9 Sights To See On A Mini Cooper Tour Of London

Mini coopers for driving around London

Brought to you by Small Car Big City, travel around the heart of London in style as you and your family are given a private tour of the capital with your very own tour guide in a restored classic Mini Cooper. See London in a completely new way as you get a greater insight into some of its most famous attractions from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace - a great adventure you should be sure not to miss out on!

The adventure begins...

Listed as the Number 1 in Best Things to Do in London by Time Out, you’ll zoom around London, taking in the sights and sounds, with insight into landmarks and hidden gems from your very own private tour guide! With three tours to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice!

From the Landmarks of London tour which takes you around the highlights of London in 90 minutes, to the Panoramic London tour where you can customise your stops with themes from the Beatles to Street Art, lasting 2 hours and finally the longer Best Bits of London which lasts 4 hours where you'll also get a chance to visit the Gentleman Baristas for some artisan tea and coffee and have a half day bespoke experience seeing the best of what London has to offer- there's something for everybody to enjoy!

From ancient pubs, antique markets to well-known London landmarks, you’ll be able to see them all on any of these amazing tours, with the convenience of being picked up and dropped off from anywhere within central London Zone 1, so there are no excuses not to miss out on this great opportunity!

Restored Classic Mini Coopers with Small Car Big City

Houses of Parliament 

Be inspired by the Houses of Parliament, known as the Palace of Westminster, one of London’s most iconic buildings and the seat of the UK’s political power in today’s world. Sitting on the banks of the Thames, the current building was built in the mid 19th century in its Gothic style, with Westminster Hall being the only remaining part from its medieval origin. As you zoom past, you’ll also be able to see the Elizabeth tower and hear its famous Big Ben bell, which has been chiming from 1859 to this very day, helping Londoners keep time in their busy everyday lives.

Houses of Parliament and the Thames

Westminster Abbey

Founded in 960 AD, you’ll be blown away by the rich history of this stunning Gothic Abbey Church in the centre of London. Famously known as the coronation site of British royals since William the Conqueror’s reign, Westminster Abbey is just as well known for its use as a burial site for many prominent British figures from prime ministers and monarchs to scientists and the mysterious Unknown Warrior. Discover the ethereal beauty of its architecture, and even attend one of its Church services, which are open to anyone and everyone to join in free of charge.

Downing Street

Learn all about the people at the heart of British politics as you stop by Downing Street, where the Prime Minister lives at number 10. Since 1733, every British Prime Minister has taken official residency at this famous street, and you’ll be able to hear about them. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to catch a glimpse of our current PM Boris Johnson. You and your little ones may still be able to see another one of the Street’s long time residents - Larry the Cat,  the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office! 

Iconic Downing Street Road sign

Trafalgar Square

Immerse yourself in the culture of London as you make your way to Trafalgar Square! Named after the Battle of Trafalgar, this well known square is located near the National Gallery and is home to a number of features including fountains designed by Sir Lutyens and Nelson’s Column.

Buckingham Palace 

Bring your little princes and princesses for a truly royal experience as you make your way past Buckingham Palace, the residence of the British monarchy since 1837 and home to our current ruler, Queen Elizabeth II and her many corgis. Witness the vast 775 room building and its iconic Queen’s Guard- if you’re really lucky, you may even be able to see the Changing of the Guard!

Buckingham Palace

Covent Garden 

Located in London’s West End, enjoy a leisurely stroll and shop around Covent Garden, a famous shopping and leisure area. From local street entertainers, to the dozens of designer shops and famous eateries, you’ll enjoy hearing how this iconic area has changed over time.

St James’s Palace

Get to know one of the most important royal residences! St James’s Palace has been host to some of the most important events in the history of the British monarchy. Built in the Tudor Period, the palace has seen births, baptisms and even treaty signings under Mary Tudor.

St James's Palace

St Paul’s Cathedral

Take the family to see the amazing architecture at St Paul’s Cathedral. Built in 1675, St Paul’s and its famous dome have been seen in the London skyline for the past 300 years. One of the tallest buildings in London in its time, take time to see the central marble Altar or venture down into the depths of the underground Crypt!

The Shard

Constructed in 2009, this 95-storey skyscraper hosts a variety of businesses from office space to renowned restaurants and the famous 5 Star Shangri-La Hotel. Make your way to the top and enjoy the View from the Shard, where you and the whole family can enjoy a 360 view of the busy cityscape down below on the Panoramic London tour.

London Skyline with the Shard



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