6 Things To Do in Wembley This Summer


Seize the day and book one of our super cool experiences this summer! Whether you're a foodie, thespian, raver or adventurer, we've got you covered. You'll be spoilt for choice with all the fun goings-on in Wembley. Trust us - it's not just football! From theatre to raves, to adventure trails and brunch - Wembley is the entertainment hub you didn't know existed. After all, why spend the summer lying on a beach when you can go and find the Gruffalo?

1. Dinosaur World Live

Rawr! T-rexes and Stegosauruses are coming to a theatre near you - Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre! Witness incredibly lifelike, pre-historic creatures come to life in this thrilling show for all the family. Perfect for your mini explorers, Dinosaur World Live provides the unique opportunity to come face to face with some of the most iconic creatures of the past. Go back in time and grab your compass to discover what came before you in this interactive, one of a kind, roarsome show this summer!

dinosaur world live in theatre

2. The Kids' Table at Boxpark

Come along to The Kids' Table in Boxpark Wembley - a trendy and fun-filled pop-up mall - where you'll be able to enjoy delicious food from all over the globe whilst your little ones are entertained for free. Forget tablets and iPads at the table, how about crayons, glitter and paint! With The Kids' Table, your mini artists are free to experiment with their creativity and go craft crazy under the watchful eye of the Kids' Table entertainers. This first-come, first-served experience will give you some adult time whilst your little ones get stuck into some serious craft!

kids playing with arts and crafts

3. Raver Tots Boxpark

Show off your dad dancing at Raver Tots at Boxpark Wembley as you and your mini groovers get down on the dance floor together! Who said rave parties are just for adults? With Raver Tots, the dance floor is anybody's. Whether you like to dab or floss, come and show off your moves. Complete with top DJs and a huge dance floor with child-friendly lighting and music kept at a safe level to keep your tot's ears protected, there's no reason why you can't put on your dancing shoes and rave on down!

raver tots rave

4. Wembley Tour

Well, we couldn't not include something for our footy fanatics! This summer, follow in the footsteps of football icons and take an exclusive tour of Wembley Stadium. Explore the England dressing rooms, take a walk through the Players' Tunnel, have a seat on the iconic Managers' Benches whilst taking in the incredible view of the pitch and so much more. Remember to pose for a picture with the replica Emirates FA Cup and take a selfie with the epic arch! Don't miss out on this fantast-kick opportunity.

father and son looking out onto Wembley stadium

5. Go on a Gruffalo trail at Horsenden Hill

Don't you know, there's no such thing as the Gruffalo! Or is there? Take a trip to Horsenden Hill and find out for yourself! This awesome, family-friendly trail will take you through the deep, dark woods in search of the Gruffalo. You'll learn about local woodland as you encounter some furry friends along the way, enriching your knowledge of the creatures that live in the woodland. Bring your magnifying glass and put your best foot forward on this mischievous, adventure trail through Horsenden Hill.

the gruffalo sculpture on the gruffalo trail at horsenden hill

6. And finally, book now for autumn: War Horse

Guaranteed to move the whole family - War Horse at the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre is a truly unforgettable piece of theatre. Following the outbreak of WW1, Joey, young Albert's horse is sold and taken away from him. After finding himself in no-man's land, Albert embarks on an extraordinary mission to reunite with Joey and bring him home. With incredible puppetry, a moving score and magical story-telling, War Horse is one you truly can't miss.

horse standing on grass


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