A Weekend In The Life of Mum and Artist, Mummy Draws

Mummy Draws, AKA Annita Kennedy

A weekend in the life is Kidadl’s regular blog about the family lives of an amazing array of Kidadlers. Here, London-to-Sydney migrant Annita Kennedy of Mummy Draws shares her top tips for weekend family fun all the way from Sydney!

We wake up at…

We don’t need to use alarms in our house. We have this thing called an Echo and it's not the electrical type. It's a real person. She comes into our bed in the early hours of the morning around 5:30am. Then wakes Goldie up by climbing into her bed and having a play. After she’s done there she’ll make her way over to Blake’s bed.
Then before I know it I’m drinking coffee and telling everyone to either eat their breakfast or get dressed.

My top tips for getting out with the kids are...

If I’m being super organised I'll prepare all their clothes before I go to bed. With Echo’s approval of course. The kids then know the first thing they need to do when they wake up is get dressed - saves heaps of time! Lunch boxes can be pre-packed the night before too, however I like to make my sandwiches in the morning so they're a bit fresher, and when I say I, I mean my husband! :)

mummy draws

If it's raining we like to...

Honestly the rain has never stopped us from getting out and about. Of course unless the activity is outdoors. I try to encourage the kids to do something creative and I just found a fantastic recipe for homemade play dough and the kids can’t get enough! Lego building and baking are two big things for us if we're at home on a rainy day. When I’m in London and it's a rainy day we love an indoor play centre. There's also the Pasta 'n Play at the Maqam Centre - who doesn’t love a mini cook-off! And if you're in the Clapham area it's good to know the adults can enjoy a meal while the small humans are being taken care of in a fun and creative environment at The Kids' Table at MOMMI.

If it's a special occasion we like to...

A cheap and cheerful meal at a dumpling restaurant will always make my kids happy. However, ice cream is ALWAYS a winner.

On our must-see London bucket list is…

During summer I love heading over to Hyde Park. Make sure to pack some swimmers for the kids and head over to the lady Diana memorial fountain, then take a walk over to the Serpentine Gallery, they always have such cool stuff on. There are heaps of interesting things to do at the moment in London like Paper Cut Decorations at the National Gallery or Digital Little Feet: Animal Explorers at the British Museum. Both of these thing are free during Jan!

mummy draws

In my bag for a day out is…

Standard mum bag always contains baby wipes and water bottles. Paw Paw ointment and hand sanitiser. Blake (my eldest) doesn’t really need me to take anything out for her, she’s soc hatty she will just start a random conversation up with anyone. Echo (middle child) would take everything she owns if she could. But a small blank sketch book and a few pens will do her just fine on a day outing. Goldie (the buba) would be happy if I let her walk around with a spoon in her hand all day.

When we get back from a day out we feel…

Spending time together over the weekend is really important to me. I especially love our Saturday mornings. We all head to the local pool for our swimming lessons. It's not as much fun when Dad doesn’t come. It means we get family time all 5 of us! Whenever we leave a special outing such as the zoo or an amusement park, we always talk about our favourite things - each child gets to tell us theirs and why. Creating memories for your children is something I think is very important and it can be done in so many ways.

When we're hanging at home we…

The kids love playing Guess Who/Snakes and Ladders, and Echo loves puzzles. Drawing/painting and duplo/lego are always winners too!

mummy draws

Our favourite family meal is...

Definitely dumplings out and pizza when we're staying in.

A brilliant family memory from 2019 is…

Goldie was born in November 2018 so for the whole of 2019 she became part of the family. She became a little person with so much personality. She turned one in November 2019 and started walking just before Christmas!

Next year we plan to…

This year 2020 we plan to knuckle down and save save save. Maybe go on a holiday abroad (because we didn’t get to in 2019) and try to explore more outdoor things for our kids to create.



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