100 Vulcan Names To Inspire You

Star Trek figurines inspiring baby Vulcan names.

(Choose a vulcan name from 'Star Trek' for your character.)

Vulcans are a fictional species of extraterrestrial humanoids featured in the iconic franchise 'Star Trek'.

Vulcan names appear pretty bold to us humans and, for good reason, these humanoids are way more advanced than human beings and have greater intelligence. If you are looking for character names, perhaps one of these Vulcan names might do the job!

Vulcans are portrayed as a highly intelligent species. They can even do telepathy! They are known for their brilliant use of logic and not letting emotions hinder their thought process, take Spock for example. In other words, they’re a non-emotional species who rely solely on intelligence. Thus they’re actually very far ahead of humans in terms of progress and development.

As you would see in an image of one of the most famous Vulcans of them all, Spock, Vulcans are characterized by pointy ears and pronounced eyebrows which give them a peculiar look. This look and their sometimes difficult to pronounce names are an attempt to deliberately make them stand out from human beings.

The original Vulcan language is Golic Vulcan, so many Vulcan names come from this language. Typically, female Vulcan names begin with the letter ‘T’ , followed by an apostrophe and then the letter ‘p’. Male Vulcan names are equally cryptic as the female names. Robert H Justman, sent out a memo in 1966 which suggested that all Vulcan male names start with ‘Sp’ and end with ‘K’. He was the producer of the series the original series of 'Star Trek'. This memo was intended as a joke at first but it just might explain to us the origin of the name of the most famous Vulcan, Spock.

However, the mystery of Vulcan names is one that is far from solved. In one episode of the original series, Spock was asked if he had an alternative name. To this, he replied, “You wouldn’t be able to pronounce it”. This suggests that Spock might have another name. Thus, perhaps Vulcans do have multiple names but tend to use only one. Or it could be that Spock might be referring to his first name, as his full name is S’chn T’gai Spock. Whatever the answer is, it is undeniable that Spock is a cool name for any character!

The formal restrictions imposed by the 'Star Trek' movie franchise and the memo by Justman on the creation of Vulcan names no longer make sense for a fictional universe. A fictional universe is ever-growing and having restrictions placed on its components is antithetical to its very idea. Therefore, today, Vulcan names are diverse and are not hindered by these former restrictions.

Most of the names featured in this list, unless mentioned otherwise, are gender-fluid and not restricted by their limitations. For more fantasy world names, take a look at these 'Star Trek' baby names and these 'Star Wars' girl names.

Funny Vulcan Names

Group of Star trek figurines inspiring names.

(Pick funny Vulcan last names for your male and female characters.)

Some Vulcan male and female names do have very funny translations and many of them have been featured in the movies as well as the series. Here is a list of funny Vulcan male and female names that you can give to your characters.

1. Alieth, the name means "desert branch".

2. Balev, the name means "mother tongue".

3. Elieth, the name means "free desert".

4. Fer’at, the name means "moss place".

5. Haadok, the name means "twin". Names like this one are quite popular.

6. Kawarda, the name means "similar mind". It’s a name generally given to a twin.

7. Lhai, a vulcan female name that means "banner carrier".

8. N’Keth, the name means "desert seed".

9. Oratt, the name means "honorable spinner".

10. Salok, the name means "from the fish".

11. Sutok, the name means "cave person".

12. Syvar,  the name means "gardener".

13. Tallera, a Vulcan female name that means "hard neck".

14. Yuris,  the name means "the one who uses tunnels".

Vulcan Names From The Movies

Again, there are not many Vulcan names that can be extracted from the 'Star Trek' movies as the footage is quite limited. However, if you’re still intent on Vulcan names from the 'Star Trek' movies, the list is attached below.

15. Adenkar, the name means "a strong husband".

16. Aravik, the name means "desert wind", it is similar to the name Alieth.

17. Avarak, the name means "one who raises hope".

18. Denak, the name means "the servant of the God’s eye".

19. Evoras, the name means "desert breeze". One of the Vulcan female names.

20. Grelek, the name means "total harmony".

21. Iria, a vulcan female name that means "crimson life vessel".

22. Harauk, the name means "amazing life".

23. Ivek, the name means "mountain well".

24. Valeris, the name means "immeasurable hardness". One of the best names for Vulcan females.

25. Vanik, the name means "hesitant".

(Your character deserves a name from the Star Trek universe.)

Star Trek ship to inspire baby name

Vulcan Names List From The Expanded Universe

The original series has a lot of episodes and thus, there are a lot of Vulcan male as well as female and gender-neutral names featured in it. Here are some of them compiled in a list below.

26. Aloran, the male name means "a beloved student". One of the 'Star Trek' Vulcan characters.

27. Avarin, the name means "the one who lifts" and it’s a great one for a positive character.

28. Asil, the name means "dawn".

29. Awidat, the name means "someone who has great bravado but is also well prepared".

30. Ayhan, the male name means "holy fire".

31. Azeraik, the name means a "beloved mate".

32. Chu’lak, the name means "one who is proficient in language".

33. Delvok, the name means "will of memory".

34. Dvir, the male name means "crimson shadow".

35. Dzharok, the name means "the song of hope".

36. Dzhossen, the male name means "the servant of lava fire".

37. Elonat, the name means "different and free".

38. Evekh, the name means "surrounded by desert wind".

39. Falor, the name means "the one who makes fire".

40. Galsh, the name means "wall of memory".

41. Grake, the name means "esoteric".

42. Hanesh, the male name means "boss of the desert".

43. Karatek, the name means "endeavoring".

44. Kerak, the name means "one who won’t go hungry".

45. Kesh, the name means "without breath".

46. Kiri-kin-tha, the name means "the golden one".

47. Koss, the name means "without disaster".

48. Kov, the name means "stone".

49. Kovar, the name means "stone worker".

50. Kuvak, the name means "bold palm".

51. L’Nel, the name means "bearer of pattern".

52. L’Vor, the name means "bearer of infinite learning".

53. Ladok, the name means "servant of the honorable God".

54. Lerius, the name means "bearer of attraction".

55. Lodzhal, the name means "bearer of logic".

56. Lorian, the name means "bearer of information".

57. Lovar, the name means "purposeful worker".

58. Mestral, the name means "one who crosses the galaxy".

59. Pola, the name means "the one who has the last word".

60. Raelyek, the name means "Raalan flame".

61. Refas, the name means "Reah-terror".

62. Romar, the name means "good worker".

63. S’chn, the name means "from the captain".

64. S’lovan, the name means "from the great ceremony".

65. S’rivas, the name means "from no relief".

66. Salet, the name means "native".

67. Sarda, the name means "priest".

68. Saros, the name means "from the old desert wind".

69. Satok, the name means "fine man".

70. Shath,  the name means "ascent from the universe".

71. Sidak, the name means "from out of two".

72. Sikan, the name means "from the volcano".

73. Sivath, the name means "outsider".

74. Skon, the name means "elegant fire".

75. Sodok, the name means from "the honorable cave".

76. Solek, the name means "from the snake clan".

77. Streon, the name means "advanced fire".

78. Svaid, the name means "to bloom".

79. Syrilius, the name means "outside of fallacy".

80. Talok, the name means "precious".

81. Tasav, the name "unobtainable fruit".

82. Taurik, the name means "amazing".

83. Tekav, the name means "deviant blood".

84. Telas, the name means "telepathic being".

85. Tes, the name means "to prosper".

86. Tok, the name means "fine". This is the name of male Vulcans in 'Star Trek'.

87. Turak, the name means "way of hope".

88. V’Las, the name means "bearer of the lantern".

89. Varekat, the name means "broad storyteller".

90. Varith, the name means "story expert".

91. Vektan, the name means "shade gift".

92. Velik, the name means "uncomplicated".

93. Vethek, the name means "one who drops".

94. Vorant, the name means "to learn is holy".

95. Vorealt, the name means "lute player". The name of one of the Vulcans in 'Star Trek'.

96. Vorik, the name means "one of the ancestors".

97. Ych’a, the name means "secret star".

98. Yiluv, the name means "half-star".

99. Zerin, the name means "onyx dream".

100. Zhi’rev, the name means "grey wind". One of the 'Star Trek' Vulcans.

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