15 Unique Things To Do With Kids This February Half Term

February half term together

February half-term is almost on the horizon and to make your life a whole lot easier, we've rounded up the top 15 activities and days out to ensure that family fun doesn't run dry this half-term. Whether you enjoy interactive classes, football, the theatre, soft play or paintballing, we've truly got something for everyone and days that the whole family can enjoy together! What are you waiting for? Grab your coats and let's get adventuring!

1. See what’s kicking off at Wembley Stadium with £50 family tour tickets

Hello Wembley! Kidadlers can get a family ticket for only £50 to this incredible behind-the-scenes, award-winning tour. Grab your tickets now and you'll be lucky enough to explore the recently added Crossbar Exhibition and Walk of Legends, which offer an exclusive look at Wembley’s rich history and culture.

2. Get active and grab 10% off the Classic Bicycle Tour

If you’ve got a family of fidgeters or kids who prefer to be active, the Classic Bicycle Tour will be a surefire winner of a family day out - plus Kidadlers get 10% off! Follow an expert tour guide around London in this fantastic bike tour and see all of the city's most famous sights. As you travel through the streets of London, you’ll learn all about London's rich, and sometimes gruesome, history from your amazing guide - have your cameras at the ready!

3. Enjoy 22% off a 60-Minute Chocolatier Workshop at Dr Choc's Chocolate Factory

Channel your inner Willy Wonka and head to Dr Choc's Chocolate Factory in Windsor and get 22% off when you book through Kidadl! Let your imagination run wild as you become a chocolatier and create your own tasty treats to bring home. Just book a voucher through Kidadl and contact Dr Choc's to reserve your chosen date and time slot - piece of (chocolate) cake!

chocolate workshop for kids

4. Feast your eyes on the historical Banqueting House

Banqueting House was only open to royalty and courtiers back in the 1600s when it was built, but now it’s open for all to explore and completely free for children. Kids will be mesmerised by Flemish artist Sir Peter Paul Rubens’ incredible ceiling paintings and royally good architecture, which make great inspiration for a craft activity when you get home!

5. Cook up a storm with Tiny Londoners

Are your kids mad for cooking up a storm and making a mess in the kitchen? Book your place at Cooking for Tiny Londoners by Pasta 'n Play, where kids will learn simple, delicious and healthy recipes helping to keep children’s curiosity piqued and tiny tummies full!

6. Sit back and enjoy a magical performance of Mary Poppins

The magical story of the world’s favourite nanny is triumphantly and spectacularly brought to the stage in the must-see multi award-winning musical, Mary Poppins. Grab your tickets now or risk missing out on a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time!

mary poppins on stage things to do with kids in february half term

7. Play endlessly at Under 1 Roof

If you're looking for somewhere new and exciting to take your tiniest tots, then Under 1 Roof's Palace Gardens play area and soft play space is the place for you. Not only does Under 1 Roof have a brilliant soft play room where children can learn through physical play, but they have also recently upgraded their Palace Gardens play area, which has been specifically designed for under 5s!

8. Grab a tasty 25% off Traditional Afternoon Tea at B Bakery Covent Garden

Do you and your family love tea and cake? Forget the world for a little while and enjoy a delightful cup or two in this sanctuary amid the busy streets of Covent Garden and get 25% off when you book through Kidadl. All you need to do is book a voucher and contact B Bakery to reserve your specific date and time slot - piece of cake!

9. Learn to fly a helicopter over London

Have you got wannabe pilots or aviation-mad kids in the family? Take them on a day out they’ll remember forever and fly high above London’s Olympic skyline in a private helicopter. On this 40-minute flight, kids will get a taste of what it feels like to fly a helicopter while getting up close to some of London’s most iconic landmarks!

kid playing with helicopter fun things to do in half term

10. Have 9% off Body Worlds London

Explore the hidden beauty of the human body in the interactive Body Worlds London Museum Experience located in the iconic London Pavilion and save 9% on a family ticket when you book through Kidadl! Through original displays of real human bodies, this exhibition is guaranteed to spark your curiosity and leave you in awe.

11. Head on a Silent Disco Adventure in London

If you're a family of movers and groovers looking for things to do in London with kids, you'll love this Silent Disco Adventure around London. This awesome silent-disco-walking-tour extravaganza is a great way for tourists and locals alike to explore the city. All you have to do is grab a headset, copy your tour guide's moves and let the power of disco move you across London. How does that sound?

12. Have a blast at Splatmaster Paintballing in Greenwich

Get down to Bedlam Splatmaster Paintballing in Greenwich and experience a new, exciting adventure with your over 8s. Battle it out with opposing teams while using safer, low-impact paintballing equipment that's perfect for younger players in an activity that's guaranteed to be fun for everyone!

paintballing fun for kids

13. Have a not-so-spooky 36% off: Area 51 Escape Room

You may have thought Area 51 was in America, but Escape London has brought some of the alien life to Shepherd's Bush. Not only does this escape room take on beings from another planet, you've also got to travel back in time to find out what actually happened in Area 51 way back in 1952. You're definitely in for a challenge!

14. Be whoever you want to be at Kidzania London

Enrol in your dream job for the day in the ultimate indoor city run for and by kids - Kidzania! With over 60 activities and jobs to choose from, little ones can fire up their imagination as they explore different roles and activities. Whether your child is a budding pilot, dentist, doctor, dancer, policeman, vet, presenter, radio DJ, engineer or fashionista, this mini world of fun has it all.

15. Play endlessly at Fyn Play (Sensory Play)

Child's play at its best! Head to St John's Wood with your baby or toddler for some family-focused developmental play! This fun group, for kids aged 8-24 months, will encourage your child to explore using a variety of creative materials. Come play at Fyn!

sensory play classes in st johns wood london


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