A Weekend In The Life of Mum and Blogger, Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes

A weekend in the life is Kidadl’s regular blog about the family lives of an amazing array of Kidadlers. Here, mum-of-one Emma Hayes shares her top tips for weekend family fun between London and Essex!

We wake up at…

Around 7am if I’m working and need to get Kimaarah ready to go out with my mum or her dad, or a little bit later if it’s my day off! If I’m working it’s usually a bit chaotic with getting ready on time, I’ll give her a quick breakfast of some honey on toast (her favourite) and some fruit. If I have a day off at the weekend I’ll try to plan something fun for us to do as now Kimaarah is in reception I don’t get as much time with her!

My top tips for getting out with the kids are...

Plan Kimaarah’s outfit the day before, now she’s older she’s very fussy with what she wears so we like to go through some options and talk about what will be suitable to wear for the occasion! I also make sure I pack some snacks in my bag as she doesn’t stop asking me for food! A mixture of healthy and treat options as I’m not super strict.

If it’s raining we like to go to…

We try not to let the rain stop us! If Kimaarah's with my mum they will go to the park and splash around in puddles but I prefer to do something inside. Looking at the Kidadl app there are lots of activities to choose from where you can stay dry indoors - the chocolate making workshop would be right up my street. I’d also love to visit Kidzania which I’ve had on my list for ages but have been waiting for Kimaarah to be in the right age group, I’ve noticed this is on Kidadl so I’ll be looking out for some discounts!

If it’s treat time or a special occasion we like to…

Take a trip to London to see any of the amazing shows if we had a little more money to spend! I’ve recently started to introduce Kimaarah to the theatre, we’ve seen The Snowman and Stick Man which she really enjoyed and there’s some great shows on the Kidadl app so I’ll be keeping my eye out for any deals. This makes the theatre a lot more accessible for single parents like myself!

On our must-see London bucket list is…

I would love to take Kimaarah to one of the big London shows like The Lion King, this is one of her favourite Disney films aside from all the princesses so I know she would really enjoy the whole production of the show. I can see that’s on the Kidadl app so I will hopefully be able to book it, maybe as a 5th Birthday present this year as that’s the recommended age!

In my bag for a day out is...

Apart from snacks it’s just the usual purse, keys, and always my phone for capturing those Instagram photos and videos for my stories! Plus I always get lumbered with the dolls & toys that Kimaarah decides to bring out with her for the day.

When we get back from a day out we feel…

Usually I take Kimaarah out by myself so I’m exhausted but when I look back on the photos and memories we have created I feel proud of myself for taking her on a lovely day out. I work a lot of weekends so I’m always happy when I get time off to spend with her. After we get home from a big day out / event we document our days out in her communication book for school so she can be sure to tell her teachers and friends what she’s been up to.

Emma Hayes and her daughter getting in the Disney spirit.

When we’re hanging at home we…

Like to watch any of the Disney DVDs from our huge collection whilst eating lots of yummy snacks, play with LOL Dolls, read books, Kimaarah recently also loves playing musical statues at home with me and some of her dolls!

Our favourite family meal is...

If we’re going out then it’ll usually be one of the cheaper options like Nando’s or Toby Carvery, or if we’re being treated by my mum we love The Ivy! We also love to find Instagrammable places like Elan Cafe. At home it’s just the usual favourites like potato smiles and nuggets or a good old spag bol!

A brilliant family memory from 2019 is...

In March we visited Dubai for the 2nd time, my mum very kindly treated us and we did so many different activities like meeting penguins at Ski Dubai, Kimaarah was transformed into a mermaid at Mermaids of Arabia and we also visited the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa which is pure girly heaven! I also took Kimaarah to Disneyland Paris by myself which was a big achievement for me and we both made so many amazing memories like meeting the princesses and having lunch with Mickey Mouse in the Disneyland Hotel!

Next year we plan to…

This year we are off to Barbados so we have a few activities planned whilst we’re away like a catamaran cruise to swim with turtles, an island tour and visiting the famous Oistins fish fry on a Friday night. Plus hopefully some chilled out time, as a working single mum I like to take full advantage of any ‘me time’ I can get! When we’re home from our holiday I’ll be starting to plan Kimaarah's 5th Birthday, instead of too many presents I want to get her a few days out / experiences so I can’t wait to see if there are some good things coming up on Kidadl. I’ll be looking for theatre tickets or anything fun to do in London, maybe London Zoo as we went there in December for their Magic of Christmas event and had so much fun!



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