5 Wonderful Reasons Why We Love The Science Museum's Wonderlab


Whizz! Bang! Pop! Young minds will be blown away by the Science Museum's Wonderlab - it's an exciting, educational dreamland for any budding scientist and it simply can’t go a miss. If you thought the Science Museum couldn’t get any better, then that’s where you’d be wrong. Billed as ‘the most spectacular interactive gallery in the world’, The Wonderlab at The Science Museum is bursting with over 50 hands-on science experiences, along with cutting-edge exhibits, daring demonstrations and so much more! We don’t think you need any more convincing but just in case you need a little more encouragement, down below are five explosive reasons why we love The Wonderlab - take a look!

1. Not only is it super educational, it’s fun!

One of the things that makes the Science Museum so great is the fact that it makes science - fun! And The Wonderlab is truly no exception, with over 50 try-it-yourself exhibits and loads of hands-on experiences, it encourages self-guided exploring and puts science textbooks to shame! As your budding scientists make their way around the lab, they’ll be free to explore everything from thermal cameras to orbit demonstrations and more, igniting their curiosity and inspiring them to see the world from a brand new, exciting perspective!

2. The super cool science shows and demonstrations

A selection of unmissable shows are performed daily at The Wonderlab. From shows about what makes fire and how explosions can actually help us in everyday life (Flash!Bang!Wallop!) and ‘The Wonder Show’ - a highly interactive show that is bound to make you and your little ones go ‘wow’, to ‘The Rocket Show’ - where you’ll examine rocket fuel and learn how astronauts get into space and back safely, and ‘Prime Time’ that explores how we use maths in our everyday lives! Shows last approximately 20 minutes and are included in your admission to The Wonderlab.

wonderlab at the science museum explosion experiment

3. There’s so much to see and do

Spread across seven different zones, there’s so much to see and do at The Wonderlab that you’ll undoubtedly have to come back time and time again to experience it all. See lightning strike before your very eyes in the Electricity Zone, whizz (or maybe not) down the giant friction slides in the Forces Zone and even travel through space under a glistening canopy of stars in the Space Zone. Plus, take part in live experiments in the Chemistry Bar and get to grips with real scientific phenomena!

4. It’s got something for everyone

The Wonderlab is pretty much suited to everyone - whether you’ve got science mad kids in your family or perhaps older tweens who are interested in maths or engineering - there’s something for everyone to enjoy. It’s highly interactive elements mean that kids as young as four can make the most of the science paradise, whilst older ones can forget what’s in the textbooks and get stuck into some science themselves, first-hand!

friction gravity slide fun at the science museum wonderlab

5. It’s super convenient

One of the best things about The Wonderlab is that you can stay there for as long as you like - once you’re in, you’re in! Plus, it’s super convenient because after you’ve worn out all 5 floors of the Science Museum, you can just head on over to The Wonderlab (providing you’ve pre-booked your tickets on Kidadl) where there’s endless hours of fun to be had!

science museum experiments for families


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