5 Reasons Why This Pirate Themed Escape Room Is Pure Gold

A pirate treasure chest with treasures inside.

Ahoy there! We know that for some kids, staying still and deadly quiet for a game of hide and seek just isn’t fun. They’d much rather be running around, solving clues, hunting for treasure or something else along those lines. That’s where escape rooms come in. Great fun for your curious, clever and inquisitive kids, they’ve been popping up all over London in recent years, but here’s one with a bit of a twist. If you’ve tried our previously recommended Modern Fables escape room, this one should be next on your list.

Imagine you’re sailing the seven seas when suddenly, you’re ambushed by pirates and locked away with your crew! How will you escape? Can you make it past the cruel captain? And what will you find on-board the old ship? If the possibility of treasure isn’t enough to convince you, here are five reasons why we think this escape game is pure gold.

1. A Swashbuckling Brilliant Theme

The Pirate theme may be there to excite the kids, but we know it’s one that will appeal to the grown-ups too! Whether you secretly preferred Captain Hook to Peter Pan or have a desperate urge to actually be a Pirate of the Caribbean, this is a chance to live out your fairy-tale fantasies.

2. Decked Out

This escape room has been decked out (pardon the pun) brilliantly, you’ll feel just like you’ve stepped on-board a pirate ship on the high seas rather than into a landlocked London room. Think brass, ropes, and plenty of wood. To help add to the atmosphere, the game is set slightly in the dark so just be careful where you step, we don’t want anyone accidentally walking the plank!!

Pirate Ship fun

3. Room On-board for All the Crew

With up to 6 players, this escape room has a great capacity but don’t worry if there’s more than that in your crew, Escape London can accommodate larger groups, just give them a ring and let them know. The more the merrier me hearties, as the bigger your group, the cheaper the game!

4. All Ranks Welcome

The three star difficulty rating means it's great for beginners over the age of undefined. The game is traditional, with puzzles, padlocks and codes rather than high-tech gadgets and complicated electronics. This means it’s well suited to people who are new to escaping as well as those who just prefer good old-fashioned problem solving, after all, whoever heard of a pirate ship equipped with lasers instead of canons!

5. Explore the Local Seas

Once you’ve (hopefully) escaped, you’re in a great part of London to carry on exploring. Why not stick with the seven seas theme and head to the Limehouse Marina, just a 14 minute walk away. There are plenty of restaurants down there if your crew are hungry, including Gordon Ramsay’s The Narrow, where kids eat free. King Edward Memorial Park is on the way back to Shadwell station and has a great play area.

There you have it, an escape room with a difference that we’re sure you’re now desperate to try. However, if sailing the seas isn't for you, Escape London have plenty of other games to try. Booking is available online for everyday of the week and it’s a great one for October half term (it’s coming sooner than you think) especially on a rainy day.



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