6 Reasons To Go To Jewish Care's Family Fun Day on Sunday

Family fun day at Jewish Care

Jewish Care’s family favourite event is back again in 2019! This year is bigger and better than ever before, with amazing activities, games and tasty food. And to top it all off, kids go free! Spend your Father's Day the right way and bring the whole family along to this ideal summer party.

Last year, Jewish Care’s Family Fun Day saw a record turn out with over 2,800 people contributing from the local community, helping to raise more than £24,000 to improve the lives of the residents at Jewish Care’s Princess Alexandra Home in Stanmore. This year the proceeds of the day, held at Aldenham Country Park, will go towards the ambitious redevelopment project called Sandringham building assisted living studios and independent living apartments for their residents. With the help of this event, Sandringham will be completed in 2020, with the care home opening earlier this year.

Don’t miss out on this brilliant way to give back - and a great way to spend Father's Day as a family! Here are some of the best things you can expect to see and do this fun day.

1.    Get your artistic juices flowing and give the Middlesex Cricket Club coaches a makeover…

This weekend these coaches are putting aside their pride and have volunteered to have their faces painted. If you’re a Surrey Cricket club fan don’t miss out on this opportunity to get back at your rivals for a great cause.

little girl laughing at Jewish Care


2.    Join in on the Fairground Fun

Don’t let your kids miss out on making memories with their friends from the community. There will be so many great things for the kids to do, from enormous inflatables, bungee trampolines, tea cup rides and go-karts and more.

3.    There are prizes to be won and even more food to be eaten.

A large BBQ will be held out on the lawn with fresh meat being provided by local kosher butcher Silverman, known for their infamous sausages. The tombola prize give away is yet to disappoint, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab some great prizes!  Don’t miss out on a chance to win some excellent prizes. A good way to give to a great cause and a great way to spend a pound.

Bouncy castle at Jewish Care

4.    Choir and dance performances

Schools from the surrounding area are coming together to put on a show this weekend with little ones putting on dance performances and singing to the crowd. Ruby, age 12, added, “The best bit was seeing the dancing and listening to the choirs.”

5.    What a lovely communi-tea!

Finish the day in the sun off with a lovely cuppa tea. Tea and coffee will be served all throughout the event. The community felt at this event is truly special. Louise Brewer, the local resident added, “I didn’t know what to expect, it’s been a long time since I came to anything like this and it’s been really wonderful.”

6.    Support a Great Cause.

By attending the Jewish Care Fun Day you are supporting a fantastic cause- an organisation that is developing and helping the elderly community, enabling them to thrive in later life. Engaging and bringing the whole community together.  Through giving your time this Sunday to Jewish care you are supporting the 10,000 lives the organisation reaches each week.


Grandma kissing at Jewish Care


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