5 Brilliant Ways to Celebrate International Museum Day

International Museum Day

Make the most of International Museum Day this weekend with 5 unique museum events taking place across the capital.

looking at the engines at the London Museum of Water & Steam

1. All aboard! Head to the London Museum of Water & Steam and take a ride on a steam engine

Loco for locomotives? Take a step back in time and enjoy a steam-powered trip on a locomotive around the London Museum of Water & Steam. These kinds of vehicles were used to shuttle coal around the waterworks many years ago, so you'll feel like you've stepped right into a history book. Children aged 3-11 in particular will love this museum based in Brentford. Your ticket covers entry to the museum and a ride on the train, and Kidadlers can save 43% on entry at the moment, so it's well worth it. There's loads more to do while you're there - if your kids are mad for cool machines, they’ll love turning giant wheels and twisting huge cogs to make water move through the museum, and if the weather's nice, why not head to the splash zone with your younger kids?

children enjoing Wonderlab at the Science Museum

2. Want to be wowed? Why not wander around the Science Museum's Wonderlab

The Science Museum is great on any day, but going to the Wonderlab is a must for anyone with kids! Get hands on and explore over 50 spectacular exhibits, shows and demonstrations at the Wonderlab. Young minds will be blown away as they watch the mesmerising flowing mist, feel the power of friction on the friction slides or order a live experiment at the Chemistry Bar! With so many experiments to choose from the Wonderlab is a great educational day out.

ready to learn to beatbox with Bellatrix

3. Become a beatboxing pro in no time with City Beats at the Foundling Museum

Head to the Foundling Museum for an epic free workshop, where you’ll learn the art of beatboxing from world champion musician and beatboxer Bellatrix, who'll give you all her best tips and tricks on how to beatbox like a pro. Take inspiration from the sounds of London around you, get inspired by the new Hogarth & The Art of Noise exhibition at the museum, and then create your own responsive sounds. The whole family will be able to learn this awesome new skill, and your little ones will no doubt be coolest kids in school on Monday!

learning about the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

4. Uncover secrets at the Natural History Museum with a fantastic private family tour

If you're looking for a day out with a difference to mark International Museum Day, what better thing to do than a private family tour of one of the UK's best museums? Prepare to be wowed by the museum's brilliant exhibitions, whether you're discovering new facts about volcanoes and earthquakes, exploring the world of the dinosaurs or checking out the huge blue whale skeleton on display!

milling about at the Barbican Centre before Sound Unbound

5. You're bound to have a great time at the Barbican's free Sound Unbound event

This weekend is the Barbican Centre's time to shine as it runs its Sound Unbound event as part of the Culture Mile's 100-day family festival. The focus this year is on the importance of play and creativity, which makes it great for the kids. Get ready for an explosion of music this weekend, where music-lovers will be able to explore new sounds and unique venues with the Sound Unbound festival. It's a celebration of music from the Middle Ages all the way up to the present day. The festival will host more than 100 short concerts in over 20 unusual venues in the area. Get involved in musical installations, watch a film accompanied by a live orchestra, be hypnotised by a minimalist masterpiece and loads more.



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