All Of The 101 Dalmatians Names In One Handy Place

A trio of seemingly poised and meek Dalmatians, a contrats to thier playful and cheerful nature.

Congratulations, you got a brand new puppy!

To be more specific, a dalmatian puppy. Just like the kind from the animated movie, '101 Dalmatians'.

Lucky for you, you don't quite have to deal with that many puppies (let alone the evil scheming of Cruella de Vil!). Nevertheless, you still love your two tone puppy and want to give him or her a fitting name. So we have put together a list of names straight from the animated film to inspire you.

For more name suggestions take a look at these long names or these short names.

Male Puppy Names

Your beautiful two tone boys deserve the perfect name. The following is a list of names that will add a taste of flair taking inspiration from the '101 Dalmatians' puppies' themselves.

1. Bravo (English Origin) meaning "a cheer of joy"

2. Bulgey (American Origin) meaning "created name"

3. Dipper  (English Origin) meaning "tool used for dipping"

4. Dipstick (American Origin) meaning "created name"

5. Patch (American Origin) meaning "noble"

6. Pongo (American Origin) a famous Disney dog name

7. Prince (Latin Origin) meaning "royal son"

8. Roger (English Origin) meaning "famous spear"

9. Rolly (American Origin) meaning "of rolling description"

10. Scooter (American Origin) meaning "from Scotland"

11. Smokey (American Origin) meaning "of smoke description"

Female Puppy Names

Take inspiration from '101 Dalmatians' with this list of names for female dalmatian puppies.

12. Anita (Hebrew Origin)meaning "gracious, merciful"

13. Cruella (American Origin) meaning "evil, cruel"

14. Domino (American Origin), the name of one of the puppies in '102 Dalmatians' the first film's sequel.

15. Dot (Greek Origin) meaning "gift of god"

16. Dottie (Greek Origin) meaning "gift of god"

17. Gay (English Origin) meaning "merry"

18. Jewel (English Origin) meaning "precious stone"

19. Missis (English Origin) meaning "woman of the house"

20. Nanny (English Origin) meaning "babysitter"

21. Penny (English Origin) meaning "a web over her face"

22. Pepper (American Origin) meaning "hot spice"

23. Perdita (Latin Origin) meaning "lost", the name of the female, mother dog in '101 Dalmatians'

24. Pokey (American Origin) meaning "poking"

25. Purdy (American Origin) meaning "pretty"

A stick-obsessed dalmatian, cheerfully playing in the seashore.

Non-Binary Puppy Names

The list below, full of puppy names from '101 Dalmatians' will be a big help for you and your little dalmatian puppies.

26. Cadpig (English Origin) meaning "created name"

27. Corky (English Origin) meaning "bark of Oak tree"

28. Flapper (American Origin) meaning "a type of dancer"'

29. Fidget (American Origin) meaning "to squirm around"

30. Freckles (English Origin) meaning "dots on the face"

31. Jolly (English Origin) meaning "upbeat"

32. Lenny ( English Origin) meaning "brave as a lion"

33. Little Dipper (English Origin) the star constellation

34. Lucky (American Origin) meaning "fortunate", another puppy from '102 Dalmatians'

35. Oddball (American Origin) meaning "weird person", the third puppy from '102 Dalmatians'

36. Roly Poly (American Origin) meaning "round little bug"

37. Sleepy (American Origin) meaning "needing sleep"

38. Spotty (American Origin) meaning "covered in spots"

39. Tiger (American Origin) meaning "powerful cat, tiger"

40. Wizzer (American Origin) meaning "urinater"

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