10 Kids' Shows To See as a Family This Half Term!

Child enjoying the theatre

Looking for the perfect kids show for all the family to enjoy this February half term? Whether you're after funny, spooky, romantic, a classic show or something new, we've got you covered with our top 10 list below!

Message in a Bottle

In this explosive and dynamic dance-theatre show, triple Olivier Award nominee, director and choreographer Kate Prince brings you a spectacle you won’t forget to the much-loved songs of superstar Sting, including Roxanne and Every Breath You Take. If your kids are budding young dancers, take them to be truly inspired by this breathtaking and diverse new show whilst listening to the rock soundtrack of your youth!

& Juliet

If you thought you’d seen every version of Romeo & Juliet there is then think again! Shaftesbury Theatre’s explosive new musical & Juliet rewrites the ending of Shakespeare’s most famous play to bring Juliet centre stage in a celebration of female empowerment and iconic pop music that will leave you feeling fabulous. If you want to make a real girls-day-out of it over half term, check out our free Cafe Rouge afternoon tea offer when you book here!

& Juliet live on stage

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery

Be taken on a crazy ride through 1950s Minneapolis with this high-speed cops-chase-robbers play about a diamond heist gone wrong. Expect thrilling sets, silly songs and heaps of slapstick humour that will have the whole family in stitches. What’s more - you’ll practically be carrying out your own robbery with these tickets at a whopping 65% off!

Six The Musical

Divorced, beheaded and live on stage?! It’s about time Henry VIII’s wives told their own tale, and in this brilliantly clever new show these infamous Tudor queens have transformed into pop princesses and are taking to the mic. The whole family is guaranteed to be in hysterics as five hundred years of history and heartbreak are packed into a 75-minute celebration of sisterhood.


The incredible 7-time Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles has cooked up a real treat with smash-hit musical Waitress - a story of romance, friendship, ambition and a whole heap of delicious pies. Follow the sweet scent of cinnamon (literally - they project it throughout the theatre!) to this hilarious show that will take you through love, laughter and tears with its beautifully written music, lovable lead Jenna and empowering story. Currently on offer with Kidadl, you can get tickets for the crazily-low price of just £22!

School of Rock

Are your kids budding musicians or avid Dewey Finn fans? School of Rock - The Musical brings this childhood favourite film to stage in a burst of music, energy and hilarity that will make you feel as though you’re at an actual rock concert, and you won’t believe it’s all coming from kids! Read more about why we think you’ll love it here.

School of Rock live on stage

Dear Evan Hansen

Broadway's hugely popular musical Dear Evan Hansen has finally made its way to London following 3 award-winning years across the pond! This poignant show about one lonely boy learning to step out of the shadows and accept himself will teach your teens some humbling, thought-provoking and heartfelt messages this half term and leave you feeling more grateful for each other than ever. Have a read of our own Kidadler’s review here.

The Woman in Black

With another huge offer on Kidadl this half term, we challenge you to see the infamous Woman in Black at nearly half-price - if you dare! This supernatural stage adaptation of the tale that’s been terrifying audiences for decades is guaranteed to have the whole family on the edge of their seats. Venture out into the February darkness for a seriously spooky night with your teens (12+ only!) - you’ll be glad not to have to get up for school if the kids can’t sleep!

Mary Poppins

Everyone’s favourite supernanny returns to her original West End home at the Prince Edwards Theatre in this practically perfect show that never fails to get the whole family tap dancing and hopefully half-term cleaning! If your kids loved the new Mary Poppins film then take them back to where it all started with this family classic that has been warming hearts, cleaning chimneys, flying kites and bringing magic to generations.

Matilda the Musical

If you still haven’t seen the spellbounding show of Matilda the Musical then now’s your chance with tickets as magically low as £23 on Kidadl! This beloved children’s classic is taken to whole new heights at the Cambridge Theatre with spectacular sets, mesmerising special effects and ridiculously catchy songs from the hilarious Tim Minchin. As everyone’s treasured book-worm and mischievous moral compass, Matilda is the perfect musical if you want to keep your kids learning over the half term break - check out 5 lessons she’s taught us in our blog post here!



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