9 Things To Do In East London With Kids

East London skyline

Calling all East Londoners! We've rounded up all the best spots for family fun in East London so that you can get stuck into some serious adventuring - whether that be in an escape room, interactive classes or free family festivals dotted around London - we've got something for everyone. No matter the weather, family adventure is guaranteed with Kidadl!

1. Celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Family Festival

The Museum of London Docklands is bringing Chinese New Year celebrations to Limehouse! Celebrate the Year of the Rat at this epic family festival filled with loads of activities, performances and more. Plus, it's a great way to get kids involved in Chinese New Year traditions and culture.

2. Learn to Knit 4 Kids

Calling all creative kids! Take your children to this Learn to Knit 4 Kids workshop, so they can pick up the therapeutic skill of knitting. Your child will leave the studio confident with a ball of yarn and some stitches on a needle. You’ll leave the workshop with a whole new skill that'll last a lifetime. Scarves, jumpers, blankets - you name it, you can knit it!

knitting classes for families

3. Dare to experience the London Jack the Ripper Walk

If you have a budding historian or a teen that enjoys a spooky tale; travel back to Victorian times for this chilling Jack the Ripper walk for as little as £10. You'll be guided in the blood-soaked footsteps of the infamous murderer on a journey that’ll have you shuddering at every turn! Expect terror, mysteries and shocks galore…

4.Catch the Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival

One of London’s best Winter Lights Festivals is back and better than ever! The award winning installations are returning to Canary Wharf for the sixth year, with over 25 displays to light up the dark January nights. The spectacle will showcase light art in an incredibly innovative and interactive way. Wrap up warm and go and explore with your family!

5. Make some noise with 40% off London African Drumming

If your kids are crazy for making noise, mad for music or dotty about drumming – London African Drumming is for you! Enjoy 40% off family tickets and drum, sing, chant, dance, clap your way around the workshop. Learn the three notes of the traditional African djembe drum (bass, tone and slap) while you hear about the origins of the rhythms you're playing and participate in traditional clapping, chanting and dancing in this fun 2-hour unique class!

6. Whizz down the Slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit

Perfect for any mini daredevils, this addition to the Olympic Park is the longest and tallest slide in the world and tickets start from just £10.37! The Slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit is certainly one way to take in the 360 views of London - the lift will whizz you up to the viewing platform where you can spot your fave landmarks 20 miles away and beyond! Plus, who doesn’t want to whizz down a giant slide at least once in their life?

orbit slide stratford teenage fun

7. Get stuck into some serious craft with the Kids’ Table at Clapton Hart

Head to the Clapton Hart for an amazing pub lunch and make the most of the brilliant free fun that The Kids' Table has to offer. Children will be spoilt for choice with all the activities available, including arts, crafts, play and face painting. You just need to sit back, relax and wait for lunch!

8. Get spooked on the London Ghost Tour

Do you dare to walk in the footsteps of the unknown? If your family are savages for spooky stories or gaga for ghosts and ghouls, they’re sure to adore this bone-chillingly frightening walking tour around London’s creepiest places.

9. Grab 36% off Pirates of the Seven Seas Escape Room

This swashbuckling Escape London room is like no other, and the bigger your team, the bigger the savings - plus get 36% off with Kidadl! You and your family have been locked up on an old pirate ship and it's up to you to break out of your cell and steal the treasure from the captain's chamber. You'll need teamwork, skill and cunning observation to complete the challenge - do you have what it takes to claim the riches?

escape room discounted tickets london


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