7 London Sights To See By Helicopter

What better way to discover London than from above?

What better way to discover London than from above, with Flying Pig Helicopters? Here at Kidadl believe that when it comes to experiencing all the city has to offer, the sky is the limit. When you tour the town from the clouds, you'll skip the queues and bypass London's hustle and bustle, seeing the city from a whole new perspective. We've put together a list of our top London hot spots that are seen best from above. Hold tight!

London view

1. Hyde Park

Fly over the magical Hyde Park, London's largest park and one of the Queen Royal Parks. This oasis of greenery settled amidst the hustle and bustle of the city is unique and beautiful. Watch from above as the tiny people below sail across the Serpentine in paddle boats and pedalos. From statues and monuments, to winding decades-old trees and its expansive flower gardens, Hyde Park is a real London gem. Touring and walking around this magnificent park could take you days, but from above you get to see it all at once!

London Parks

2. The Houses of Parliament

View the centre of UK political life from above. Housed on the Thames riverside, the Houses of Parliament are the home of contemporary politics, centuries of history and exquisite art. The building was initially built in 1834 and incorporated the spectacular Westminster Hall, dating back to 1097. This incredible spectacle of extensive history and beautiful architecture is a definite must-see.

London Houses of Parliament

3. Westminster Abbey

Fly over Westminster Abbey, known as one of the most beautiful gothic buildings in the country, and the centre of the church for the British Monarch since 1066. Kings and queens alike have been coronated, married and baptised here. More than 100 writers and poets have also been buried here, including William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Geoffrey Chaucer and Jane Austen. With the rich history hidden in its walls, this incredible building is central to British heritage.

Westminster Abbey

4. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen. Nestled between the glorious grounds of St James's Park and Green Park, this grand building is London's famous royal castle. Fly over these glorious grounds and try and spot her Majesty - maybe she'll be out on her balcony, or heading to a royal commitment in her car! From the incredible architecture to the towering fountains, this building is majestic and truly unique. From high up above, the palace guards look like toy soldiers, dressed in their decorated uniform and enormous hats. This royal location is like nowhere else in the world, and just as beautiful from above as up close.

Buckingham Palace

5. The London Eye

This famous ferris wheel sits on the South Bank, next to the glittering River Thames and Big Ben, and is best seen from the clouds. When it was constructed in 1999, it was the tallest ferris wheel in the world. Now almost twenty years old, it's still going strong as one of London's most iconic landmarks, making it a must-see for tourists and locals alike.

6. St. Paul's Cathedral

Get a bird's-eye view of this unforgettable member of London's skyline, St. Paul's Cathedral, and see its grandeur from the clouds. With its world-famous dome towering over the centre of London, featuring in numerous films, novels and pieces of art, this building is not to be missed. This historic location is over three hundred years old, yet its architecture is timeless.


7. The Shard

The infamous Shard is one of London's most exquisite buildings; a landmark of modern British architecture in the centre of this huge capital city. Its design resembles a shard of glass, always reflecting London's skyline on the outside, its colour changing depending on the season. The architect calls this skyscraper a "vertical city" overlooking the Tower of London, Financial District, River Thames and beyond. As you soar past this incredible and innovative landmark, see if you can spot yourself in the reflection.

The Shard


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