25 No-Prep Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers

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If you’re looking for some fun outdoor activities for toddlers and young children to do enjoy during lockdown, we have exactly what you are looking for.

We have gathered together an essential list of easy no prep outdoor preschoolers' activities for you to do every day. You don’t always need oodles of toys or pre-prepared activities to keep preschool kids entertained. These great ideas brilliant and easy activities for kids are perfect for pre-schoolers and require no, or very little prep!

We've also got ideas for 5-10-year-olds too, as well as no-prep indoor activities.

1. Do Some Cloud Gazing

Lie down in the grass and do a spot of cloud gazing. Do you see any shapes or animals? This activity is an awesome way to engage a visual learner. And it needs nothing more than a sky filled with big fluffy clouds and a whole lot of imagination.

2. Go Puddle Jumping

Who doesn’t love a muddy puddle? Throw on some wellies and get outdoors to jump up and down in some muddy puddles on a walk or in your garden.  

3. Make Mud Pies

Kids will love spending hours creating messy mud pies. Decorate with flowers, rocks, leaves and sticks! Plus, research suggests good old-fashioned dirt strengthens the immune system.  

4. Play Pooh Sticks

A favourite for Winnie-the-Pooh fans, play this game on your next daily walk. Stand on a bridge over moving water, and throw a stick each into the stream. Whoever’s stick first appears on the downstream is the winner!

5. Do Some Finger Painting  

Finger painting is messy, so it’s great to do outdoors. Sensory play at its best, finger painting stimulates your child’s senses, encourages cognitive development, creativity and fine motor skills. At the end, you’ll have a piece of art to stick on the fridge. Here are 14 easy finger painting ideas and how to make your own safe, edible paint.

6. Have A Teddy Bears Picnic

Make the most of the sunshine and take a trip to the garden for a good old-fashioned family picnic. All you need is a blanket, some food and drinks and of course as many teddies that you can find. Find out here what to pack for a teddy bear’s picnic.

7. Hide And Seek

This much-loved classic never grows old! A wonderful way to play and explore together as a family, kids will love using their imagination to find new places to hide. Plus, this outdoor activity doesn’t require any equipment or set up and is totally free.  

8. Take Playdough Outside

Knead, roll, flatten and press playdough outdoors. Add some flowers, leaves and sticks to see what you can create. If you want to make some for free, here are some homemade recipes.  

9. Have Some Fun With Chalk

If you have a paved area in the garden or driveway, create your very own outdoor chalkboard where your kids are free to draw to their heart's content. Draw games like hopscotch, or get educational and practise spellings.

10. Get Messy With Water

Don’t worry if you don’t have a water table, there are other ways to have fun with water. Fill up a washing-up bowl with water and add some washing-up liquid. Throw in some bath toys, cups and wooden spoons. Or maybe give your baby dolls a bath or wash your toy cars!

11. Go On A Nature Scavenger Hunt

On your next daily walk, do a nature scavenger hunt. Make a quick list of items they need to discover. A really easy activity but such great fun! Here’s a download for you to use.

12. Take Story Time Outdoors

Outdoor storytelling is even more memorable. Find a shady spot and increase engagement, enjoyment and learning by choosing a story that is set in the great outdoors.

13. Play Bottle Bowling

Empty water bottles and a tennis ball can transform your garden into an at-home bowling alley, which also improves gross motor skills.  

14. Make A Daisy Chain

Making a daisy chain is incredibly easy and so much fun, as well as having zero prep. As well as being a creative activity, it is also amazing for fine motor skills. Find out how to make a pretty floral crown here.  

15. Go On A Search For Bugs

Mini explorers will adore getting their hands mucky. Turn over rocks, logs or bricks to reveal the hidden world of insects, wriggly worms and snails just waiting to be discovered.

16. Make An Outdoor Den

Grab all your pillows, blankets and sheets to make an outdoor den for the whole family. You could try and spot the stars or take some time to meditate - whatever makes you and your youngsters feel most relaxed.

17. Practise Your Bike Skills

Lockdown is the ideal time to teach your child how to safely cycle or scoot for the first time. Don’t forget to get kids to wear a helmet.

18. Do Some Yoga

Reaping with health benefits, yoga is a great way to de-stress, get some daily exercise and engage in the basics of mindfulness. Here are some family yoga exercises for beginners.

19. Make A Nature Badge

A really simple but rewarding activity! All you need is some adhesive tape and nature. To make a nature badge, loop some tape and put it on your child’s top. Now, they are ready to start decorating with whatever they can find.

20. Go On A Nature Walk

This is a brilliant way to introduce your kids to wildlife and teach them about the environment and nature. Grab some binoculars and head out to the local park.

21. Do A Spot Of Gardening

Whether you are green-fingered or not, gardening is a healthy and inexpensive way for kids to learn and have fun in the garden. Get them to help with weed pulling or plant some quick growers. Here are 7 top tips for gardening with children.

22. Make A DIY Nature Jar

If your kids love crafting, this is a great no-prep activity. Simply collect a jar and head outside. Collect whatever you can get your hands on in the garden, including moss, soil, rocks and flowers and start layering what you have in the jar.

23. Play Simon Says

A classic game that is a fantastic way to encourage kids to listen closely to what you’re saying. Plus, it can be played absolutely anywhere and you don’t require any equipment!

24. Learn To Hula Hoop

Hula hooping is a great way to burn some energy and improve coordination at any age! Challenge each other to get the hula hoop spinning around your waist and see who can keep it the longest.

25. Teach Your Kids About Science

Take your science class outside and be amazed by the dancing raisins experiment. All you need is a handful of raisins and some fizzy water. Or you could try one of these 11 science activities for early years children.

If you're short on outdoor space, take a look at our ideas for bringing the outdoors in and indoor ideas for teens.



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