All Of the Tetris Block Names In One Handy List

Colored tetris blocks intertwined against a gray background

Over the last two decades, Tetris, an enticing and challenging puzzle video game, has won the hearts of several players.

But according to recent studies, it is seen that Tetris is beneficial in eradicating the early stages of post-traumatic stress disorder. Launched in 1984, it was the most excellent game of its time.

Tetris derives its name from the Greek word 'tetra' meaning four, and the designer's favorite sport, Tennis. The game is simple yet challenging as random sequences of tetrominoes fall in the field. A tetromino is a geometrically shaped block of four squares connected orthogonally, i.e., at the edges and not the corners. Players manipulate these tetrominoes to form horizontal lines of blocks without leaving a gap. There are seven Tetris blocks. They are I, O, T, S, L, Z, and J. These Tetris blocks have exciting names on social media which you may like. Let's have a look!

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Tetris Block Names

The seven Tetris blocks make up the game

1. L-shaped Tetris Block is a mid-game vital piece. The L-shaped block has been named out "verse J", "right L", "final Kaf", "right gun", "backward-blue", and in some hilarious instance "orange Ricky". Also known as loser block or corner piece, orange Ricky is a fun name because the block comes in myriad colors and not only in orange.

2. S-shaped Tetris Block is the most finicky tetromino, which only a seasoned player can place to usefulness. It is devoid of flat surfaces; therefore, it is a challenge to place them ideally. The various names for S block are "inverted Z", "right zigzag", "mirror Z", "right skew", "right snake", and "Rhode Island Z".                                            

3. J-shaped Tetris Block eliminates the L block's shortcomings and usefulness and improves the block designs. Amongst its funny names such as "inverse L", "gamma", "left periscope", "left elbow", "backward resh", one that is eye-catching is "blue Ricky".

4. I-shaped Tetris Block is the most useful tetromino as it aids in four-line clear (Tetris) seamlessly possible. From names like "stick", "the slim jim", to "slim dandy", "thin Lizzy". "Hero" is the apt name for this tetromino.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

5. Z-shaped Tetris Block has similar problems to the S tetromino, but using some specific rotational system, the pairs of Z and S can be beneficial. But one funny name for tetromino is "Cleveland Z".                                                                                                  

6. O-shaped Tetris Block or the square block forms a reliable foundation for the Tetris game. It can be placed anywhere to build a pyramid or in the corner to form a four-line in an open field. This shape is termed as square, zero, circle, sun, box, or the most interesting, "teewee".                                                                                            

7. T-shaped Tetris Block is by far the most essential piece for this video game. An interesting name for this block is "smash boy".  

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