All Of Ariel's Sisters Names In One Handy List

Ariel and Ariel's sister names to be inspired by.

With the new ‘The Little Mermaid’ from Disney on the way, people are excited to relive their childhood.

After all, who didn’t run around the home singing ‘Kiss the Girl’ and ‘Part of Your World’, even if it was off-key. Maybe you tried to comb your hair with a fork.

Over the years, there have been several adaptations for screen, TV, and stage. And the one thing that we all have loved is thinking about naming our babies after one of these classic adaptations. Here, we bring to you all of Ariel sisters names along with the 20 names of some other characters from this classic Disney tale. The little mermaid daughters of Triton are all beautiful and wise in their own ways. You can't help but love these Triton's daughters.

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Ariel’s Sisters Names

Ariel has six sisters. Check out these mermaid sisters, daughters of Triton. We have also mentioned the meanings of the names of Ariel's sisters.

1. Ariel (Hebrew Origin) meaning "lion of God" is the name of the main protagonist of the movie, 'The Little Mermaid'. Ariel is the youngest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. Curious and adventurous, she enjoys singing and music but can be easily distracted. She loves collecting gizmos and gadgets and can be irresponsible sometimes. Also, she is the only Atlantic princess with no specific hair accessories. In the movie, she makes a deal with the sea witch (Ursula) to become a human for three days.

2. Attina (Greek Origin) meaning "wise" is the name of the oldest daughter of Queen Athena and King Triton. Being the firstborn daughter, she feels responsible for her sisters. And even though she has been described as bossy by her sisters, ironically, she is often bossed around by her siblings when they outvote her. She is a writer and a bookworm with a pet catfish called ‘Fin-Fin’. She loves classical music and researching about the sea’s history.

3. Alana (Celtic origin) meaning "a beautiful offering" is the second oldest Atlantica princess who is interested in health and beauty. She often talks about her looks but in no way is selfish or vain. Her sisters believe that she is glamorous. According to the books, she has a pet turtle, and she loves spending time in her sea harden. She is shy and is friends with a party girl named ‘Pearl’.

4. Adella (German origin) meaning "noble" is the third daughter of Queen Athena and King Triton. In the movie, she is characterized as boy-crazy’ and often seems vain and shallow. In fact, one of her hobbies is talking about boys. Apart from this, she loves dancing with Sluggie and playing the violin. Her biggest pet peeve is Andrina making fun of her and she fears that she won’t be kissed ever.

5. Aquata (Greek origin) meaning "water" is the middle child and fourth daughter of Queen Athena and King Triton. She can get hostile when her sister Arista borrows her things. She isn’t a good dancer and is terrified of dancing in public. But, her sisters encourage her anyway. Eventually, she grows more confident and even starts a conga line. Rock n’ roll is her favorite music genre. She is tough and loves water sports.

6. Arista (Greek origin) meaning "best" is the name of the fifth daughter of Queen Athena and King Triton. She is an energetic princess with a by-the-rules personality. She doesn’t have a pet peeve but is fearful of forgetting a rehearsal. Sometimes, she gets jealous of her little sister Ariel’s adventures and even joins her.

7. Andrina (Greek origin) meaning "manly and virile" is the sixth daughter of Queen Athena and King Triton; she introduces herself as the better daughter. She is also the one who finds out that Ariel is in love with a human and tells her father about it. Her sisters believe that she is witty. She loves to gossip, swim with dolphins, and explore. Having a boring life is her biggest fear.

The Little Mermaid’ from Disney is a favorite of little girls world over

Other Character’s Names From ‘The Little Mermaid’

Apart from princess Ariel and her sisters, here are a few characters from the Disney movie who left a mark on our childhood:

8. Eric (Scandinavian origin) meaning "ruler" is the name of a young and dashing prince from a seaside kingdom who loves sailing. On one of his voyages, he was saved by a mysterious girl (Ariel) after he almost drowned during the storm. He gets enchanted by Ariel’s voice and becomes determined to find her. He is a dreamy, hopeless romantic who is sure of the existence of true love. At the film’s climax, he saves Ariel by risking his life.

9. Sebastian (Greek origin) comes from the city named ‘Sebastia’ and is the crab from the little mermaid, Ariel’s sidekick, and one of the main protagonists of the movie ‘The Little Mermaid’. His full name is Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian and his character does not exist in the original story. He was created solely for the movie. He was born on the coast of Jamaica to Claudia and Claude Sebastian.

10. Flounder (English origin) meaning "plunging or stumbling movements" is the name of a tropical fish who is best friends with Ariel. Even though he is portrayed as one with a cowardly demeanor, he embarks on adventures with Ariel regularly. He is her confidante, her closest friend and incredibly protective and loyal. The main reason why he joins her on her exploits is to look out for her if things go wrong. He always stands up against those who chastise Ariel, including King Triton.

11. Scuttle (English origin) means "running with quick steps" and is the name of a seagull in little mermaid and another friend of Ariel who is an expert on human objects. Ariel consults him regularly about the items she salvages. However, most of the time, his identification involves a bunch of nonsense. An example of this is how he calls a fork a ‘dinglehopper’ and tells Ariel that it is used for combing hair. Since he is capable of flight, he is extremely useful to Ariel, especially when she needs help. He and Ariel became friends after he saved Sebastian from the pirates.

12. Ursula (Latin origin) meaning "bear" is the name of the villain of the movie ‘The Little Mermaid’. She is the sea witch who makes deals with unfortunate merfolk in the name of helping them. By granting them their wishes, she turns them into a polyp for her gardens. She is purple-skinned, round, and white-haired. And even though she is dark and sinister, she has a sense of humor. Her manipulative nature makes it easy for her to strike a deal. She also considers her eels as her children, even referring to them as babies.

13. Triton (Greek origin) comes from Greek mythology and is the name of the ruler of Atlantica, the underwater kingdom. However, his power spreads across all the seas and oceans. He is the father of Ariel and her sisters and husband of the late Queen Athena. As the king, he has a powerful and magical trident that is made of gold. When it is in use, it makes a typical sound and emits a glowing light. Also, King Triton has two armbands and a crown that is made of gold as well. He is a loving father who is extremely strict because of his grief over his wife’s death.

14. Athena (Greek origin) comes from Greek mythology and is the name of the mother of Ariel and her sisters and wife of King Triton. As the Queen of Atlantica, she was beloved by her subjects and family. She was known for her love of music and singing talent. King Triton and Athena knew each other since they were little. Unfortunately, she died when they had a run-in with a pirate ship. When this happened, Ariel was just a little girl, and the incident fueled Triton’s hatred for humans.

15. Melody (English origin) means a "tune" and is the name of the daughter of Prince Eric and Ariel and the main protagonist of the movie ‘The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea’. She is headstrong and sassy. Her personality traits reflect that of her mother in her younger years. She also gets her socially-awkward tendencies and insecurities from her father. However, this doesn’t affect her sense of adventure, willingness to take risks and curiosity. Thanks to her mermaid heritage, she is able to hold her breath in water for long durations.

16. Morgana (Welsh origin) means "great circle" and is the name of the sister of Ursula and the main antagonist of the movie ‘The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea’ She is less powerful than her sister and, as a result, was loved less by her mother. Even though she has a different personality, she has the same objective as her sister. She plans to steal the trident. She is ruthless, baleful, and deceitful but lacks her sister’s deviousness. Apart from this, she also has a funny sense of humor and hates being criticized.

17. Tip (American origin) means "the extreme end" and is the name of a penguin who aids Melody in her quest. Even though he is a coward in real dangerous situations, he dreams of becoming a hero. He is best friends with Dash and envisions himself on a daring adventure. However, his boastings are rarely backed with true heroics. Both Tip and Dash look out for each other. He is cynical, sarcastic, and has a suspicious side. He often makes fun of Dash’s blubber and doesn’t like the fact that he cannot fly.

18. Dash (English origin) means "running in a hurry". It is the name of a Walrus who is best friends with Tip. Both of them accompany Melody on her quest as they see this as a chance to become heroes. Dasher has a kinder heart and a more realistic perspective. But, just like Tip, he runs away from danger. Dash was the first one to help Melody and even convinced Tip to tag along. He is closer to the melody because of his gentle and compassionate heart.

19. Gabrielle (French origin) translates to ‘man of God’. In the movie, it is the name of a Latina mermaid who's deaf and mute. She is Ariel's friend. She dreams of becoming a singer. Her octopus friend, Ollie, translates her sign language. This character was based on a real person who loved the animated series and died during the first season. She wants to sing as well as Ariel and shares the same desire to dance.

20. Grimsby (Scandinavian origin) is the name of a port. He is Eric’s confidant and majordomo in the movie. He sails with Prince Eric and suffers from seasickness. He didn't believe in mermaids and dismissed the sailors' talk of the same. He even advised Eric to stay away from this nonsense.

All the characters in ‘The Little Mermaid’, like Ursula here, are very popular

Thus concludes our list of the famous and unforgettable names from the Disney movies ‘The Little Mermaid’ and the sequel ‘The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea’.

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