All The Wonder Pets Names In One Handy List

The Wonder Pet games names are cute and have been used creatively in the show for different characters, these names could also work for pets like a house cat.

Wonder Pets is an American television show for children.

The animated show revolves around three main characters. They team up to provide help to animals who need it.

In this article, we'll take you through the names of all the Wonder Pets characters. You'll also find out about the cast of Wonder Pets, who have lent their voices to the iconic children's show. For more interesting names articles on Kidadl, check out all of the Power Pony names and all of Ariel's sisters names.

Main Characters

In the first part of this list, we'll focus on the three main characters from Wonder Pets along with their descriptions. So let's get things started!

1. Linny the Guinea Pig, Linny the Guinea Pig is the oldest member of the Wonder Pets team. Linny the Guinea Pig is portrayed as a female guinea pig who is also a superhero and she wears a blue cape and an orange cap. Actress and singer/songwriter Sophie Zamchick has lent her voice to Linny from Wonder Pets. As the most educated pet in the superhero group, Linny is the main gatherer and provider of information and is also responsible for operating the Flyboat. She encourages the other two team members to always focus on teamwork and also offers praise when the others do good work. Her favorite food is celery and after every successful mission, she utters the catchphrase, "This calls for some celery!" and then proceeds to eat some.

2. Ming Ming Duckling, the youngest member of the Wonder Pets team. Ming Ming Duckling has been voiced by the very talented Danica Lee. Like classroom pets Linny, Ming Ming from Wonder Pets is also a female and she wears a green cape and a leather pilot's helmet coupled with goggles. Her character exudes a lot of overconfidence and among the three superheroes in the team, she provides the most comic relief. She can communicate with other birds across the different environments that the Wonder Pets encounter during the show. She also visits her family occasionally at a petting zoo in Michigan's Kalamazoo city. Her speech is characterized by rhotacism, which sees her pronouncing 'r' as 'w'. Her catchphrase "This is se-wious" manages to bring this to the attention of audiences.

3. Tuck Turtle, or Turtle Tuck, is the second oldest Wonder Pets superhero and has been voiced by American YouTuber and actress Teala Dunn. Turtle Tuck wears a red cape, a white sailor's cap, and blue Aquasocks. Tuck's main characteristic is his sensitivity, which makes him the most emotional member of the group. After the Wonder Pets successfully complete their rescue missions, Tuck from Wonder Pets is seen giving company and hugs to the rescued animals while the others focus on how to escape. He uses his observational skills to help the Wonder Pets team by spotting things from a distance. After he uses these skills successfully, the turtle from Wonder Pets is typically complimented by his teammates who use the catchphrase "Good eye, Tuck!".

Recurring Characters

There are some characters in Wonder Pets on Nick Jr who appear across different episodes and play supporting roles to the main characters. We'll take a look at these recurring characters along with their descriptions in this section.

The Wonder Pets cast consists of several recurring characters who appear in various episodes along with the main characters.

4. Baby Dragon, a magical creature who is a dragon without wings.

5. Ginny, the grandmother of Linny the guinea pig. Like Linny, Ginny loves to eat celery and is a very confident and natural leader. She lives along with Bernie, a white mouse, in a nursing home.

6. Little Bee, a young bumblebee. In the show, Little Bee is just learning the process of making honey. She appears in two episodes of the Wonder Pets show; "Save the Glowworm" and "Save the Bee".

7. Ollie, a gray rabbit voiced by Cooper Corrao and T. J. Stanton is a self-centered creature who boasts of his very own superhero team; the 'Thunder Pets'. His residence, a burrow, is just outside the schoolhouse of the Wonder Pets, where he lives with his baby brother, mother, and sister.

8. Slug, a garden slug who is green in color. Slug wears a hat is actually the top part of an acorn. Along with Little Bee, Slug is the main character of two shows; "Bee & Slug Underground!" and "The Adventures of Bee & Slug!"

9. The Visitor, an extraterrestrial being who looks like a purple frog. He has one foot and two antennae. His speech consists of fragmented dialogues and he can only utter a few simple phrases in English.

10. Uni, a magical creature who is a unicorn and the best friend of Baby Dragon.

One Off Characters

In our final section of this article, we'll check out some characters that appear only in solitary episodes of the show.

11. Ants, who appear only in one episode titled "Save the Ants" where they are taught how to share fruit salad by the Wonder Pets.

12. Aunt Eleanora, who is the aunt of Ming Ming and the mother of Ming Ming's cousin Marvin.

13. Baby Chameleon, a young panther chameleon living on Madagascar who appears in the episode "Save the Chameleon".

14. Baby Dinosaur, a young dinosaur who was rescued by the Wonder Pets.

15. Baby Elephant, an elephant who appears only in two episodes; "Save the Rhino" and "Save the Elephant".

16. Baby Flamingo, a cute flamingo who is rescued in the show.

17. Baby Gecko, a gecko who loves playing hide-and-seek.

18. Baby Griffin, a griffin who is rescued by the Wonder Pets in the episode titled "Save the Griffin".

19. Baby Hedgehog, a hedgehog who is rescued by the Wonder Pets in the episode titled "Save the Hedgehog".

20. Baby Hound Dog, a hound who was rescued in the episode titled "Save the Hound Dog".

21. Baby Hummingbird, a young hummingbird who was rescued in the episode titled "Save the What?"

22. Baby Raccoon, a young raccoon rescued by the Wonder Pets in the episode titled "Save the Raccoon".

23. Baby Sea Turtle, a young sea turtle who was rescued in the episode titled "Save the Sea Turtle".

24. Baby Skunk, a young skunk who was rescued in the episode titled "Save the Skunk".

25. Baby Squirrel, a young squirrel who appears in just two episodes; "Save the Duckling" and "Save the Squirrel".

26. Bengal Tiger, a young tiger from India who appeared in the episode titled "Save the Bengal Tiger".

27. Blowfish, who appears in only two episodes; "Save the Wonder Pets" and "Save the Sea Creatures".

28. Buck, the cousin of Turtle Tuck.

29. Butterfly, who appears in the episode "Save the Butterfly".

30. Chimp, a young chimpanzee who appears in the episode titled "Save the Chimp".

31. Dolphin, a young dolphin who appears in the episode "Save the Dolphin".

32. Father Cat, who appears in the episode "Save the Kitten".

33. Father Chameleon, Baby Chameleon's father.

34. Father Chimp, an adult chimpanzee.

35. Goat Sherpa, who appears in the episode titled "Save the Snow Leopard".

36. Goldfish, who appears in two episodes; "A Job Well Done" and "Save the Goldfish".

37. Grandfather Bullfrog, who appears in the episode titled "Save the Bullfrog".

38. Groundhog, who appears in the episode titled "Save the Groundhog".

39. Hip Hippo, who appears in the episode titled "Save the Cool Cat and the Hip Hippo".

40. Humpty Dumpty, who appears in the episodes "Help Bo Peep" and "Save Humpty Dumpty".

41. Inchworm, who appears in the episode titled "Save the Catterpillar".

42. Kipper the Dog, who appears in two episodes; "Save the Hound Dog" and "Save the Three Little Pigs".

43. Kitten, a young tabby cat who appears in the episodes "Happy Mother's Day" and "Save the Kitten".

44. Koala, who appears in the episode "Save the Kangaroo".

45. Ladybug, who appears in the episode "Save the Ladybug".

46. Little Reindeer, who appears in the episodes "Save Humpty Dumpty" and "Save the Reindeer".

47. Loch Ness Monster, who appear in the episode "Save the Loch Ness Monster".

48. Lucy, a glowworm who appears in the episodes "A Job Well Done" and "Save the Glowworm".

49. Marvin, Ming Ming's cousin.

50. Mother Cat, Kitten's mother and Father Cat's wife.

51. Mother Chimp, Chimp's mother and Father Chimp's wife.

52. Mouse, who appears in the episode "A Job Well Done".

53. Mouse King, who appears in the episode "Save the Nutcracker".

54. Old White Mouse, who appears in the episode "Save the Old White Mouse".

55. Omie, Ollie's sister who appears in the episode "Here's Ollie!"

56. Penguin, who appears in "A Job Well Done" and "Save the Penguin".

57. Pirate Peg, who appears in "Save the Mermaid" an "Save the Pirate Parrot".

58. Puppy, who appears in "Save the Puppy".

59. Sea Lions, who appear in "Save the Penguin" and "Save the Sea Lions".

60. Squid, who appears in "Save the Wonder Pets" and "Save the Sea Creatures".

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