All Of The Most Popular Care Bears Names, Past, And Present

All '80s children loved Care Bears

The Care Bears were originally designed by the artist Elena Kucharik to appear in greetings cards by the company American Greetings.

When the cards became hit among the American population, an entire Care Bears franchise was born! They soon became the most lovable toys of the late '80s.

If you are looking for perfect Care Bear names for your characters and stories, or you are simply interested in finding out all of the nostalgic names, then this list will come in handy.

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Original Care Bears Names

This list of Care Bears from the original production includes Green Care Bear, and more

The Americans love Care Bears, not just because they are adorable but also because they allow us to share our feelings with our loved ones. Here we have listed all the original Care Bear names and their colors.

1. Bedtime Bear: An original and perhaps the most popular Care Bear was this aqua blue toy with the moon and stars tummy symbol. He is a very sleepy bear.  Bedtime Bear is one of only a few Care Bears that can be found wearing clothes.

2. Birthday Bear: Names of the Care Bears were chosen with care., like this next Care Bear on the list. This bear with golden yellow fur and a pink cupcake and candle as a tummy symbol  is called the Birthday Bear.  

3. Cheer Bear: Next on our list is the pink Care Bear who is called Cheer Bear. She is one of the original female protagonist bears and comes across as a happy and perky bear.  

4. Friend Bear: This light orange Care Bear comes with two smiling sunflowers on her stomach. She is the first Care Bear to ever be painted and appear on the cards. Friend Bear likes to talk constantly.  

5. Good Luck Bear: This Green, Irish speaking, Care Bear is a symbol of luck. The tummy symbol of the Good Luck Bear is a four leaf clover.  

6. Grumpy Bear: Don’t let this Grumpy Bear fool you. Just like all the Care Bears, this indigo blue Care Bear loves and values friendship. It's belly symbol is a rain cloud, raindrops, and hearts.

7. Love-A-Lot Bear: Another pink bear from the original series is the Love-A-Lot Care Bear . Love-A-Lot Bear comes in a magenta color with a red heart with a pink and yellow outline as its tummy symbol.  

8. Tenderheart Bear: Name of the Care Bears were selected keeping in mind their motives, just like this next carebear, Tenderheart Bear, who is very kind and loving.

9. Funshine Bear: This yellow care bear comes with a smiling golden sun as her belly symbol. The Funshine Bear is known for its fun loving personality.

10. Wish Bear: If you are looking for a bear who can listen to your wishes and dreams, then the Wish Bear is all you need.

Rare Care Bears

All Care Bears released anniversary toys are considered unique care bears

Vintage Care Bears were unique, adorable, and could fetch a fair amount of money in the collectible market too. If you have any of these original and rare Care Bears , all the names of the Care Bears listed here might help you find the original name of your toy.

11. Champ Bear: is a blue Care Bear from the first generation of care bears.

12. Daydream Bear: This purple bear wants people to follow their dreams and do great things.

13. Forest Friend Bear: These brown bears were launched in partnership with the International World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness to protect wildlife and forest.

14. Grams Bear: One of the only oldest members of the Care Bear family, this one is meant to remind us of our granny.  

15. Harmony Bear: This vintage Care Bear is a peace loving bear, who appeared in 'The Care Bears Movie 2: A New Generation'.

16. Noble Heart Horse Care Bear: These Care Bear toys belong to the Care Bear Cousin line and are shaped like a unicorn. They are the rarest care bear.

17. Proud Heart Cat Care Bear: Another cat based toy from the Care Bear Cousin line, this one made an appearance in many original 'Care Bears' TV shows and movies.

18. Surprise Care Bear: This plush toy comes in a pale blue color and represented surprise, hope, and joy.    

19. Take Care Bear: The Take Care Bear was the first toy to have its own coloring book.

20. True Heart Bear: This toy belongs to the original series and was the first member of the Care Bear family.

Modern Care Bears

Production of modern plush care bears started in the late 2000s. To this date, the company is still launching new and improved Care Bears!

21. Always There Bear: This red Care Bear was designed to convey the story of unconditional love and companionship.

22. America Cares Bear: If you are looking for a happy, patriotic and energetic bear, then these light blue bears represent America's strengths.

23. Best Friend Bear: As the name suggests these bears are to promote friendship.  

24. Do Your Best Bear: Launched a part of a play along toy range, these green toys are motivational bears, who wants you to do your best.  

25. Laugh-A-Lot Bear: These orange toys want to make sure that you are laughing always.  

26. Pink Power Bear: These pink care bears were designed to raise awareness about breast cancer and  raise money for research into the disease.

27. Rainbow Care Bear: This happy and perky bear wants everyone to be happy and shines just like a rainbow.  

28. Share Bear: These purple Care Bears are cute, cuddly and soft. And as the name suggests, the Share Bear wants us to learn the art of sharing.

29. Thanks-A-Lot Bear: Names of the Care Bears are based on what they represent, like this special bear who wants us to be thankful to people.

30. Oopsy Bear: This green Care Bear was first introduced in the animated movie series based on the toys called 'Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!'

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