A Fabulous Family City Walk To The Tate Modern

Girls walking to the Tate Modern

Wanting to explore the London on foot? Our friends at Go Jauntly have given us some inspirational city walks for Kidadlers to try! We love their City Walk to the Tate Modern, it's a great one to take in some of London’s most famous sights. We’ve even found some activities for you to do along way! The walk starts at Charing Cross Station, so head east along Strand and let the adventure begin.

Go Jauntly map

To get the full experience on your phone, why not view the walk on the Go Jauntly app?

The Twelve Rebuilds Of Christmas

The first place you may want to stop on your walk, especially at this time of year, is The Savoy. Their Christmas decorations are always incredible, but this year they’ve really built them up, literally! All of their festive features are made from lego and they’ve been very creative with everything from motorbikes to sharks!

Does anyone need a lift?

The Lion King

Just opposite where you turn right off Strand is The Lyceum Theatre. Why not time your walk so you can catch an incredible performance of The Lion King. The classic musical is a wonderful feel-good show for the whole family.

The incredible Lion King

Victoria Embankment Gardens

Make sure you take a moment to explore the Victoria Embankment Gardens as you pass. There are a number of unique plaques and sculptures to grab your attention as well as some brilliant views of the city's skyline! The green space makes a great backdrop for some photos as well.

Alchemy Cafe

If you need a refuel on your walk, Alchemy Cafe is a great option. They do brilliant coffee and delicious cakes, perfect for a pick me up!

St Paul’s Cathedral

Once you’ve continued along Embankment and past Blackfriars you’ll come to the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral. Pop in and take in the incredible building, have a look at the architecture, test the acoustics of the whispering gallery or brave the 500 steps to the top. 

St Pauls and the Millennium Bridge

Millenium Bridge

To cross the river you’ll use Millennium Bridge, it’s completely pedestrianised and has some pretty incredible views. Hold on tightly though, the bridge was specially designed to have a slight bounce when it’s walked on! It's a great spot to stop and take some family photos too!

The Globe

Your walk technically comes to an end at The Tate Modern, but there is plenty to do nearby. Why not wander a bit further to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre? Take in the historical building and catch a show, we love Christmas At The (Snow) Globe over the festive season. 

Borough Market 

After all that walking, we imagine you’ll be feeling slightly peckish. Take in the sounds and smells of Borough Market and find something delicious to eat! There’s a huge range of options so whether you’re after a warming meal or some sweet treats, there’ll be something for you. We love La Tua Pasta, followed by something from the amazing Luminary Bakery.

So many tasty options!

Well done on completing your walk! Check out our ultimate guide to see which you’ll complete next.



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