5 Weird and Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Go and See The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch at the Vaudeville Theatre.

Abracadabra! If Jill Murphy's The Worst Witch books have made a firm dent in your childhood, and your kids love the CBBC adaptation, you're all in for a treat as this latest version flies onto the London stage. Catch Mildred Hubble and her witchy pals at the Vaudeville Theatre this summer and take advantage of Kidadl's two for one offer on all tickets for two whole, witchy weeks beginning 7th August! Check out our five weird and wonderful reasons below and catch it before it flies off again!

1. You’ll be kept under Mildred’s spell right till the end

From the moment you step foot inside the incredible Vaudeville Theatre you’ll notice something different in the air. Forget the magic on-stage, you and your little wizards - from the comfort of your own seat - will be kept under Mildred’s spell for the entirety of the show. Through plenty of audience participation, including astonishing acrobatic flying broomsticks and mischievous puppets, become wholly engrossed and immersed in the extraordinary world of Mildred Hubble and her trials and tribulations at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches - spooky!

2. Take a trip down memory lane 

Who hasn’t heard of Jill Murphy’s legendary The Worst Witch? You might recall reading her iconic stories with a torch under the covers past bedtime whilst your little witches and wizards might be fans of the newly adapted CBBC television show. However you remember the clumsy yet enduring Hubble, fans will delight over this new production at the Vaudeville Theatre. Sit back and recognise familiar faces on stage whilst experiencing the nostalgia of everyone’s favourite witch live in-person!

A transformation class in Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches in The Worst Witch

3. Be captivated by the magic of live theatre 

Prepare to be completely and utterly spell-bound by the spectacle that is Emma Reeves’ new production. As pupils appear out of nowhere and characters transform before your very eyes, you’ll be left wondering as to the secrets behind the magic! Expect magic mirrors, puppetry and some effortless acting from the cast - who are all-female and all adults. You won’t believe you’re watching fully-grown adults up on stage as you fall under the spell of live theatre and witness exceptional acting. 

4. Embrace important lessons about friendship, empathy and leadership

Not only is the plot of The Worst Witch is extremely simple to understand and will have you cackling the entire way through but it also teaches us important lessons about what it means to be a friend and leading people to victory and success. At the heart of The Worst Witch is a girl who is trying to settle in, make new friends and be the best she can be, which - we think - is a story that resonates with a lot of people; expect to come out of the theatre feeling inspired, motivated and empowered in the wake of the charming Mildred Hubble and her friends.

School pupils holding broomsticks on stage in The Worst Witch

5. You’ve been granted 2 for 1 tickets for two whole weeks by Mildred Hubble

Alacazam! You’ve been summoned by Mildred Hubble to come and see her show The Worst Witch at the Vaudeville Theatre and this summer only, you can even grab 2 for 1 tickets! For two whole, witchy weeks, Kidadl are offering you the chance to snap up 2 for 1 tickets to this West End spooky spectacle! Filled with catchy songs, wicked dance routines, magical puppetry and so much more, take the opportunity to en-witch your mind as this classic for all ages is brought to life - you won’t believe your eyes!



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