33 Alphabet Books For Toddlers

Toddler looking at building blocks.

Alphabet books for toddlers are amazing things to use to help teach your kids the alphabet.

Packed with fun illustrations, picture pages, teaching and learning activities they provide simple yet great resources for parents to give their toddlers a head start in their educational journeys. Alphabet books are perfect for preschoolers, and the illustrations make it a much more engaging way to learn their ABC on every page.

An alphabet book for toddlers or an ABC book is a great way to use some spare time to introduce your children to the alphabet, whilst also familiarising them with some more complex vocabulary at the same time. Get your baby to read aloud the letters they find on the page, and maybe try and make them practice writing uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters for a great extra challenge!

AB See, by Elizabeth Doyle

This board book is an amazing and simple way to teach your children the alphabet. It's an ABC book, where each page is filled with an illustrated letter and pictures of objects that begin with that letter. As a board book, these are objects are also lifted off the page.

Dr Seuss's ABC, by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss books are always all-time favourites amongst parents and kids alike, and this alphabet book is by no means an exception. The featured rhymes inside provide great fun to read aloud and include both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Oops Pounce Quick Run! An Alphabet Caper, by Mike Twohy

This is one of the alphabet books that is also an animal alphabet book! On each page, there is a new image to discover with dog and mouse having an epic chase across the book pages.

Creature ABC, by Andrew Zuckerman

If your children love animals then they are just going to love this alphabet book! This one features stunning animal photography with letters alongside, making it one of the few truly inspirational abc books out there. It not only helps your children learn the letters of the alphabet but also animal names too, with a fact-filled glossary at the end.

Eating the Alphabet: Fruit and Vegetables from A to Z, by Louis Ehlert

For anyone that has art as a love and passion, this is one of the alphabet books that takes art as its inspiration and contains pages of beautifully designed watercolours.

My First Alphabet: My First Touch And Feel, by Roger Priddy

This is a great board book filled with touch and feel games and activities. Each letter has a different texture, and it provides an engaging sensory learning experience your children are bound to enjoy.

Apple Pie A-B-C, by Alison Murray

This book is one of the many alphabet books that have such a charming story that goes with it. Each letter his highlighted bold making it easier for your little ones to read, and tells the tale of a cheeky dog trying to get a slice of an apple pie.

Z is for Moose, by Kelly Bingham

This book tells the tale of a moose who is so impatient he wants to go first in the alphabet parade. It's such a fun book to read but it's one of the alphabet books that jumble up the order each letter is shown, so best read by those a little more familiar with their alphabet.

Alphabet Mystery, by Audrey and Bruce Wood

This action-packed book will definitely keep your kids entertained whilst reading! It follows characters made of lowercase letters trying to save the day as x is captured by the masterful M!

I Spy Letters, by Jean Marzollo

This book transforms the much-loved game of I Spy your children are probably already big fans of as they see if they can spy each letter. Each object shown helps your little ones learn the letters but through spying activities.

Flora Forager A-B-C , by Bridget Beth Collins

This is such a creative book designed by Instagram artist 'Flora Forager'. It's full of beautiful letter designs all made from natural materials. It's one your kids would love to have as a special keepsake.

Alphabet City, by Stephen T. Johnson

This fun and imaginative resource is full of brilliant photography from the author, who has managed to spot letters in everyday objects around a city!

The Handmade Alphabet, by Laura Rankin

This is one of the special alphabet books that has a stunning design but is also so educational. It combines alphabet with sign language, teaching little ones and parents to sign the alphabet.

Touch Think Learn, by Xavier Deneux

This board book is an incredible and sensory way to help your little ones. With touch and feel elements and ingenious design, it will make them giggle and smile.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault

Familiarising themselves with letters A-Z, your children will have endless fun as they have to race up the coconut tree. With poetry inspired rhymes it's one of the more rare catchy and playful books around.

Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types, by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss

This is one of the linguistically oriented books that showcases the joys of letters by making animals out of them.

Animalicious, by Anna Dewdney and Reed Duncan

If your child loves characters, this is a perfect read! With amazing character illustrations, it will have your little learners laughing and giggling as they spot all their favourite friends.

Arf Buzz Cluck: A Rather Noisy Alphabet, by Eric Seltzer

This is an example of fun sound books that uses recognisable animal sounds to highlight different alphabets.

Big Words for Little Geniuses, by Susan and James Patterson

This read celebrates the wonders of language, introducing your kids to bigger and more complex words with illustrations and definitions to help.

B is for Bear, by Roger Priddy

Filled with rhymes, touch and feel features and fantastic photos, it gives a real sensory experience that children just love.

Animalphabet, by Julia Donaldson and Sharon King

This read is so interactive, your kids will find the joys in the alphabet! Full of flaps, games and beautiful illustrations it's not to be missed.

AlphaBlock, by Christopher Franceschelli

With touch and feel elements which require your children to touch and trace each letter with their finger, it's a great way to get your little ones familiar with the alphabet.

Alphabet, by Matthew Van Fleet

This is a fantastic interactive option with flaps, scratch and sniff parts and touch and feel features!

Alphabet Street, by Jonathon Emmett

With rhymes, flaps, and colour drawings, this is an example of the most exciting board books out there!

Not Yet Zebra, by Lou Kuenzler

With a charming tale attached to it, see if your child can help persuade the Zebra to wait his turn to paint the A-B-C!

Hello You, Hello Me, by Surya Sajnani

This has cloth and mirrors to make it an extremely engaging option your children will not find boring!

Marvel Alphablock: The Marvel Cinematic Universe from A to Z, by Abrams

For the superhero lovers among us, this Marvel version of the A-B-C books lets your little ones be introduced to language with some of their favourite characters!

A-B-C: A Ladybird Vintage Board, by Ladybird

With a beautiful vintage-inspired design, this wholesome reading aid is something your little ones will want to keep for a long time.

Sophie La Girafe First Words, by GK

Best for reading aloud, this will help your babies with some of their first words, with beautiful images throughout.

Little Wipe-Clean First Words, by Felicity Brooks

A brilliant version of alphabet books for toddlers for when your toddler is at the start of their language journey.

My First A-B-C, by Ladybird

Perfect for first-timers with simple vocabulary, layout and images inside.

Ladybird: A-B-C Flashcards, by Ladybird

This educational interactive option provides flashcards so your little ones can be introduced to their A-B-Cs in less overwhelming ways.

Roald Dahl's A-B-C, by Roald Dahl

A helpful resource from an all-time favourite children's author.



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