30+ Sun Puns That Are Solar-ious

The sun is an enormous star which is at the centre of our solar system.

Sun's out, puns out!

If you can't go out to get a tan, get your summer fix with a sun pun instead! This collection of the best hot puns is great entertainment for both kids and adults.

The sun is a massive star which is at the centre of our solar system. It's so big our planet Earth could fit almost a million times inside it! Light from the sun takes about eight minutes to travel to the Earth.

Make the most of your day with these collections of the best beach puns or these udderly hilarious farm jokes!

Puns Using The Word Sun

There's nothing like a sun pun to start the day on the right side of the bed.

1. You know what they say: like father, like sun!

2. When all is said and sun, I prefer the summer.

3. It's all ready, sun and dusted.

4. Going to space? Been there, sun that!

5. It's all sun and games until you run out of sunshine puns.

6. It's Sunday, let's go have some sun!

Light from the sun takes about eight minutes to travel to Earth.

Puns About The Sun

On a hot sunny afternoon, enjoy a pun about the sun to relax!

7. In order to find out where the sun went, I had to stay up all night.

8. Think about it: the sun's only son is its sole-heir.

9. The sun has loads of degrees, but it's never even been to university!

10. The sun is always popular at parties; he's the sunniest guy there.

11. Everyone thinks the sun is too heavy to carry, but really it is very light.

12. When the sun comes up, nitrogen becomes daytrogen.

13. The sun is really mad at the clouds because they keep throwing shade.

14. The sun doesn't need to go to school, it's already the brightest.

15. The sun is really egocentric: he thinks everything revolves around him.

16. The sun's favourite chocolate bar is a Milky Way, or perhaps a Mars Bar.

17. The sun got into trouble because he went a step too star.

18. If you can see the sun, you can see as star as the human eye can see.

19. It's impossible for the sun to be on time; he's always fashionably light.

20. The sun is always positive because he always looks on the light side of life.

21. The sun fell madly in love yesterday; it was love at first light.

22. Every morning the sun wakes up and says "Rays and shine!"

23. The sun loves going to the theme park and going on all the solar coasters.

24. When the sun gets married, it will be a match shade in heaven.

25. The sun is really good at tennis; he always plays for game, sunset and match.

Other Hot Sun Puns

These sun jokes are really clever and solar-ious!

26. The tanning olympics is the only competition where everyone wants to be third: they want a bronze.

27. Today, I've completed another lap around the sun, but I only get half a minute to celebrate because it's my thirty second birthday.

28. I was up all night wondering where the sun had gone, but then it dawned on me.

29. Scientists who study the sun must have a flare for research.

30. Bread is like the sun really: it rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.

31. You really should not look at the sun through a colander, you'll strain your eyes.

32. The moon couldn't come to the sun's funeral because it isn't a mourning person.

33. I gave the sun a rating on Google Maps, but I could only give it one star.



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