5 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Be Spellbound By This Christmas Magic Show!

India Garrett
Jan 22, 2024 By India Garrett
Originally Published on Dec 10, 2019
Age: 0-99
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Whether your child is a budding magician or they just love to be amazed, this Christmas Magic Show at London’s only magic themed cafe, The Twisted Fork, is a great thing to do over the holidays and here’s why.

The Venue is Mesmerising

This is no usual cafe, the magic theme means there are plenty of tricks to watch out for. From magical moving artwork to optical illusions, The Twisted Fork is seriously spellbinding.

Feel Festive

The Christmas theme means this show is a great option if you’re looking for something different to get you feeling festive. It is the most magical time of year after all!

Amazing Magic

The cafe was started by a magician who is part of the world renowned Magic Circle, so obviously, the standard of magic is spectacular. There are some of your standard tricks as well as some more mysterious ones. Everyone’s jaws will drop to the floor!

Spellbinding Snacks

Keeping up with all that magic can be hungry work! Fortunately, The Twisted Fork know what they’re doing when it comes to tasty treats. A buffet and unlimited squash are included in your ticket price so no need to worry about going hungry.

The Magic Shop

If your kids (or you) are left feeling inspired after the show, there’s a magic shop on-site so you can get your hands on everything you might need to start practising for the Magic Circle!

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