6 Ultimate Summer Shows To See at The Cockpit Theatre

The Cockpit Theatre

Come on down to the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone to experience some of the best family-friendly theatre this summer. From talking parrots to magical suitcases - you'll be spoilt for entertainment!

Dr Dolittle at The Cockpit

Can you speak to animals? We know someone who can! Dr Dolittle is back and for a short time only at The Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone. Join him for a not-so-Dolittle adventure and embark on a journey to heal illness and spread compassion and love for animals across the globe. Meet familiar faces including his wise old parrot, Polynesia, Chee-Chee the monkey, Dab-Dab the duck and more in this heartwarming show! Suitable for anyone over the age of 3, this stage adaptation of the beloved film and book is a must-see.

Cartoon drawing of Dr Dolittle and his animals

2. Swish!

Splash! Can we whet your appetite with this multi-sensory exploration of life under the water at The Cockpit? This incredible show is suited for those aged 1-8, and features Makaton (a language designed to provide a means of communication to those who can’t communicate by speaking) and breathtaking puppetry that will captivate your little water babies' imagination. Combining both audience interaction and teachings about important environmental, underwater issues - Swish! is not one to be missed.

A turtle swimming underwater

3. Leaping Frog

Leaping Frog at the Cockpit Theatre will have the whole family jumping for joy! Perfect for those aged 2 and above, come and meet Goggles, a lively wood frog who has bounced into the big outside world. She needs your help to find her way back to Little Pond! On her way home she encounters some nasty challenges, including the cheeky heron, Mr Fisher and the mischievous Honk, the spotted skunk. Not only is this show thoroughly entertaining for the whole family but it also highly educational and provides insight into the important role that frogs play in the ecosystem! Book now with Kidadl and get a whole 14% off - you'll be bouncing off the walls with this offer!

green frog

4. The Lost Luggage Adventures

Parents close your ears! In The Lost Luggage Adventures, the suitcases have gone on a holiday of their own and each have a story to tell. Suitable for those aged 3 and over, this highly interactive show turns every parent's nightmare into a lighthearted, funny adventure! Join Tee and Gee, who have been tasked with sorting out all of the lost and forgotten luggage at the Sprinkle Dinkle International Airport. Featuring magical puppetry and a unique pop-up set, this show is bound to put a smile on your mini adventurers' faces.

The Lost Luggage Adventures logo

5. Käfig: Fool's Parsley at the Cockpit

We wish we could tell you all about the interesting plot of this show but the truth is, we can't! Käfig: Fool's Parsley is suitable for those aged 4 and above, and is a fully improvised show composed and produced live on stage before your very eyes. This means that no Käfig performance is ever the same and audience participation is not only welcomed but encouraged! Making use of disparate objects, movement, sound and language as sculptural materials, Käfig is definitely one of the most unique shows on offer this summer. Be curious and book!

dark theatre auditorium

6. Rox Paper and The Scissors

And finally, for your older thespians, Rox Paper and The Scissors at The Cockpit Theatre is all about putting the fun in democracy! Suitable for those aged eight and above, witness Rox Paper and Scissors battle it out to become school president. In this interactive, fast-paced show watch as head girl Paper is accused of vandalising the school vending machine - will she keep her cool in the face of school bully Rox? Witness the silliness of class-clown, The Scissors and see who comes out on top! This show is ideal for introducing youngsters to the world of politics in an educational and entertaining way that'll have them questioning if democracy really is fair? We'll leave you to figure out that one!

Rocks being covered by water on the sea bed


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