40 Names Of Tools To Help You Get Stuck Into Your Next DIY Project

There are tools for both indoor and outdoor DIY projects.

A DIY project can save your time and money and you can plan it for home decor, your wardrobe, house maintenance and much more.

Not only will tools like a screwdriver help you with decorative items, but also aid you with your home repairs. Many people often plan to get a list of tools for their DIY activities.

Tools are of various kinds available in the market. For example, some tools work with manual help while others operate with the help of electricity.

Each tool can be categorized according to its size, working capacity and functionality. Tools can be considered as power tools, non-power tools, manual tools, power driven tools, household tools, hand tools, etc. depending on their characteristics. So, let’s find out all such tools that can help you.

There are a plethora of tools and equipment available like power tools, non-power tools, small and big tools and more. Let’s find those below in the list of tools. Some common household tools are a hammer, a Phillips screwdriver, a wrench, a tape measure and a pipe wrench. It is essential to have tools like a Phillips screwdriver, a tape measure, a screwdriver, a pipe wrench and a set of pliers handy at home in your toolbox.

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List Of Power Tools To Have In Your Toolbox

These tools work on power backups. Let’s go through a list of tools that are power driven.

There are a number of power tools available

1. Air compressor, converts an electric power into a stored compressed air. This is a cool tools name.

2. Angle grinder, helps you with polish numerous materials and works to grind or cut materials like steel.

3. Bandsaw, is a tool that is mostly used in cutting action of wood and metals. A cool name of tools.

4. Belt sander, is a bit larger. One of the cool names of tools.

5. Biscuit joiner, is also referred to as "joiners".

6. Chainsaw, is the most common tool used.

7. Chop saw, is a tool which has a blade which is always perpendicular to the bench top.

8. Circular saw, has a circular sharp saw which operates in circular rotation.

9. Disc sander, works best to smoothen the surfaces of material. One of the best names for tools.

10. Drill, works for metal and wooden material to cut or drill.

11. Heat guns, are a popular tool that heat an area to a specific temperature.

12. Impact tools, help you tighten or loosen screws.

13. Impact wrench, works in a rotating manner to position up the hard bolts.

14. Jointer, helps cut and thicken wood.

15. Jigsaw, cuts curves and shape them accordingly.

16. Lathe, is another shaping tool.

17. Miter saw, can cut material at specific angles.

18. Nail guns, are used to drive nails in materials.

19. Orbital sander, helps in sanding, sealing and painting.

20. Planer, helps you cut parallel edges of wood.

21. Power screwdriver, work to drill objects.

22. Radial arm saw, is used to cut, shape and sand objects.

23. Rotary tool, helps you to buff and polish materials.

24. Router, ensures to groove in through hard material.

25. Scroll saw, helps create decorative pieces.

26. Shop vacuum, grabs large amount of waste.

27. Table saw, makes horizontal and vertical cuts through the material.

List Of Non-Powered List Of Tools With Names

Manually used tools, like a pipe wrench and a screwdriver, are called as non-powered tools. Find out which all can feature in your toolbox.

28. Battery- free battery tester, is used to check the battery life of a battery. One of the best hand tools names.

29. Battery- free circuit tester, is used to check the power in an electric circuit.

30. Cross- cut saw, cuts wood or pipes. One of the cool hand tools.

31. Hacksaw, helps you cut pipes as well as metals.

32. Hand-powered air pump, is a commonly used tool.

33. Hand-powered grinding wheel, important among hand tools names.

34. Large hand drill, this drill helps you drill holes in case of power shortages.

35. Scythe, is used to extract the weed in your garden area.

36. Small hand drill, drills holes efficiently. One of the cool hand tools.

37. Standard hand saw, is used to cut wood.

List Of Big Tools Names

Check out the list of tools below, these are all big tool names.

38. Boom tool, used to direct workers off the ground.

39. Forklift, is used to transfer packed goods.

40. Manlift, is used to transport workers at construction area.

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