13 Handmade Father's Day Craft Gifts

Father's day

Let’s be honest, picking out Father’s Day presents can be a bit of a nightmare! Their drawers are overflowing with the socks we got them for Christmas and their aftershave bottles are still half full!

So, rather than buying the same bog-standard Father's Day gifts let’s utilise this extra time at home and get the kids crafting to create something extra special for their dads this year. Homemade gifts are so much more meaningful than just buying something from the shops. Dads will love that the kids have taken their time to create something special, just for them. From homemade King Crowns to Father’s Day String Art there’s something here for kids of all ages and abilities. So round up the kids and lets get crafting!

1. Dad Rocks Paperweight

Make the perfect Father's Day gift with this Dad Rocks Paperweight. This is a super simple Father’s Day craft that will be fun for children of all ages to join in with.

You'll need: a large smooth rock, acrylic paints, paintbrush, marker pen, optional: glitter, sequins, googly eyes

How to make your Dad Rocks Paperweight: clean and dry your rock ready to be painted. Paint the rock with your chosen design, older kids can get really creative with this part. Once the paint has dried you can use the marker pen to write a special note to dad: Best Dad, Dad Rocks, Dads Rule! You can add further decorations with glitter, sequins and googly eyes.

2. Father's Day Trophy

Show dads just how special they are by presenting them with a trophy this Father’s Day.  

You'll need: 2 paper cups, gold or yellow paint, PVA glue, 2 pipe cleaners, glue gun or sellotape and some black card

How to make your Father's Day craft trophy:

1. Paint 2 paper cups yellow/gold and allow them to dry

2. Glue the bottom of the cups together

3. Use the pipe cleaners to make handles for your trophy and attach them to the cups using a glue gun- if you don't have one you can use sellotape.

4. Using the black card cut out the letters for your trophy: No. 1 Dad, Best Dad, Top Dad

5. Stick your Father’s Day message to the cup with glue

6. Your trophy is complete

3. World's Best Dad Medal

Present dads with a World’s Best Dad medal that they can wear with pride this Father's Day.

You'll need: cardboard, gold/yellow paint, black marker pen, ribbon, tape and scissors

How to make your World's Best Dad Medal: cut a circle shape out of your cardboard and paint it gold. Allow the paint to dry then write 'Worlds Best Dad!' on the front using your black marker pen. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to fit around dads neck then tape it at the back of the medal so that it's hidden. Your World's Best Dad Medal is ready to present to dad!

4. Building Memories Jar For Father's Day Craft

You'll need: a large jar, some small building bricks and a black marker pen

Sit down with your kids and ask them to name their favourite things to do with their dad. Write these onto little building bricks and pop them into a jar. Next time they have some free time together they get to pick a brick from the jar to choose their activity. We love this gift idea and think dads will too!

5. Father's Day String Art

You'll need: a blank canvas, string/wool and a needle

Dads will love this string art canvas and it’s a great homemade gift for older kids to make. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to make yours.

6. Father's Day Paper Plate Medal

A great fathers day craft that little hands will love to help with, lots of painting and sticking involved with this one!

You'll need: paper plate, gold/yellow paint, black marker pen, ribbon, PVA glue, sequins and glitter

How to make your Fathers Day Paper Plate medal: start by painting the paper plate until its completely covered. Allow the paint to dry then brush PVA glue all around the edge of the paper plate and decorate with sequins and glitter. Write your Father's Day message on the front using the black marker pen. Try writing the message in pencil first for younger children to trace. Cut the ribbon and attach to the bottom of your paper plate. Your paper plate medal is ready to be presented to dad!

7. Salt Dough Prints For Fathers Day

Treat dads to the perfect homemade keepsake that they can treasure forever with these salt dough prints. Kids of all ages will enjoy getting hands-on making this craft for Father’s Day.

You’ll need: 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt, 3/4 cup of water, a squirt of paint to colour your dough, a black marker pen, optional- glitter/sequins

How to make your salt dough prints:

1. In a large bowl add the salt and flour and mix together

2. Add water a little at a time until it forms a dough then mix in the paint

3. Lightly dust your work surface with a little flour and start kneading your dough

4. Roll out your dough using a rolling pin and shape into your desired shape

5. Firmly press hand/food into the dough to get a lovely print

6. Older children could continue to decorate with glitter and sequins

7. Air dry your salt dough prints, once dry use the marker pen to write a Father's Day message on to your dough

8. Dad Tape Art

Creating some tape art is super easy to do and is a great craft for Father’s Day.

You'll need: a white canvas or white card, masking tape and paints

How to make your tape art: simply use the tape to make the word DAD in the middle of your canvas. Paint over the canvas and the tape and allow the paint to dry. Once the paint has dried then remove the tape to reveal your artwork.

9. King For Day

We all know that dad’s like to think they’re the king of the house so lets make that official and present them  with their very own crown.  It’s their special day so let them lap it up and feel like royalty this Father’s Day.

You'll need: gold card big enough to go around Dad’s head, or use white card and you can paint it, embellishments, tin foil, stick-on letters/marker pen, PVA glue and a stapler or sticky tape

How to make your crown: start by cutting the card into the shape of a crown. Use stickers to add the words ' King Dad' or write this on with a marker pen. Decorate the crown with plenty of embellishments and cut shapes out of the tin foil and add these on. Secure the crown with a stapler or sticky tape.

10. Hand Print POP Art

Get your kids to make some Hand Print POP Art for Father's Day. Inspired by Andy Warhol, these masterpieces will be worthy of a spot on your mantelpieces!

You'll need: brightly coloured card in contrasting colours, black paint, a pencil, scissors, PVA glue

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make your POP Art.

11. Father's Day Handprint T-Shirt

Get dads kitted out for Father’s Day with a custom made Father’s Day t-shirt, they’ll love wearing it and kids will love getting hands-on making it!

You'll need: a cotton T-shirt, fabric paint, fabric markers, paintbrush, sponge stamps and wax paper or newspaper

Check out this step-by-step guide on how to make yours.

12. Make A Father's Day Bookmark

Upcycle old newspapers to make dads their very own bookmark. A super simple craft for the kids to make for Father’s Day and we’re sure dads will love them too!

You’ll need: card, old newspaper, scissors, PVA glue, paintbrush, black marker pen

How to make your tie bookmark: cut out a tie shape from the card, you can use this template to help you! Get the kids to rip up some newspaper into small pieces. Using the paintbrush cover the tie in PVA glue then stick on the ripped newspaper pieces until the tie is completely covered. Brush another layer of PVA glue over the tie and let it dry. Trim the edges then use the marker pen to write a little message for dad.  Your tie bookmark is ready!

Here’s some great printable book markers you could try, all you need to do it colour them in and decorate them!

Older kids can have a go at making these paper weaving bookmarks.

Brother and sister doing crafts.

13. Father's Day Questionnaire

This is a lovely gift idea for kids to make for their dads this Father’s Day. Children of all ages can join in and dads will have something to cherish forever.  For younger children ask them the questions and write their answers for them- you’re sure to get some funny answers from the little ones! You can pop your completed questionnaire in a frame ready to gift to dads on Father’s Day.

You could make up your own questions or there are some great templates available online, here’s one of our favourites to give you some inspiration.



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