from Mentos and coke. One of the most entertaining educational TV shows, Mythbusters has inspired many children and adults alike by proving that science, technology and engineering can be fun - encouraging kids to see how science affects the world around them.

Child in nature

Best for Nature Nuts and Animal Lovers

Deadly 60

Available to watch on BBC iPlayer

Presented by Steve Backshall, this show follows Steve around the world as he tracks down 60 of the most deadly animals. Now on its fourth series, children can choose to watch episodes by country or by species. Learn about the wildlife in South Africa, Australia and the Gabon Jungle, studying amazing animals, including sharks, rhinos, orcas, monkeys and manta rays. This series is designed to teach kids about the natural world and science in a fun, exciting and watchable way. Steve also hosts educational live-streamed Q&As, where you can find out everything you want to know about wildlife.

RAD Lands

Available to watch on iTunes

Made by the creator of 'Yo Gabba Gabba!', RAD Lands will help children learn to respect, appreciate and understand where their food comes from. Spend time with The Cultivators - a team of intergalactic kids who protect plants and animals - as they discover how food is made, as well as fun ways to prepare and eat it. Lots of educational content is included in the show, which is fast-paced, exciting and inspiring.

Imagination explorer

Best for Geography Geeks and History Buffs

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Available to watch on YouTube.

Follow Zack and Ivy as they try to catch Carmen Sandiego - a brilliant thief who travels around the world searching for famous artefacts to steal. Using the clues that Carmen leaves behind, Zack and Ivy must use their knowledge of geography and culture to track Carmen down. The show includes a trivia section, as well as teaching vocabulary and some use of foreign languages, giving children a more rounded understanding of the countries that they are travelling through in pursuit of Carmen.

Horrible Histories

Available to watch on BBC iPlayer

This Bafta-winning show is a brilliant way to make history more fun - and thanks to one catchy song, the show is responsible for the fact that many children now know all of the Kings and Queens of England! Mixing humour with history, the programme is designed like a sketch-comedy show, filled with skits, spoofs and songs that help bring stories from the past back to life. Each episode tackles a different period, from Ancient Rome to Tutor England, and - much to the kids' delight - the stories focus on the most fun, silly and disgusting aspects of daily life at the time.

Creative type

Best for Creative Types

Art Ninja

Available to watch on BBC iPlayer

Children that love arts and crafts will enjoy this series from the BBC - which is presented by Ricky Martin, a creative from Aardman Animation - the studio that created Wallace & Gromit. The TV show has quick and easy 'try it now' projects, as well as teaching the skills to make larger more inspirational projects, always using household materials rather than specialist art supplies.


Available to watch on BBC iPlayer

Technobabble is a brilliant educational show for children - focusing on  IT and technology, with plenty of practical tips and tricks from tech experts. By watching this educational series, kids will learn about the concepts and technologies that shape our world - such as programming languages, apps and computer innovations - as well as their practical applications. Children will learn the basics of code, how to manipulate an image and how to make a podcast, and the series equips children the skills that they will need in the 21st century.

Warren Buffett Secret Millionaires Club

Available to watch on YouTube

The American billionaire, Warren Buffett, has made a series of short, animated videos that aim to teach children the basics of business. Teaching financial concepts and business skills, children get advice and mentoring from one of the world's best-known businessmen, learning how to make a business plan and the science of advertising, as well as how to learn from your mistakes.



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