11 Fantastic October Half-Term Deals to Book Now

Family enjoying october half-term deals

October half-term always comes around quickly, but this year it feels like summer has only just ended! The break is a nice chance for some family fun, but the changing weather can make outdoor activities slightly tricky and trying to find plenty of indoor events that don’t break the bank isn’t always easy.

But don’t worry! We’ve put together our 11 fantastic half-term deals so you can get out and about to make the most of the week on a budget.

43% off London Museum of Water & Steam

The Museum of Water & Steam is great fun for all the family. Learn about the history of London’s water systems as you work your way through the interesting and interactive exhibits. With entry from as little as £4, this day out is at the top of our half term to do list.

25% off Traditional Afternoon Tea

Brigit’s Bakery in Covent Garden is the perfect place for a moment’s shelter from the autumn weather. Their afternoon tea includes a brilliant selection of tea and cakes, even better at 25% off!

22% off Chocolatier Workshop at Dr Chocs Chocolate Factory

If you’re more of a chocolate than a cake family (or just fancy this too) we’ve got something for you! Enjoy 22% off a 60 minute chocolate workshop. In this hands-on session you’ll learn the basics and will of course be able to take home all of your delicious creations!

13% off Waitress

If your sweet tooth still hasn’t been satisfied, head to the Adelphi Theatre to see the smash-hit musical, Waitress. An excellent show, pie and 13% off, what more could you want?

25% off Dreamland

Just because it’s October, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip to the seaside. Head to Margate to discover Dreamland theme park with over 20 attractions to keep the whole family entertained. They’ve also got plenty of spooky activities to get you in the Halloween spirit. At £12, you’ll think you’re dreaming.

36% off Witchcraft and Wizardry Escape Room

Start getting in the Halloween spirit with this brilliant escape room. This game is full of magic, wands and crystal balls. It’s up to you to escape before time runs out! If magic isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Escape London have plenty of other games at 36% off too!

40% off Harry Potter London Experience

Sticking with the theme of wizards and witches, we’ve got 40% off another magical experience for you. This tour of London shows you the city in a whole new light. Learn more about the films and watch the scenes while you stand in the very spot they were filmed in.

50% off Plonk Crazy Golf at the Horniman Museum

Crazy golf just got even crazier with prices from £3! This brilliant course has beams, ramps and general mini-golf madness. The wonderful tropical theme gives you one final taste of summer. Make sure you explore the rest of the Horniman Museum while you’re there.

54% off The Comedy About a Bank Robbery

This play set in 1950s Minneapolis is bound to have your whole family laughing out loud.  The plot follows a diamond-heist and a classic cops and robbers chase, what could go wrong? At 54% off it’s a total steal!

40% off Raver Tots

If you haven’t been to a Raver Tots party yet, you’re missing out! They’re great fun and a chance to get everyone moving and grooving. They happen across the country and even have some Halloween themed events coming up. Find your closest one at 40% off and put on your dancing shoes!

Fun at Raver Tots

50% off De Havilland Aircraft Museum

If your family are aviation mad this is the day out for you. The museum is entirely volunteer run and lets you get up close and personal with some iconic planes, you can even sit in the cockpit! If that’s not enough, its 50% off throughout half-term.



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