5 Grrreat Reasons Why You Should Go And See The Gruffalo

The Guffalo performed at the Lyric Theatre.

At the Lyric Theatre, this summer only, put your adventure caps on and take a stroll through the deep dark wood with Mouse in search of hazelnuts. Whether you frequently read Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo before bed to your little ones or have found yourself watching the enchanting film adaptation with your little monsters on repeat, the knobbly-kneed and turned-out-toed Gruffalo has a place in everyone’s heart. To see him live in action, in all his furry glory, head to the Lyric Theatre and for two weeks only, make a grrrand saving of 57% when you book with Kidadl

1. Grrroove to original songs and admire the grrraceful set

At just 55 minutes, The Gruffalo is jam-packed with all sorts of zany songs, costumes and monstrous fun. Original songs inspired by various music styles including country, rock ‘n’ roll and pop will have your little monsters grrrooving in their seats and you’ll definitely be humming the catchy tunes around the kitchen for a while. Not to mention Axel Scheffler’s magical illustrations that are effortlessly transformed from page to stage, enchanting the minds of your little ones and helping to bring The Gruffalo to life before your very eyes.

2. Experience the grrrand magic of live theatre

There’s arguably nothing more exciting than getting cosy in one of those red velvet seats, soaking up the electric atmosphere and waiting excitedly in anticipation of what’s to come. The Gruffalo epitomises what makes live theatre so special - the ability to bring a story that is cherished worldwide to life and delight the hearts of so many. The Gruffalo is also showing at the Lyric Theatre, smack-bang in the centre of London’s theatreland on Shaftesbury Avenue, giving you the perfect excuse to make a day out of it. After you’ve ventured into the deep dark wood, why not head out and explore London in search of your very own hazelnuts? (Or ice-cream).

The Gruffalo on stage at the Lyric Theatre

3. Grrrasp some important lessons along the way

The Gruffalo isn’t the most acclaimed children's book of all time for no reason. Oh, no. Behind the terrible tusks, terrible claws, terrible teeth and terrible jaws lies a story that is bursting with compassion and oozing with lessons about confidence and brains over brawn. What appears to be a story about a mouse and some hazelnuts on the surface, is in fact, a stroke of gentle genius when it comes to teaching youngsters that everyone has feelings, even big, furry monsters. It also teaches children the strength of imagination - Mouse might have thought the Gruffalo up but imagination is an immensely powerful thing!

4. Be grrreeted by familiar faces and rhymes

Everyone has a connection with The Gruffalo. For one, it’s been around for over twenty years and has been translated into fifty languages, so it’s pretty difficult not to have heard of the furry dude. Donaldson’s unique, rhyming style continues to inspire and delight and Scheffler’s illustrations transform the characters on page into familiar, friendly faces that are now recognised worldwide. And what’s even better than a drawing? The real thing! Come along to the Lyric Theatre and watch as your mini monsters are spellbound by live performers bringing The Gruffalo to life - you don’t want to miss it.

The Gruffalo at the Lyric Theatre

5. Make a grrreat saving of 57% on all tickets

If the terrible tusks and knobbly knees, combined with lessons about empathy and the power of imagination aren’t enough, then how about a whopping 57% off all tickets? With Kidadl, you can save over 50% on all tickets - that’s a grrrand deal if we ever saw one! Perfect for mini monsters over the age of two, become immersed in the Deep Dark Woods and venture into Julia Donaldson’s whimsical world. Meet some friendly and some not-so-friendly faces along the way, including the likes of a cunning fox, an old owl and a slimy snake. See how far your imagination takes you and be monstrously enchanted by this heartwarming tale.



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