Steam And Shout! 6 Reasons To Visit The London Museum of Water & Steam This Summer

Machines at the museum.

Don’t miss out on this waterfully exciting London summer day out! The London Museum of Water & Steam has loads of exciting exhibits and interactive elements, making it perfect for young children who love to keep busy. We at Kidadl believe this fascinating museum is one of the best days out in London, so here are 6 reasons why we think it should be first on your list of things to do this summer. Steam, shout and prepare to get splashed!

boy playing with water

1. Huge savings when you book through Kidadl

First things first, you can get a massive 43% saving when you book your tickets through Kidadl, which means you can experience all the fun for just a fraction of the price. You already get a lot for your money as it's a super affordable museum to begin with, but when you're saving up to 43% on a family ticket, it's even better! Oh, and under 5s go free, so what more could you need?

2. Enormous engines

For all those future engineers and anyone who's mad for machines, this museum is spectacular, with a collection of engines dating back over a hundred years. Home to the world's most extensive collection of Cornish engines and the worlds biggest cylinder steam engine, it's definitely worth a visit. You can even take a ride on some of the trains on specific dates too!

Children Engineers

3. Splash or be splashed!

Prepare to get wet in the spectacular Splash Zone! This brand new outdoor play zone is for the whole family to enjoy. Your little ones can splash around the waterwheel in the courtyard and test out all of the museum's new water features, including pumps, gears, buckets, wheels and pipes. It's the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer's day.

girl playing in splash pad

4. Chill out at Birdie’s Kitchen

Get comfy at Birdie's Kitchen, the museum's family-friendly restaurant. Selling snacks from sandwiches to cakes, from ice lollies to soups, this cute café is the perfect pit stop while you're at the museum, whether you need a mid-museum break or want to relax at the end of your stay before you head home. Come and chill out on the funky sofas and let your little ones keep busy on the play tables.

boy eating ice lolly

5. Go exploring in the garden

Go exploring in the museum's vast garden, which contains a vegetable patch, beautiful water feature and the Hammersmith beam, which was once part of a famous Cornish engine! This garden is absolutely perfect for picnicking in the summer - why not pack some food and enjoy it outdoors while the sun is shining. If you've got any little animal lovers, keep your eyes peeled as you might be able to spot some frogs leaping around in the pond!

children having a picnic

6. Take a step back in time

This excellent museum dates all the way back to the 1820s! During this time the Grand Junction Water Works Company opened a new water station in Chelsea pumping water from the Thames. However, years later they were forced to relocate to Kew Bridge, and the engines you can see today have had a home there since then. Come along and learn more about London's water history, and about how these engines have stayed alive in this location for almost two hundred years. Why not take a ride on a steam-powered engine around the museum? You'll feel like you've stepped into a history book!



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