A Weekend In The Life of Mum and Blogger, Andrea Garcia

Andrea Garcia

A weekend in the life is Kidadl’s regular blog about the family lives of an amazing array of Kidadlers. Here, wanderluster Andrea Garcia shares her top tips for weekend family fun between lots of trips and travels with her daughter!

We Wake Up At...

Well for us wake up is usually around 5.30am when Ita comes bounding into our bedroom announcing it’s time to go downstairs!! We will head downstairs and give Ita some milk whilst we reach for the caffeine fix.

My top tips for getting out with the kids are...

We have always found being out much easier than being at home with Ita. Planning outfits and food the night before means a swift exit in the morning to get to where you plan to. Sometimes we find it’s easier to not turn the TV on before you are heading out too.

If it’s raining we like to…

Still head out! What’s a bit of rain? In fact, those rainy days are the best days to be out as you’ll find it tends to be quieter.

If it’s treat time or a special occasion we like to…

Head to the theatre! It’s a real treat. Kidadl often have tips on what’s showing in London!

On our must-see London bucket list is…

Definitely London Zoo and the Natural History Museum. London Zoo is our favourite day out and the Natural History Museum is perfect placed for a lovely walk around Knightsbridge.

In my bag for a day out is…

Wet wipes! If you bring anything out let it be wet wipes!!

When we get back from a day out we feel…

Exhausted but always so happy. You’d be so surprised at what children gain from a day out. I love when Ita recalls little memories. Sometimes it blows my mind how much she retains!

When we’re hanging at home we…

Our go to would definitely be a board game. They’re so easy but keep us entertained for plenty of time. Even though Ita is only 3, she tends to win Game of Life and Guess Who?! Otherwise we might do some baking and eat our homemade cakes in front of a Disney classic.

Our favourite family meal is...

We eat a varied diet but we have accidentally become flexitarian.. more so veggie! It wasn’t a deliberate choice but because of it we eat much more healthily. Our family favourite would be meatless chilli con carne!

A brilliant family memory from 2019 is…

Would be all of our travels and trips away. We’ve made so many happy memories of which I am so grateful for.

Next year we plan to…

We’re off to Dubai on the weekend and have Disneyland Florida booked for the end of the year! We also have some really fun days out planned and will absolutely be seeing Frozen in the West End!!



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