17 Things To Do With Kids Under 12 In North London

Children eating ice cream

Summer is here which means longer days and more family fun! We’ve rounded up 17 top things to do for under 12s in North London so that you can ensure this summer is the best yet. We’ve got something for everyone - thespians, foodies, artists, adventurers, pilots, chefs - you name it, we’ve got it! Check out our guide below if you don't believe us!

1. Dragon Academy - Sally’s Adventure Club

Calling all dragons aged 2-6! Sally wants you to join her on her outdoor Dragon Academy - Adventure Club in Highgate Wood. Sing, dance and march your way through the woodland and see if you’ve got what it takes to be a good dragon!

2. Peppa Pig with Creative Movements

Oink! Sing and dance along with Peppa Pig with Creative Movements at St Mary’s Church. Perfect for those aged 1-3, delve into the world of make-believe through storytelling, imagination, movement and, of course, muddy puddles!  

3. Verulamium Park

Grab your swimming trunks and head to the splash pad in the Verulamium Park in St Albans! It’s the perfect way to cool down on a hot summers day. Whether you just want to dip your toes in or make a huge splash standing under the giant water fountains - the splash park will fulfil all your splashing needs! Fun for all ages and won’t cost you a penny!

4. De Havilland Aircraft Museum

Calling all mini pilots aged two and above! The De Havilland Aircraft Museum in Potters Bar is the place to go for all things transport. From engine parts to uniforms to interactive cockpits and flight decks, you’ll be spoilt for choice as you make your way around the museum! With Kidadl’s special summer offer, kids go free with a paying adult - you’d be plane silly to miss this!

Aircrafts in a hanger at the De Havilland Aircraft Museum

5. Learn to fly a helicopter over London

Take off! Onboard the whole family (aged 11+) and head to the Elstree Aerodrome where you’ll learn how to fly a helicopter over London! After 40-minutes in the classroom, you can elect one family member to sit up front with the pilot and get down to business. Soar high over London and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. 

6. Frieze Sculpture Park

Art attack! Head to the Frieze Sculpture Park in Regent’s Park for a slice of culture this summer! Perfect for art lovers of all ages, witness pieces from leading galleries all around the globe and check out some epic sculptural work from incredibly talented artists up close all for free!

7. Cooking for Tiny Londoners

Get your hands messy with Cooking for Tiny Londoners by Pasta n Play at 3 House Club! For mini chefs aged 1-5, these sessions will have your little ones cooking up a storm in no time! They’ll experiment with new ingredients, learn simple recipes and most importantly, bring their goodies home for you to try! Mmmm.

8. Kids’ Table at Boxpark Wembley

Forget iPad’s and tablets at the table - how about glitter, felt tips and paint? With the Kids’ Table at Boxpark Wembley, mini artists aged 3-10 are free to experiment with their creativity and get stuck into some serious craft. Under the watchful eye of the Kids’ Table entertainers, your mini artists can go craft crazy whilst the grown-ups get some much-deserved me time. Bliss.

Young girl painting doing arts and crafts

9. Dinosaur World Live

Rawr! Come face to face with incredibly life-like, prehistoric creatures at Dinosaur World Live at the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre. Perfect for those aged three and up, go back in time, grab your compass and see what came before you in this incredible, roarsome show! 

10. Burgh House and Hampstead Museum

You won’t know where to start at the Burgh House & Hampstead Museum! From poetry to sculpture exhibitions to playing dress up and making your own watercolours - there’s always something going on! Suitable for mini artists aged five and up, The Kids’ Corner is the perfect place for all things artsy and for older artists aged seven and up, there are free poetry workshops!

11. Get a Kidadl exclusive: £50 family ticket to Wembley Tours!

Hello Wembley! Head to the iconic Wembley Stadium for a behind-the-scenes tour and take advantage of Kidadl’s exclusive family ticket for just £50! Perfect for over 7s, peek inside the England dressing rooms, walk through the iconic Players’ Tunnel, take in the view of the famous pitch from the Managers’ Benches and so much more - it’s all kicking off! Grab your tickets now to explore the new Crossbar Exhibition and Walk of Legends!

12. King George Recreation Ground

Kick back at the King George Recreation Ground in Hertfordshire this summer! You’ll be spoilt for choice with all the family-friendly facilities! From tennis courts to outdoor fitness equipment, to table tennis to kickaround goals - there’s endless possibilities for fun. Not to mention the brand new Tropical Island Splash Park that has designated zones that’ll suit everyone in the family!

13. Plonk Crazy Golf at Camden Market

Bound to putt a smile on your face, Plonk Crazy Golf at Camden Market is a perfect, fun-filled activity for families! Tucked away in the Stables Market lies a UV golfing paradise, where you can golf it out on nine, neon holes! Suitable for those aged 7 and up, grab your brightly coloured clubs and balls and practice your swing and head on down!

14. Lewis of London

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! What better way to cool down in the summer than ice-cream? Head to Lewis of London in Barnet - a free to visit local ice-cream farm! You’ll find sandpits, a few friendly animals dotted around the place and, of course, ice-cream! Kidadler Katie says ‘It’s a really sweet hidden gem’. Don’t forget to take advantage of Kidadl’s 15% off ice-cream this summer!

15. Rapunzel, Big Time Academy

Let down your hair with Big Time Academy’s Rapunzel for half the price! Join Rapunzel at Copthall School Playing Fields as she escapes from her tower and discovers an enchanted forest. In this unique, outdoor production become immersed in story-telling and be at one with nature. Don’t forget your picnic!

16. Twisted Fork's Magic Workshop

Abracadabra! Join Twisted Fork in their one-off Magic Workshop and enjoy 40% off with Kidadl. Learn to create magic miracles and grasp the basics of performance in this intimate workshop for over eights. Show off your skills and tricks at the end and then go and impress your friends with some serious magic!

17. 100 Aker Wood at Aldenham Country Park

Have your honey at the ready and head on down to the 100 Aker Wood at the beautifully scenic Aldenham Country Park where Winnie the Pooh and his friends are waiting for you! Have a go at playing ‘Pooh Sticks’ at Pooh’s Bridge, get inside Eeyore's Gloomy Place, post a letter and even make it all the way to the North Pole! Don’t forget your camera because Pooh himself makes an appearance at two o’clock everyday - that’s definitely a selfie worthy of the ‘gram. 

Winnie the Pooh at storytelling in Aldenham Country Park with children



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