All Of The Disney Prince Names In One Handy List

All Disney princes were designed to promote the female characters of the film.

We are sure you love Disney movies. We love them too.

All these movies have been a great part of childhood for many generations - from black and white to color movies. One thing that is common in every princess movie is a Prince Charming.

Whenever a princess is in trouble the prince will seek out and help the damsel in distress or, in the more modern films, she might save him, or maybe they save each other.

When we grow up, these movies create a kind of escape from the real world and help us create an alternate reality, which gives us respite from the trouble of life. So, if you are looking for name inspiration for a character based on a Disney Prince or simply looking to recall all the Disney Princes to ever grace the screen, then read our detailed list of Disney Princes. Of these, seven are royal by blood.

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Old School Disney Princes

Disney characters are a celebration of life.

When Disney started producing fairytale movies all the characters were designed to provide an escape from the lives we usually live. All Disney Princes from Prince Charming to Aladdin were created to show what men could be like, should be like. The names of Disney Princes on this list are from the original Disney Princes.

1. Aladdin: Or as known as Prince Ali Ababwa, is the hero of the 'Aladdin' movie franchise and the TV series. Though he is not a prince by royal birth but by marriage with the beautiful Princess Jasmine. He is still considered the most popular Disney character and prince to star in Disney productions to date.

2. John Smith: Is the male lead and a prince in the movie 'Pocahontas'. John Smith was the boyfriend of Pocahontas. He is the first prince of the franchisee who isn't fictional. John Smith was a real person. It is said that John Smith was a colonist captain who lived in Virginia. He is technically a prince, but he's not our favorite, Pocahontas didn't need a man!

3. Li Shang: In the movie, 'Mulan' Li Shang was the second lead character who becomes the love interest, fiancé, and later husband to Mulan. In the second movie 'Mulan II' he helped lead the emperor's army. Li Shang was the army general.

4. Prince Adam: Or as known as The Beast, he is the hero in the movie 'Beauty and the Beast'. Later on, he became the husband of Belle. He was rude and egoistic at the beginning of the film, because of which a witch placed a curse on him.

5. Prince Charming: Or as known as Prince Henry is the secondary character of 'Cinderella' and its sequels movies. He was the love interest of Cinderella who later married her and became the king of an unknown kingdom. He saved the princess from her stepmother and sisters.

6. Prince Eric: Is the deuteragonist of 'The Little Mermaid'. He was a human while Ariel was a mermaid, who fell in love with Eric when she rescued him from the storm. He and Ariel become the first in the Disney couple to have a child in the movie, Melody.

7. Prince (Consort) Eugene Fitzherbert: Is the second lead of the film 'Tangled'. He was the love interest of Rapunzel in the first movie. He wasn't exactly portrayed as an ideal character in the movie initially. In the first film, he went by the name Flynn Rider and in the TV show 'Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure'. It was revealed that he was a prince of the Dark Kingdom and his name was Horace.

8. Prince Florian: Or as known as Prince Florian is the main male protagonist of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'. He is the love interest and later husband of Snow White, who saves the princess of her stepmother's curse.

9. Prince Naveen: Is the second lead of the film 'The Princess and the Frog'. In the beginning, he is annoyed with Tiana and they are often bickering. This is until they spend time with each other. They eventually marry each other.

10. Prince Phillip: Is the second lead of the film 'Sleeping Beauty'. He was the love interest and later husband of Princess Aurora. He was the first-ever Disney prince whose name was revealed and has a prominent role in his movie.

New Age Disney Princes

Not all Disney princes are born royals.

The next list consists of new-age Disney Princes, who were not all born as royalty but became one by either marrying the Disney princesses or helping the Disney princesses save their kingdom.

11. Hercules: the famed son of Zeus and Hera in Greek folklore and the protagonist of the movie 'Hercules'. We cannot officially call him Disney Prince, though he meets all criteria, as his wife Megara is not an official Disney Princess, he is not a Disney Princess. However, he is still considered the best Disney prince because is a demi-God.

12. Kovu: Is the male protagonist of 'The Lion King II'. He married Simba's daughter Kiara. He is thus a prince by marriage just like Flynn Rider.

13. Milo: is the protagonist of 'Atlantis'. Through his marriage to Kida, the princess of Atlantis, he becomes the King consort of Atlantis just like Flynn Rider. He is a cartography expert who leads an expedition to finding the lost continent of Atlantis.

14. Prince Kristoff: Is the third character from Disney's 2013 film, 'Frozen' and its sequel. He is the main love interest of Princess Anna and a friend to Olaf, and Queen Elsa.

15. Robert Phillip or Prince Phillip: Is the second lead of the film 'Enchanted'. He was a divorce lawyer in New York, who was enchanted by Giselle when she came into the modern world. He became a king when he married Giselle.

16. Prince Rei: is the hero of the animated TV show 'Kilala Princess'. He is portrayed as the love interest of Kilala Reno. His name 'Rei' means "king" in Portuguese.

17. Robin Hood: Though he is a thief and the protagonist of the movie 'Robin Hood' but he is brave, noble, and loyal. He is the love interest of Maid Marian and later becomes her husband. Robin Hood gained popularity among masses due to his valiant character and his willingness to go the extra mile to do what was rightful.

18. Simba: is the protagonist of 'The Lion King' and its sequels. He was the rightful king of the jungle and married his childhood friend Nala. Together they had a daughter Kiara.

19. Taran: is the protagonist of 'The Black Cauldron', who played the love interest of Princess Eilonwy.

20. Tarzan: is the protagonist of the film 'Tarzan' and its sequel. He is the husband of Jane Porter and is raised by gorillas. Again, Tarzan meets all the requirements for Disney Princes, but he is not, as Jane is not one of the official Disney Princesses. Nevertheless, he is still considered one of the most loved and valiant characters.

Disney Heroes

Disney's heroes don't consist of Princes only. Sometimes they are cartoon characters or a simple side character who brings joy and happiness to the viewers, just like these Disney Heroes.

21. Arthur: is the lead of the 'The Sword in the Stone' who is transformed into the legendary King Arthur.

22. Bambi: this young fawn from the film 'Bambi' became a fan favorite and is often associated with courage and love.

23. Flik: another hero from the Disney movie 'A Bug's Life' is an ant who was nerdy, intuitive, inventive, and courageous. He is one of the most notable Disney heroes just like Prince Eric, Prince Charming, or Aladdin.

24. Jim: this character from the Disney movie 'Treasure Planet' is known for fighting skill and brains just like Prince Eric.

25. Jack Skellington: also known as the "Pumpkin King" from the famous movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' by Tim Burton became the symbol of hope and courage.

26. Kenai: from the film 'Brother Bear' is known for his charms just like Prince Eric or the beast. He transformed into a bear when he wrongfully killed one.

27. Kuzco: started as an arrogant and saucy prince in the movie 'The Emperor's New Groove' but became lovable at the end of the movie just like the beast.

28. Mickey Mouse: the first character ever designed by Walt Disney. By all means, he is a prince of the Disney Empire and a hero to all children and adults alike. He is probably the most famous character ever conceptualized and designed by Disney productions.

29. Mowgli: is the hero from the movie 'The Jungle Book'. He is a symbol of courage, trust, and acceptance. Born to humans but brought up in a jungle, he leads a pack of animals by uniting them and led them to victory against the dreadful Sher Khan.

30. Mufasa: another major character from the film 'The Lion King'. He is a guide to Simba and is known for his maturity, acceptance, and courage.

31. Peter Pan: is the lead from the movie 'Peter Pan'. He is known for taking on Captain Hook, the feared pirate.

32. Pinocchio: is the lead from the children's movie 'The Adventures of Pinocchio'. He is known for truthfulness, bravery. and selflessness. His sidekick or companion is Jimmy Cricket, who is like the voice of his conscience.

33. Phoebus: started as untrustworthy and corrupt, who falls in love with Esmeralda in the film 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. Later in the movie, his conscience changes and he chooses a different path for himself. He is an ideal example of the light and dark nature of humans.

34. Prince Edward: is the son of former Queen of Andalasia, Narissa from the movie 'Enchanted'. He is supposed to marry Princess Giselle but she refuses to marry him after meeting Robert in the modern world.

35. Quasimodo: is the kind and gentle hero from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. He is a synonym for trust, honesty, and courage despite his physical appearance.

36. Woody: is the loyal toy from the movie series 'Toy Story'. He is known to be a smart, determined, and passionate man. He is a symbol of love, courage, and sacrifice and he is the noblest of Disney Heroes after Simba, Mufasa, or even Aladdin. Though not a usual prince from the folklore or the pre-historic times, he exhibits all the traits and qualities a prince must possess.

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