70+ Air Genasi Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Dungeons and Dragons playing board.

'Dungeons And Dragons' is one of the most popular roleplaying games.

Air Genasi is a fictional subrace from the game Dungeons and Dragons. They're a part of the Genasi race.

Air Genasi are one among the four main types of the Genasi race in dungeons and dragons. There are Water Genasi, Fire Genasi, Earth Genasi and Air or Wind Genasi. They are characterized by their elemental properties. The Air Genasi wield the power of the wind. Their element is wind and even their names are closely based off words which in one way or another have something to do with wind.

The names of Air Genasi are supposed to be gender-neutral, but in this article we have tried to categorize them into three categories. Male, female and gender neutral. As most of their names are gender neutral, naturally, that particular category is the largest. Most Air Genasi types names have close links to wind as their elemental force is supposed to be wind. Thus, most of the names you would find here will have something to do with elemental of wind, skies or storms. Genasi last names do not exist, but nicknames do. The class of Earth Genasi is your best choice stats wise, but Air Genasi are cool too, since they don't even need to breathe. Air Genasi have blue skin, hair, and eyes.

The list below contains nature names, monk names, names which have wacky meanings like "forest of the blue skin".

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Male Names For Air Genasi

Below is a list of possible male Genasi names.

1. Adad (Akkadian origin), the name literally means "thunder". One of the cool male air genasi names.

2. Akash (Sanskrit origin), the name means "sky" in Sanskrit.

3. Anvindr (Old Norse origin), the name means "against the wind" as it is composed of the elements, 'An' and 'Vindr'. 'An' means "against" and 'Vindr' means "wind".

4. Echo (English origin), the name means "the sound which bounces back from a surface".

5. Erjon (Albanian origin), the name means "wind" and is similar to the name ‘Ermir’.

6. Ermir (Albanian origin), the name means "the good wind".

7. Geo (Greek origin), the name means "the Earth". It is derived from the Greek word 'Ge'. 'Dungeons And Dragons' characters such as Genasi often have Greek names.

8. Hayate (Japanese Origin), the name means "the sudden sound made by the wind".

9. Indra (Sanskrit origin), the name means someone who possesses drops of rain.

10. Keyne (Celtic Origin), the name means "man of the eastern sky".

11. Ramiel (Herbrew origin), the name means "the thunder of God".

12. Souta (Japenese origin), the name means "the sudden sound of the wind".

13. Zeph (Greek origin), the name means "west wind" in Greek as it is short for the Greek name 'Zephyr'.

14. Zeff (English origin), the name means "wind" and is a combination of the names 'Jeff' and 'Zeph'.

Female Genasi Names

Air Genasi lego figurines inspiring your names for characters.

Here are some female Air Genasi names, including elemental names for your characters.

15. Aella (Greek Origin), the name means "the wind of the storm". One of the best elemental names.

16. Alya (Arabic Origin), the name means "lovely as the heavens in the sky".

17. Anila (Hindi Origin), the word means "someone who is born out of the wind".

18. Araceli (Spanish Origin), this name means “the altar of the sky”.

19. Aura (Greek Origin), the name means a "soft breeze".

20. Breeze (English origin), the name means "light wind" and is perfect for a girl character.

21. Brisa (Spanish Origin), the name means “breeze” as well as sounds similar to it.

22. Cora (Native American origin), the name means "wind" or "someone who flows like wind".

23. Gale (Old Norse origin), the name means "a very strong wind". One of the best Air Genasi monk names.

24. Mistral (English origin), the name means "a strong and cold northern-westerly wind".

25. Nasima (Arabic Origin), the name means "a fresh breeze".

26. Ozone (Greek origin), the name means "the layer of atmosphere that guards us against sun’s harmful rays".

27. Sky (English origin), the name means "the atmosphere above us". If you want to take a direct approach while naming your Air Genasi characters, Sky is a good casual name.

28. Sparrow (English origin), the name means "a bird".

29. Tsisana (Georgian Origin), the name means "of the sky".

30. Tuulikki (Finnish Origin), the name means "little wind"

31. Zonda (Spanish origin), the name means “dry wind”.

Gender Neutral Names

If you don't want overtly gendered names for your Air Genasi characters, below is a list of gender neutral Air Genasi names.

32. Aerial (English origin), the name means "belonging to the sky", which is quite beautiful we think.

33. Ascend (English origin), the name means "to climb".

34. Ash (English origins), the name means "the powdery substance left behind after the burning of something".

35. Atmos (Greek origin), the name means "vapor steam".

36. Aviateur (French origin), the name can be roughly translated as "pilot". The more accurate meaning would be "airman" or "airwoman".

37. Blast (English origin), the name means "an explosion" generally caused by a bomb. Blast is a name as powerful as its meaning.

38. Bluster (German origin), the name means “to blow violently”. This English word is originally taken from the German word Blusteren.

39. Breath (English origin), the name means "the air that we take in and expel". The name is quite significant as breath is the root of life.

40. Buran (Turkish origin), the name means "a blizzard". Buran is a Russian word originated in Turkish.

41. Crystal (English origin), Crystal is a substance which resembles a highly transparent glass.

42. Cyclone (English origin), the name means a "storm". Cyclone is quite a powerful name.

43. Draft (English origin), the name means "a slight wind".

44. Drift (English origin), the name means "continuous slow movement towards a particular place".

45. Esen (Turkish origin), the name means "the wind". The emphasis is on particularity and the power of the wind.

46. Flutter (English origin), the name means "unsteady flying of a bird or any other creature with wings".

47. Gust (English origin), the name means "a strong and sudden rush of wind".

48. Haneul (Korean origin), the name means "sky".

49. Hiss (English origin), Hiss is a sound made by pronouncing the letter, ‘s’ sharply.

50. Hover (English origin), the name means "the act of remaining in one place in the air".

51. Howl (English origin), the name means "type of sound made by wolves".

52. Lazuli (Persian origin), the name means "sky blue", the color of the stone 'Lapis Lazuli'. Lazuli comes from the Persian word 'Lazhuward' which means "blue".

53. Mausim (Arabic origin), the name means "weather" and it is also closely related to the word Mausam in Hindi language.

54. Monsoon (English origin), this casual name can be perfect for your Air Genasi character as it means "a season of rain".

55. Phoenix (Old French Origin), the name means "a fictional bird which when it dies, rises from its own ashes".

56. Puff (English origin), is a creative English-based name which means "a short burst of wind".

57. Scream (English origin), the name means "a violent sound made by a person", similar to a shriek.

58. Sirocco (Arabic origin), the name means "a hot desert wind".

59. Storm (English origin), this name is pretty straightforward in its meaning.

60. Stratos (Greek origin), the name means "strategic" in Greek.

61. Surge (English origin), the name means "a sudden powerful upward movement".

62. Tempest (English origin), is a word from Old English which means "storm".

63. Terra (Latin origin), the name means "land" or "territory".

64. Tornado (English origin), the name means "a type of wind storm" prominently witnessed in America.

65. Tropos (Greek origin), the name means "turn" or "reaction".

66. Trumpet (English origin), is an instrument and the name also means "a loud sound".

67. Twister (English origin), the name means "a type of wind storm on land".

68. Typhoon (English origin), the name means "a type of storm in sea".

69. Vent (English origin), the name means "an opening that allows air to pass".

70. Whiff (English origin), the name means "a brief smell".

71. Whirlwind (English origin), the genasi name means "a column of air moving round and round in a cylindrical form".

(Pick the best Air Genasi names for your character.)

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