5 Exciting Things To Expect From Living Colour Family Day At The Barbican

Living Colour Family Day at the Barbican

Sunday Funday! Head to the Barbican Centre for their Living Colour Family Day and expect a fun-packed day full of arts and crafts activities inspired by the vibrant and colourful work of abstract expressionist painter, Lee Krasner. Children will have the opportunity to work alongside some brilliant artists - there will be 4 different art workshops and a guided tour so you can drop in whenever you want during the day.

1) Make your very own apron

At FreeStage on the ground floor, you will find artist-educator Gwen Ramsay, who will be demonstrating how to make your own abstract art apron using textiles, fabric pens and more. You will also be able to work together in a pop-up studio to bring a giant 3D structure to life, using various materials and new techniques. This event will be taking place every hour during the day, so make sure you sign up for a session.

2) Get ready for feminist crafternoon

Head to the beautiful Fountain Room, where you can join artists Eva Megias, Maria DePaula-Vazquez and Emma Thatcher for a series of exciting workshops on poetry, zine and badge-making. You will experiment with words and make cut-up poems to express yourself, create a mini-zine on the theme 'children to the front' while making your own badges inspired by saying of famous female authors and artists.

3) Make a masterpiece form recycled materials

Join artist Tomas Whittle in the Sculpture Court, where your little ones can create their very own still-life artworks using recycled materials, props, plants, charcoal ink and colourful paint. Get inspired by the materials provided and let your imagination run wild!

4) Build huge drawing tools

If you're in the mood to create something larger, head to the Garden Room, where Heather Whitt will help you create large-scale drawing tools to fill a huge canvas. You'll work together to create huge drawing tools, using your imagination and problem-solving skills to invent the best tools to draw BIG! Whether your drawing tools are attached to heads or legs, or need multiple family members to manoeuvre it, a huge part of the fun will be taking photos of your loved ones using the strange devices that you've built together.

5) Explore the amazing artwork by Lee Krasner

Discover the fascinating world of abstract art and expressive colours through various hands-on activities in a free family guided tour of Lee Krasner's current exhibition. Tours take place at 11:30 am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm, and last 45 minutes.



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