5 Frosty Feel-Good Shows for Under 8s This Christmas

Christmas tree behind a curtain

Is it us or is it getting chilly in here?

This Christmas, treat your family to a trip to the theatre - the perfect excuse to get out of the cold and into the limelight. Let the magic of show tunes and dazzling costumes warm your heart with one of our five top frosty feel-good shows for under 8s in London. After all, there's snow place like the theatre.

1. The Snowman

With tickets from as little as £20.00, The Snowman at The Peacock Theatre in Aldwych is the perfect icy treat for those aged 4 and above! Whether you're looking for a blast from the past or just a great, family-friendly night of entertainment - The Snowman will satisfy all your frosty, nostalgic needs. Float through the moonlit air with familiar faces, including the young boy who builds the loveable Snowman, Father Christmas himself and the evil Jack Frost. Become immersed in a festive, Wintery wonderland and encounter dancing penguins and talkative reindeers that will guide your adventure through the blizzard. Wrap up warm and hold on tight!

The Snowman at The Peacock Theatre

2. The Nutcracker

Christmas isn't Christmas without a trip to see the spell-binding The Nutcracker. This firm, family-favourite, with tickets from as little as £16.00, suitable for those aged five and above, has returned to The London Coliseum and is as enchanting and dazzling as before. Delve into a world of magic with Clara and her charming Nutcracker doll and watch not only the traditional tale come to life but also the Nutcracker doll before your very eyes. Be captivated by over 100 breath-taking dancers and be moved by the unforgettable score by the astonishing Tchaikovsky. This is a Christmas cracker you won't forget!

Ballet dancers in The Nutcracker

3. Nativity! The Musical

Whether you've watched a school production of Nativity or you've been the behind of the donkey - everyone has had some sort of experience with Nativity. Why not take it one frosty step further and treat the whole family to Nativity! The Musical at The Eventim Apollo, with tickets available from just £30.00? This spectacular story, suitable for those aged two and older, has been adapted for the stage and is filled with all kinds of festivity! Follow the kids at St Bernadette's School as they put on a stellar performance of the Nativity in the hopes of impressing the big Hollywood producer! Expect lots of sparkle, shine and singing in this jolly spectacle bound to put a smile on your face!

Nativity the Musical selfie scene

4. The Snow Queen

This is snow laughing matter! The Snow Queen is returning to The Park Theatre this Winter and Kai and Gerda want you to join them on their icy adventure of a lifetime! Suitable for those aged five and above, with tickets from as little as £21.00, this re-imagination of Hans Christian Andersen's classic Winter fairytale will have you embarking on an incredible journey to rescue Kai who has been put under a spell by the wicked Snow Queen. Be immersed in a Wintery wonderland and learn the value of true friendship in this cool, compassionate and captivating show!

Snow Queen castle in the forest

5. Irving Berlin's White Christmas

We're dreaming of a White Christmas... And now we've got one - Irving Berlin's White Christmas at the Dominion Theatre. With tickets from under £30.00, this all-dancing, all-singing, all-snowy classic musical, suitable for those aged seven and above, will warm your heart and tickle your belly. Expect timeless romance and comedy, fun festive songs and a spectacular cast.

Santa Claus placing gifts under the Christmas tree


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